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May 17, 2023

YOUR FAVORITE PRSIDENT, ME is a mean version of Cliff Clavin.

 Trump's overnight rant on Truth Social:


When it comes to self-aggrandizement, between his referring to himself in the third person (see BBC article) and his constant stream of ME, ME, ME, he's like a mean version of Cliff Clavin :

In "Cheers" the mailman played by 
John Ratzenberger knew everything. Nonetheless he was a rather likable character. Sure, he could be shoehorned into the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, but he wasn't a mean narcissist. He was a know-it-all but he didn't rant and rave and never insulted anyone. 

There's no comparing him to Donald Trump. Trump's unbounded narcissism pushes the limits of grandiosity into the realm of delusion. His widely mocked digital trading cards (which aren't even cards since they aren't are cardboard) are a good example. The reports that he actually considered leaving Johns Hopkins after he was treated for Covid and showing he was wearing a Superman t-shirt under his dress shirt is another example.

 The closest Clavin comes to a public figure who isn't particularly mean today is George Santos with the important difference being that Clavin was likable. Does anybody actually find Santos likable?

Clavin was also a rather sad figure where occasionally he lamented not being able to find a girlfriend. He once explained this was because they didn't want a boyfriend who worked in such a dangerous professional as being a mailman.

There are lots of videos of his funniest moments. Here's one of them.

Sam and Diane's on again off again romance was a central theme of the show. Cliff and Norm had something of a bromance. If I was involved with writing the script today I'd add a lot of thinly veiled sexual innuendo. 

I don't know whether John Ratzenberger still supports Trump although he used to:

Click above to read article from Fox News

The "Cheers" and "Toy Story" star announced his support for Trump on Fox News.

"I want us to become self-reliant again... The only candidate out there is Donald Trump, for me, because he's a builder," he said. "He understands better than anybody that if we lose the people — average age is 58 years old by the way of people that actually know how to build things — once they're gone, they're gone and we don't have anybody comin' up behind them."

Below, some of Trump's stable of celebrities: 

May 14, 2023

An image I wish I could unsee: Trump celebrating CNN interview by dancing to "Macho Man" at Mar-a-Lago

 Thanks for this, Maureen Dowd:

Click above to view several clips of
Trump dancing to Macho Man

As a video circulates of Trump celebrating his CNN performance by dancing to “Macho Man” by the pool at Mar-a-Lago, we see Trump unplugged. 


No Playing Ostrich With Trump

As Sun Tzu says, ‘Know the enemy.’

I suppose I had a streak of masochism when I tried, at first unsuccessfully, to find a video of him doing his dufus dance to "Macho Man" at Mar-a-Lago so I could write this blog. Instead I posted the video above. 

Still, this image was already cluttering my mind and it was hard to turn off so I thought it might be something of a catharses to write this.

Then I did a bit more web searching and found that Medialite has a link to a tweet with the video of him dancing at Mar-a-Lago:

Click above or below to play

Excerpt from Medialite:

Former President Donald Trump seemed to have little care in the world following his controversial town hall with CNN, as he was spotted getting down to music while poolside at Mar-a-Lago.

A clip from an event at Mar-a-Lago Thursday night began circulating on Twitter via @MJisMAGA, which showed the former president arriving to a poolside dinner while performers dressed as The Village People entertained the crowd.

Trump, whose dance moves appear to be isolated to only his arms, jived to the music as the crowd cheered him on and snapped photos.

Trump's use of the Village People songs "Macho Man" and "YMCA" has been controversial because they are considered anthems for the gay community. However The Village People gave him the okay to use them:
Click above to read article

Some noted the irony of Trump entering to "Macho Man," given his administration's track record on LGBTQ rights and the fact that Village People is rooted in gay culture (the group's name refers to New York City's Greenwich Village, which was known for its large gay population during its formation).

I have no doubt that Trump relishes the controversy that his using these songs stirs up, and particularly enjoys playing and dancing to "Macho Man" because he see himself as magnificently macho. He has no ability to comprehend irony and thus doesn't realize that he's dancing to a song with lyrics that poke fun at men like him.

