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October 3, 2023

What does Trump have in common with Elaine Benes?

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By Hal Brown

There are several classic moments from Seinfeld. One is the Soup NAZI's "no soup for you" segment and another is the segment with Elaine dancing in the episode "The Little Kicks" which is described on Wikipedia here. In the segment she dances horribly at a staff party.

In order to perform the dance as badly as the script called for Juila Louis-Dryfus, who choreographed the dance herself, had to dance with without the music since that distracted her. The music was added later.

After George watches her spastic dancing George says "sweet fancy Moses."

Less well known is how Jerry told Elaine that she couldn't dance.

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When she complains to Jerry that the next day she'd lost complete control with her staff who were at the party he has to explain to her that she was a horrible dancer. Kramer tells her that her dancing stinks and leaves the apartment. Then she asks Jerry if she really stinks and with trepidation he tells her that her dancing is beyond stink.

Elaine's reaction (below upper left) was shock, and she exclaims "it was that bad? (below lower right).

Elaine believed she had all the right moves. When she was told she had anything but the right dance moves she seems to reluctantly accept this and when Jerry leaves to take the garbage out she looks at the camera on a counter so she can view a tape of herself.

It is unfair to compare Elaine's illusion with Trump's delusion. After all Elaine was willing to consider that Kramer and Jerry were right.

Trump thinks he has all the right moves. He also thinks he can dance:

Here he is dancing to YMCA

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While all the main Seinfeld characters are in various ways narcissistic and they often hurt the feelings of people they associate with, none of them are sociopathic malignant narcissists.

When it comes to what Trump did in his trial yesterday, it was beyond stink even though the vainglorious egomaniac thought he put on an glorious performance.

I doubt any of his lawyers, his sons, his daughter, or his wife, have the guts to tell him his actions in court were beyond stink.

Glaring at Letitia James when he walked by her was a bad idea. He could have simply maintained some class and dignity and walked by her. Eric Trump stopped and shook her hands using both of his hands as he followed his father out of the courtroom (Reference). Blasting the judge outisde the courtroom was downright stupid.

Trump refuses to recognize the power that the judge in this trial or judges in his other trials have over him. His delusional arrogance and ignorance hopefully will come back to bite him bigly if, and hopefully when, a judge holds him in contempt.


NEW YORK — The judge overseeing a civil trial over alleged business fraud committed by Donald Trump and his company issued a gag order in the case Tuesday barring the former president from making public comments about his court staff. 

The decision by Judge Arthur Engoron, announced about a day and a half into the trial, came soon after Trump posted on social media about a staffer for the judge and included a picture of the person.

Engoron announced his decision publicly following multiple closed-door sessions with Trump, James and their attorneys. The judge said he had ordered the post deleted, and it appeared to be removed from Trump’s TruthSocial site by Tuesday afternoon. Engoron also said that violating his gag order would lead to “serious sanctions.

  Washington Post

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