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June 3, 2023

Anti-woke annals of absurdity are crazy times crazy, consider two stories in today's news

 By Hal Brown

Background public domain, Popeye's fried chicken on Wikipedia by Evan-Omas CC0

This story is as delicious as the best southern fried chicken, crisp and spicy on the outside and tender and flavorful on the inside:

'No longer the Lord's chicken': 'Christian woman' says she's 'grieving' over 'woke' Chick-fil-A

This story was reported in the United States on Raw Story but over in the United Kingdom Brits have to be relieved that they lost the Revolutionary War when they read articles like this from the BBC:

Utah primary schools ban Bible for 'vulgarity and violence

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Above is how HUFFPOST covered the story on the top of their website this morning.

There are two sides of the anti-woke movement. One is fascistic and no joking matter. The policies being promoted and in an alarming number of states enshrined in law will harm people. They will lead to, among other things, women being forced to have babies they don't want to children being denied medical care gender affirming care to a rise in hate crimes. 

The other rises to a level so far beyond absurdity it is difficult to mock by rational people yet those who believe in them do so with passion and conviction.

There is irony in the fast-food chicken story because the woman who is boycotting one chain store is now going to a competing chain store which is far more LGBTQ+ friendly than the one she believes serves chickens from Hell.

Whoever decided to push for a ban on the Bible was doing this to make a valid point about book bans and must be pleased that their success made not only national but international news. 

There are other instances of this fevered lunacy. For example this story from Florida:

This demonstrates that even a high school yearbook can share something in common with the Bible and highly regarded works of literature.

While rational democracy loving people will find these skirmishes or battles absurd there is nothing remotely amusing about these aspects of what has been called a culture war. They represent an gangrene  infection in the body of the populace so dangerous that it should be amputated like a frost-bit toe or a severely infected diabetic foot.


How Fox News is boosting a “coordinated planned attack on the LGBTQ+ community” during Pride month

"This is just one side of this extremist playbook," Human Rights Campaign advocate warns

Trump appointed judge works to keep drag shows lawful in Tennessee

Late Friday, Judge Thomas L. Parker ruled anti-drag laws unconstitutional after a two-day trial


I am lucky enough to live in the Portland, Oregon suburbs where we are celebrating Pride Month. 

Click above to read story and view interview

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