(Body) Body (wanna feel) Wanna feel my body, baby?
(Such a thrill) Such a thrill, my body yeah-yeah
(Wanna touch) Wanna touch my body, baby?
(It's too much) It's too much, my body yeah-yeah
(Check it out my) Check it out my body, body
(Don't you doubt) Don't you doubt my body, body
(Talkin' bout my) Talkin' bout my body, body
(Check it out my) Check it out my body

[Verse 1]
Every man wants to be a macho, macho man
To have the kind of body always in demand
Jogging in the mornings, go man go
Work outs in the health spa, muscles glow
You can best believe that he's a macho man
Ready to get down with, anyone he can

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Macho, macho man (macho man)
I've got to be a macho man
I've got to be a macho, macho man
I've got to be a macho! Ow!
Macho, macho man
I've got to be a macho man
Macho, macho man (yeah, yeah)
I've got to be a macho!

Back to Maureen Dowd's column, for those without a subscription to The New York Times, here are a few bullet points:

  • Trump always ridiculed people, but when he brought that into the presidential arena, it was like injecting a virus of cruelty into the political bloodstream.
  • As a video circulates of Trump celebrating his CNN performance by dancing to “Macho Man” by the pool at Mar-a-Lago, we see Trump unplugged. The existential threat is aiming to get back in the Oval, this time without anyone trying to keep him from going completely off the rails...
  • Trump is spiraling into even more of a self-deluded narcissist, if that’s possible. And he’s even more obsessed with numbers — if that’s possible.
  • The town hall was enlightening — and frightening. But we needed that reminder to be on full alert, because Trump is not just an unhinged and dangerous extremist; he is also a cunning and dominating insurgent.
  • Sun Tzu stressed that victory depends on knowing the enemy — “Force him to reveal himself.”
Once again the wisdom of Sun Tzu's often quoted statement is demonstrated when it comes to deteriming how to defeat Donald Trump.

Click above to enlarge image search of the quote.

I've written a lot about using an understanding of Trump's psychopathology to fight him (example). Mental health professionals writing about Trump as I have believe that understanding Trump's personality is a key to defeating him.  Here's a tweet of mine from 2019:

Click to enlarge image

Putin also knows what makes Trump tick, and he's also played him like a piccolo by appealing to his delusional grandiose narcissism. 

I'd like to see President Biden and his surrogates expose Trump for who and what he is by sharpening his attacks on Trump if he should become the GOP nominee by using well crafted mockery.  After all, Trump's narcissism has been a gift that has kept giving for late night comics and there's no indication Trump will stop offering material.


George called Elaine's dancing "more like full body dry heaves" than dancing on Seinfeld. At least she looks like she's having fun and is uninhibited and she moves her entire body. Trump looks like he's had a spinal block when he does his version of a dance.

Click above to watch

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April 25, 2023

From Feb. 26, 2023: Tucker Carlson might be Trump's best pick to run with him for VP



The following isn't an original idea. It is, however, one made more relevant today than it was two days ago now that Tucker Carlson is without a job. He must be wondering what to do next... aside from not having anything else that piqued my interest to write about I decided to republish my blog from February.

Click images to enlarge them.

Below: Unchanged blog from Feb. 23, 2023. On the bottom of the page are some images I made yesterday.

By Hal Brown

Anyone who says the following might be the best pick for Trump to ordain as his running mate:

From The Washington Post:

How a small-town train derailment erupted into a culture battle

The East Palestine train accident is one of hundreds each year, but it’s become a significant political flashpoint

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his show to bring race into the discussion, decrying an alleged lack of urgency by the government for a blue-collar community with few people of color. “Is it because these are not their voters?” he asked Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), who agreed with the premise.

This is small potatoes compared to Tucker Carlson's latest coup enabled by Kevin McCarthy. Whether or not other media are able to get all the J6 videos of the Capitol attack his getting first dibs will score big time points with Trump.

What puzzles me is, even though the word is in quotes, why Carlson refers to this as "insurrection day" instead rebranding it with a term that most people peacefully entered the Capitol and were there to make sure the election wasn't stolen. 

With the speculation as to whether Trump would prevail in the GOP primary leaning heavily towards it being the former president there has also been chatter in the punditry about who is angling to be his vice presidential pick. There's no similar discussion about who might be currying favor with Ron DeSantis to persuade him they would be his best running mate choice.

