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September 8, 2023

If escapee Danelo Cavalcante wants to live he should surrender because he has a lot more to fear from Chester County residents than the police


By Hal Brown

Sept. 12 Update: Last night "at about 10:10 p.m., police received a call from a resident who said a shirtless male entered his garage and grabbed a rifle in the corner, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said in a news conference. The homeowner fired his pistol at Cavalcante as he fled, but there is 'no reason to believe' the fugitive was injured, Bivens said. Reference This supports my contention, below, that the escapee has a lot to fear from homeowners since if this resident had been a better shot he might have been killed.


Not to stereotype by poltical party but facts are facts and more Republicans own guns than Democrats:

Click for reference
Chester County, where the ruthless psychopathic killer has so far evaded capture, has voted very slightly Democratic (see reference) but this doesn't mean Democrats don't have guns in their households.

There are lots of gun stores in and around Chester County if that's any indication of how many people there own firearms.
From Yelp, link here Danelo Cavalcante
was last spotted near number 3 above
in Longwood Gardens

It's a safe assumption to make that every adult in the county is familiar with what this man did and knows how dangerous he is. I wouldn't be surprised if some Democrats who never considered buying a firearm either have done so or are thinking of doing it.

I assume that those people with guns at home have considered what they would do if Cavalcante turned up on their property or on their doorstep. I would give Cavalcante a much better chance of surviving such an encounter than if he was surrounded by the police and gave up.

My impression of the typical spree shooter who ends up commiting suicide when the police are about to apprehend him is that they have something of a death wish. My impression of someone like this murderer is that he escaped from jail because he wanted to live.

He knows what will happen to him if he's captured. He'll go to a supermax prison where for a long time he may be isolated from the general population. However he might know that in time if he did get out into the general population he'll be a rock star, a literal wall climbing star who evaded capture by a small army of law enforcement officers using  both tracking dogs and high tech methods to find him.

It wouldn't matter whether he ended up in the gunsights of a terrified citizen or someone who wanted to be a vigilant hero the chances they would give him a chance to surrender peacefully are less than they would be with the police.

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