June 6, 2024

Video slowed down by Patriot Takes of Trump foaming at the mouth went viral with all kinds of speculation as to what it meant. By Hal Brown, MSW


Watch the video on X here. Watch a YouTube of the video here. You can read abiout it without viewing it though to better appreciate why this has gone viral you need to watch the video.

Here’s an article about this: ‘Rabid Don’: Eruption as Trump’s ‘foamy saliva’ video flagged as ‘sign of health issues’.

This was covered in Newswek: Donald Trump’s ‘Foamy Saliva’ in Campaign Video Raises Questions with the notation “that Newsweek has contacted a Trump spokesperson for comment via email, and this article will be updated if a response is received and in HUFFPOST in an article titled Trump Did A Weird Thing With His Mouth And You’ll Never Un-See It.

If you need proof this has gone viral here’s the Google search of Trump foam coming out of mouth. Below are just the first series of articles:

I don’t know who Patriot Takes is. From the X screen this would seem to be an individual and not a group since it says “what are they tweeting about me now?” Here’s a link to their X page.

Whoever they are has sharp eyes because the white foam in Trump’s mouth is only visible for a split second. I haven’t seen anyone point out the camel toe appearance of Trump’s neck (my arrow above) which is a reminder that Trump isn’t the physically buff macho man he wants everyone to think he is. Fact check: he’s not, especially when compared to President Biden:

You can read the replies to Patriot Takes ‘post here.

Here are some of them:

Someone who claims expertise posted “Retired microbiologist, not a doctor. A few possibilities based on his history are drug overdose, heart and lung issues, and pulmonary edema. It’s something they should take him for immediate medical attention.”

Of course their was at least one person who posted an image comparing Trump to a dog:

Here’s the result of a Google search for “what does foaming at the mouth mean?”

The Websters definition is simply “to produce froth from the mouth because of illness or excitement.” If the explanation is merely that it was the result of excitment it doesn’t really matter if since it’s possible Trump will get wind of the publicity this is getting and it won’t please him, to say the least.

If you didn’t watch the video: Watch the video here.

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