Look at this web search:

First, what would be in it for Tucker Carlson? 

While he's the top banana at Fox News, being second banana to a president of the United States who might die in office would make him president, and assuming Trump lived it would position him to run for president in 2028. The answer for him in one word is "power". He'd have to be patient and should Trump win he knows he'd be hand maiden to a megalomaniac but time would be on his side. In addition, what would he have to lose since if Trump was defeated he could simply go back to his former Fox News gig.

The second and more important question is what would be in it for Trump. What would Carlson bring to the ticket that nobody else would, and what are the drawbacks of having his as a running mate?

The only drawback I can think of is that Tucker is another crowd pleasing performer, an actual star. It's possible he could upstage Trump. He's Marjorie Taylor Greene without being certifiably insane.

The benefits include Carlson's star power. Trump could make sure Carlson never upstages him when they are literally appearing on the same stage by warning him about this. Carlson is smart enough never to do this. 

The only possible better lead-in act for a Trump rally than Tucker Carlson is Marjorie Taylor Greene, but does Trump really want a screaming manic introducing him? Besides, he can include her as a member of his rally show cast and she can appear before Carlson. Greene, Carlson, Trump: now that would be a MAGA crowd pleaser. 

With Trump who would make the best, i.e., the most competent vice president is irrelevant. It was a fluke that he picked Mike Pence who actually had some governing experience. He picked him because he was a national unknown who wouldn't upstage him. He believed in his grandiose self-confidence that he didn't need anyone to help him win.

With Trump running again he may have rethought this and want to run with someone who has their own huge fan base. He may have a moment of humility and want to run with someone that may actually bring him additional votes in the primary coming from those who lean towards DeSantis because they see him as Trumpian without being Trump. 

For Trump it is always about winning. Who can forget this?

The question I have is whether the star of a long-running hit show is if he'd be willing to allow an equally talented understudy to be hired.


As a reward to Marjorie Taylor Greene Trump could make her his Chief of Staff. She's adept at sucking up and has demonstrated this with Kevin McCarthy. No puns intended here...
Click above to read snarky replies to this tweet.

Can you guess who just tweeted this?

Hubris is the delusion that causes people to mistake themselves for God. They imagine they have power, wisdom and foresight they don’t actually possess. It’s a species of mental illness. 

It is Carlson's latest tweet:

I am sure that the graduate of Harvard and Yale Law knows the meaning of the word "hubris". He's obviously not referring to himself, a high priest of hubris.

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In June of 2016 the blog had the most readers. Here's what I was posting then.


I asked ChatGPT AI to write a Shakespearian style sonnet about Tucker. This is what it came up with before the service got overloaded and couldn't be accessed. I wanted it to write a haiku about Tucker.

Oh, Carlson Tucker, pundit fierce and bold, Whose tongue doth lash with wit and venom keen, Thou art a force to make the blood run cold, When thou dost speak of politics and spleen.

Thy voice doth ring with cadence like a bell, And words like arrows pierce the heart and mind, Thou art a champion of the right-wing swell, And of conservative ideals thou art aligned.

Yet some do find thy rhetoric too harsh, And claim that thou dost stoke the flames of hate, But thou dost hold thy ground with steadfast marsh, And boldly speak the truth, though others chide and berate.

So let the critics rail and vent their spleen, For Carlson Tucker, thou art our pundit king.

Here's what it came up with as an Ogden Nash style poem:

Tucker Carlson, a man of the hour, His opinions, they do tower, A pundit with a gift of gab, Whose words can make the viewers grab.

He talks of politics and the state, His commentary, never late, Some might say his views are skewed, But his arguments, they do exude.

He's got a wit like no one else, A pundit who's not on the shelf, He's got the charm, he's got the flair, And his followers, they do not spare.

So whether you love him or you hate, Tucker Carlson, he won't abate, His commentary, he will always bring, A pundit who can make you sing.

This is the limerick it generated:

There once was a pundit named Tucker, Whose views on politics would often sucker, He'd speak with great zeal, And sometimes appeal, To those who found his arguments tougher.

 I could change the fifth line to a dirty one...

