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November 3, 2022

Mired in Muskland - 6 - Whither Trump

 Mired in Muskland - 6

Whither Trump?

by Hal Brown

There is a general consensus that once the election in over Elon Musk will allow Donald Trump to tweet on Twitter again. While I expect the prognosticators are correct in this I am not sure Trump will necessarily start tweeting again even if Musk approves this for several reasons.

One is that he is a man who is loathe to appear to beg for anything, let alone accept something whicht he knows will be perceived in his MAGA base as his currying favor with the richest man in the world.

In their collective cultish mind this will be viewed as Musk winning and Trump losing.

Another is that if he goes back to tweeting it would be an admission that his Truth Social website failed to make a dent in the social media world. It would be tantamount to saying he was wrong and we know this is something Trump never does.

Trump wants to control all aspects of his messaging and he can only do that on Truth Social. While it doesn't get many clicks when he posts something outrageous or newsworthy there the media is likely to republish it.

For example this made the news yesterday:

Clicking above will engage but not go to Truth Social

A mere 4,300 people sent it on and 16,967 gave it a heart but journalists picked it up.

Yet an additional reason he'd eschew tweeting, perhaps a primary one, and stay on Truth Social is that he can generate revenue from the platform in the form of donations.

No doubt he or his tech savvy crew are following who the Truth Social readers are and they know they are hard-core MAGAs and susceptible to his grift. They must have a way of tracking where the donations came from.

Click here to read the statistica Truth Social Statistics

Meanwhile for those who don't look at Elon's tweets, here's some of what he's been up to:

Yes Elon, we know you know about neurons. As far as scientists have been able to determine a single neuron in an instant of time is not self-aware but linked to other neurons in the brain we have a functioning mind. 
  • The total number of neurons in the brain of a human is around a hundred billion. I don't think you can double this for Musk just based on his personal worth.

 Is Twitter like a neuron having billions of some kind of interactions over time making Twitter being a collective cybernetic super-intelligence?

Elon is super-intelligent. He may be able to develop Twitter into a collective cybernetic super-intelligence. The concern I have, along with many others, is who will program ethics, morality, truth, and common decency into the cybernetic super-intelligence. I don't think he can depend on the so-called collective to do this.

I found the AOC sweatshirt on her website here. He encircled the cost. As far as cotton sweatshirts go $58 may seem excessive, but I assume part of the profit goes to her campaign in some way or another. Consider that The Trump store charges a whopping $185:
So why did Elon use AOC instead of Trump?

Notice he didn't use this from her mech store which is also $58.

Maybe Musk will set his own example and sell some more reasonably priced Twitter merchandise at a discount for those who subscribe and throw in a free t-shirt if your sign up for a year.

Elon makes a good point. Twitter may be the most interesting place on the Internet. You are reading the tweets because you elected to read my blog but possibly don't ever go to Twitter since I don't put links to it here.

He may be revealing more about himself in the tweet about hw interesting Twitter is. He was managed to make himself in around a week to be the most interesting person on the Internet unceremoniously taking the position from Donald Trump who I found interesting because he is the poster child for malignant sociopathic narcissism.

As a therapist I have been intrigued by Musk whose narcissism may be indicative of his having a narcissistic personality disorder but crucially without the sociopathy we see in Trump.

  • Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from other people
  • Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
  • Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
  • Needing continual admiration from others
  • Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
  • Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
  • Unwilling to empathize with the feelings, wishes, and needs of other people
  • Intensely envious of others, and the belief that others are equally envious of them
  • Pompous and arrogant demeanor

I wondered if he made the cartoon faces himself thinking he might have a talent as a cartoonist. I did a Google Image search and discovered were he found them.
Click to enlarge

About me

October 16, 2022

Trump Junior praises conspiracy theorists for pattern recognition ability


Trump Junior praises conspiracy theorists for pattern recognition ability

by Hal Brown

I took the above photo, and the one below, at Little Harbor Beach on Buzzard's Bay in Wareham, MA.
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This story was prompted by these Truth Social posts by Donald Trump, Jr. who is turning ever more 
orange and unhinged as he embraces the lunatic beliefs of his bigly brained blowhard daddy.

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In the Truth Social post series above Junior references "pattern recognition" and lauds conspiracy theorists for having the ability to see nefarious patterns others miss which prove Democratic conspiracies.

I don't know which of Trump's older sons is the bigger idiot. What I do know is that coments like this are a good example of projection:

Junior thinks he is so very smart and throws out the term "pattern recognition" using it in a colloquial way. Actually this is what it means:

Pattern recognition is the ability of machines to identify patterns in data, and then use those patterns to make decisions or predictions. This guide provides an overview of the most important techniques used to recognize patterns and real-world applications. Reference.

The way Junior uses the term was part of the theme of a novel by that name:

"The novel's central theme involves the examination of the human desire to detect patterns or meaning and the risks of finding patterns in meaningless data

He thinks that believing what we know are his and other fellow residents of Magaland are delusions are the result of the result of the brilliant ability to see patterns others are too dumb to recognize. In fact he and these MAGA delusionists might as well be seeing the patterns they want to see in the clouds. 

Seeing patterns of behavior that actually reveal a not readily discernible truth of a matter is something investigators, whether good journalists or detectives, are adept at. 

Actually seeing patterns that don't prove anything, but rather support a person's delusional beliefs suggest their reality testing is impaired at best and buying into delusions supporting a political agenda, or have a paranoid disorder as a worst case.

I don't know where the majority of those who believe in the ludicrous claims of QAnon fit on some sort of continuum between merely being gullible and having a diagnosable psychiatric disorder. I expect this now or will be the subject of research studies.

One of my dear childhood friends and neighbors (Hi, GWC...) and I still reminisce about how we used to lay on the grass in her yard and loved it when we found patterns in the clouds. We might point and say "that one looks like a bird" or typically "that looks like a face." 

My partner and I  always enjoy looking at the sky whether at home or rides in the beautiful Oregon countryside. Generally we just just appreciate the way the clouds take the bland pallet of a blue sky and turn it into an artistic display. Occasionally a pattern jumps out at us.

We don't think that the pattern has any other meaning than the fortuitous accident of upper atmospheric weather, but then again we're not delusional.


Junior still is on Twitter where he posted the same message and had supportive and critical replies, one apparently from Elon Musk.

Clicking these will enlarge them but not go to Twitter.


Is is the reply I posted on Twitter:

Now, for you enjoyment, here are some cloud photos I took. Click each one to enlarge it.

Above and below, Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts

Below, photos taken in Oregon.

Above and below, Portland.

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