Click above to read


"What if he runs?" Wilson added. "He's rich enough. He'd instantly have an online fundraising juggernaut second only to Trump, and perhaps surpassing him. He's polarizing, terrible, and utterly amoral ... in short, better than Ron DeSantis for the base. I'd argue he's the only Republican who presents a material danger to Donald Trump in a primary. Celebrity, money, mental acuity, cynicism, pro-Putin isolationism, and an overt love of authoritarianism are a pretty strong secret sauce for the MAGA base. Celebrity got Trump the [White House]. It could certainly do the same for Tucker."

All the qualities that make Carlson's potential candidacy seem far-fetched would be considered strengths in a GOP primary, Wilson argues.

"Spare me your 'That could never happen. Even Trump's GOP would never vote for a former TV host pushing white replacement theory,'" he wrote. "That's PRECISELY who they'd vote for."

"This iteration of 'A Face In the Crowd' doesn't end with a revelation of the real character of the showman-as-politician," Wilson concluded. "This one ends with Tucker running and possibly winning a herrenvolk campaign, where his flaws don't matter, only his capacity for hate."

New: HUFFPOST assumes everyone knows Harry Potter and that everyone but Harry is afraid to call Voldemort by his name... my image. The story just notes how hardly anybody on Fox News is mentioning the Tucker Carlson story.


These are some images I made yesterday:

Below: Not too many people assume Tucker is dead, more likely with his star power if he has died it is only temporary and he'll be a zombie king leading his undead hoard to continue his attack on the living liberals.

Below: Only Tucker and perhaps a few top Fox News insiders know why Rupert Murdoch really fired him. It is possible that the reason is quite simple. Murdoch may have seen a behind the scenes video of Tucker joking about why Lesley Ann Smith said they called off their engagement.

Below, the HUFFPOST top story title and above what they really meant to say

April 11, 2023

Living in a country where 25% like, love, or worship Donald Trump

 By Hal Brown, MSW

This was on Morning Joe:


Click above to enlarge

Mika Brzezinski said of Trump, "Republican senators want him to stay away from the races in 2024 following losses by his hand-picked candidates during the last cycle. If his legal issues don't take him off the ballot, maybe his poll numbers will; a new survey shows he is losing support rapidly, dropping like a rock."

Willie Geist said "25 percent -- you're dipping into being a fringe political candidate. 25 percent is a terrible number if you're trying to win a general election again."

It is gratifying to see that Trump's most recent poll ratings have shown his favorability ratings have dropped to 25%.  The pundits on "Morning Joe" are saying this means his chances of winning a general election are slim. 

Still, living in a country where one quarter of the population like, love, or worship Donald Trump is dismaying. If you're reading this, with the exception on a few pro-Trumpers who like to troll the comments section of my blogs, you may be troubled that if you go into a restaurant where the diners are representative of the sentiments of the country and there are four tables around you one of them will be occupied by people who may want to have you deported or worse.

It doesn't matter to me that some of these people are ill-informed (i.e. low information voters), have lower than average IQ's, are gullible, may be clinically paranoid, and/or have been unable to or not inclined to master critical thinking skills. They may have been brainwashed. They may have had unmet needs met by affiliation and acceptance by a group of like-minded Trump supporters. 

They may revel in being MAGA or now ULTRA-MAGA. Perhaps they felt like outsiders previously and now they feel like insiders.
They wear the symbols and fly the flags proudly. Some of them, after years without a social identity, may find they finally feel they belong.

As much as I may understand what motivates these people what matters to me is that if you add all these people together they support a man who if he became president again would turn the county into a near-dictatorship. It would be an authoritarian state where only the favored minority of white citizens would enjoy living in America, so beautiful for halcyon skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the enameled plain where good people are crowned with brotherhood. You know, the country described here.

I supposed this all depends on what it means to say someone is a good person. There are those among the 25% who consider themselves to be good despite that some of them condone violence against us. These people may think I am a bad and not worthy of being an American. Very possibly they also think you're an unworthy bad person as well.


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April 6, 2023

Wash. Post artists take liberties in drawing Trump during his arraignment.

 By Hal Brown

The drawing below is what caught my attention in The Washington Post (subscription article) this morning:

Top caption: "Reporters inside the courtroom noted that Trump seemed disengaged with those around him during the arraignment. (Jane Rosenberg/Reuters)" Bottom: two screen grabs from when cameras were allowed in the courtroom. Click image above to enlarge.

In the article there's another sketch by a different artist (click image to enlarge):

Many journalists have speculated on what they thought Trump felt during his arraignment. Of course they don't know. They are basing assumptions based on what a normal person would feel.

Of all the images from the video coverage this is only one shows Trump outwardly expressing what one can reasonably construe as a feeling:

I wrote about how people are making assumptions that they know, or think they know, how Trump is feeling twice in the past few days. 

Nobody knows for certain how Trump feels except Trump


Michael Cohen and others claim to know what's in Trump's headspace. They don't.

Today we have non-written speculation in the form of drawings which, unless Trump changed his facial expressions drastically, exaggerate his feelings.

All I am attempting to convey is that those writing about or talking about how Trump feels ought to be more precise in using modifiers like "probably" and "a typical person" since Trump has an unusual personality. He doesn't experience his external world the way the vast majority of people do.

In this way he is more like the most ardent members of his cult who perceive reality in a distorted, sometime even clinically paranoid way.

My own educated guess, as someone who was a psychotherapist for over 40 years, is that Trump is most likely engaging in psychological denial and keeping his anxiety buried (i.e., unconscious), but that for fleeting moments it leaks into awareness. Even if he doesn't actually think about his plight he may not be able to totally control his facial expressions. He's been an actor all of his adult life, a performance artist. He's no Robert DeNiro who is known not only for playing many kinds of characters, from Travis Bickel to Frankenstein's monster, for staying in character even when the cameras aren't rolling.

Trump has played two similar public roles: whatever he was supposed to be on "The Apprentice" and, as a politician, the uber-confident self-aggrandizing macho-man.

I noted in a previous blog that there is something that Trump can't control. These are his dreams. Whether nightmares or anxiety dreams of being helpless and being harmed, these would show what is in his unconscious mind. Unless he sleeps with Melania (debatable) nobody knows if he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night.


Blogs are also posted on Booksie and Medium.

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April 4, 2023

Michael Cohen and others claim to know what's in Trump's headspace. They don't..

 By Hal Brown

We know how Trump wants people to see him. The digital trading cards are in contrast to the photo he choose to be on "The Art of the Deal" cover. 
We might conclude that something in his mind changed between 1987 when the book was published and when he put out his digital cards. Then again, we also might say that the "I'm Superman" narcissistic grandiosity has been an underlying, perhaps driving part, of Trump's personality all of his adult life. It's probably more accurate to say that the choice of the photo on his book cover was a considered marketing decision approved by Trump but that experts at Random House, the publisher, persuaded him to use this one.

All someone like me, who practiced as a psychotherapist for 40 years, or anybody else can do is make educated guesses about what motivates Trump and what he is feeling. For example, many people say he has been frequently motivated by money. On the surface this makes sense. However, nobody, not even Trump himself, knows what money unconsciously represents to him. Even a psychoanalyst would be making an educated guess.

We see what he does but when we delve into the feelings and psychodynamics underlying his behaviors we are in an unknowable realm.

For example, this was the top story on HUFFPOST this morning:


“Diaper Donald will be filling up that diaper, because this is not something that Donald is capable of either understanding or contending with,” Cohen, who worked closely with Trump as his personal attorney for more than a decade, told Ari Melber on Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat.”

“He believes he could control every situation. This is not a situation that he has any control over, and that’s making him sick to his stomach,” he added. “I think right now he’s beyond petrified.”
There's nothing in the above (taking the diaper remark as a metaphor of course) that Cohen absolutely 100% for certain knows. Even saying that Trump believes he could control every situation, which sounds accurate on the face of it, ought to include modifiers like usually or ought to.

I wrote the following as a comment to the article:

All people like Cohen can do is speculate on what Trump is actually feeling, on the emotions he is experiencing. All anyone knows for certain is what is observable. Let's not forget that he is posting all cap messages on Truth Social in the wee hours of the night. This could be performative but it is a fact that the time stamp say it is, for example, 3AM. Trump has been an actor for decades. Even trying to analyze his facial expressions, even if he tears up, even if his sing-song voice quivers this is an exercise in drawing a conclusion about what is in what Cohen calls his headspace. Add to this imprecision is the possibility his feelings may vacillate. He may experience fleeting anxiety but then may push these feelings down (into the unconscious) and replaces them with anger. Like anyone he has psychological defense mechanisms, the most primitive of these is denial and another is projection. More about this here:

I admit that part of why I did this was to promote my blog. However this speculation in the media continues to be rampant so I thought a reprise of what I wrote in the blog from April 2, was warranted.

This is what Omarosa Manigault Newman told Joy Reid (video here):

Donald Trump is approaching his arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom. "Yes, he is going to try to pivot and distract and make you all think that he's not upset or nervous, but Donald Trump is terrified,” Omarosa Manigault Newman tells Joy Reid. “I can just certainly tell by his telltale signs... he doesn't look well."

You can look at Trump's posture, for example, and make an educated guess as to how he feels. For example these are from The Washington Post:

Click to enlarge

These are the photos the two New York City tabloids used:

You can also make your own conclusions based on what Trump isn't doing in these photos. For example, below he is waving but not smiling at cameras he knows are taking pictures of him. 

On Fox News with  Sean Hannity Trump said (about the documents at Mar-a-Lago) "I would have the right to take stuff, I have the right to do stuff." Talking heads, for example on Morning Joe, are pointing out that this was basically him admitting to having done something being investigated by Jack Smith. 
We can conclude that admitting something that will be likely be used against him should the documents case go to court shows poor judgement. We can with a high degree of confidence say that in his "headspace" or gut when he said these words he wasn't experiencing anxiety. What we don't know is that whether or not just below the surface of awareness anxiety was roiling around in what is sometimes referred to as the preconscious mind (see below). 

Here's the public domain iceberg graphic
of the mind I used in my other blog story.

Al Sharpton, also on Morning Joe, said Trump is humiliated. Again this is a speculation about what Trump feels. He said people underestimate the effect this has on Trump psychologically. It would be correct to say that if Trump was like the vast majority of people this and all these conclusions would be accurate. 

Here's someone else assuming they know what Trump is feeling (From Raw Story)

"The View" co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin worked for Donald Trump in the White House, and she's not buying reports that he's calmly relishing his legal predicament...
..."I know him well enough to know he is not loving this. He is spiraling. As someone, who despite his terrible actions, does think about legacy and how he is perceived. Now, his life, whether it's his obituary, is going to say he was indicted, the first American president to be."

Trump isn't psychologically like most people. See my Daily Kos essay from 2020 

Add a section to the DSM-5. It doesn't come close to having a category for Trump.

The closest anyone might come to understanding what is in Trump's unconscious mind is if he honestly told them about his dreams. This is what Freud called the royal road to the unconscious in The Interpretation of Dreams.
Nobody but Trump, and Melania if she sleeps with him, knows if he is awakening at night screaming from having nightmares.

Updates: Trump leaving Trump Tower on way to courthouse:

He waved when he was entering the courthouse but his face remained as it was in other photos taken earlier.

Get it? A rain man...

'He looks sad': CNN panel sees reality 'sinking in' on Trump's face

Is he sad or maybe just tired? After all he is posting on Truth Social in the middle of the night. The panelists said he had to feel lonely too. They would feel lonely in a similar situation. Most people would. At the risk of repeating myself, Trump is not most people.

So many in the media are making assumptions abut Trump's emotions  based on what they and everyone they know would feel. He could be feelings this way, but he may not.

Andrea Mitchel on MSNBC just got got it right. She asked if Donald Trump is different and does he process things differently. She asked whether these things penetrate.

Trump just leaving and heading to courtroom where the indictment will be read and he will plead:
The MSNBC commentators observing the pictures below are saying that this is what Trump didn't want televised. They were taken prior to the cameras being removed from the courtroom. They are saying that he looks like someone reacting to being is a situation he doesn't want to be in. 

This is the most expressive screenshot.

Biden and Trump's candidacy and ageism

 By Hal Brown This is the opinion column that jumped out at me when I looked at The Washington Post online this morning: Megan McArdle is de...