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April 22, 2023

Charlton Heston and Ben Hur move over, Donald Trump is a malicious macho hero who will save America.


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Check out this two minute video of Trump's most recent speech:

I would have missed this had not Raw Story had this article about it:

Trump gets applause from this Trump-worshipping crowd so of course he believes that his performance is worthy of an Emmy Award. He believes that if his life was a movie he'd win a the record number of a dozen Oscars ever awarded, one more than Ben Hur.
"Charlton Heston, poo, what a wimp" Trump must think. The five time president of the NRA merely played a macho hero on the screen while  (in his mind) Trump (always referring himself in the royal third person) was and is a real one.

Besides, mirror mirror of Trump's grandiose self-concept, he does;t need no fridge mirror to tell him he has always been the fairest of them all:
I've called Trump a grandiose narcissist and NY Times columnist  Jennifer Senor called him a preening narcissist. Trump compared his looks to Elvis's:
Click above to read article
Trump is still comparing himself to Elvis as if he could play the guitar, sing, or ride a Harley (named TRUMP):
One of his digital trading cards

The speech - if some of you may have decided not to spend the two minutes to view it -  I suggest you try to repress your gag reflex and do so now - you could, even if you aren't a mental health expert like me use it as a two minute test of Trump's psychopathology.

In this short time he demonstrated what and who he is really afraid of: Joe Biden and his own legal situation.

He seems to be glancing at a teleprompter occasionally but much of what he says seems to be an extemporaneous stream of consciousness as she of his ld hit lines pop into his head. He demonstrates delight in what he no doubt thinks is hilarious nasty mockery of President Biden. 

Trump brags about his 11 point lead in the polls (actually most recently it has jumped to 13) but this refers to the GOP primary, not the general election where the polls of him running against Biden are mixed and much closer.

Here's the latest news about Trump's reaction to reporting on his poll performance:


In the Polls, I am beat (sic) Biden everywhere, by a lot, except in the Globalist inspired Wall Street Journal, one of the worst, and most partisan, media outlets anywhere," he wrote.

He then added, "It was that way with them in 2016, until I beat Crooked Hillary. Now they are using the same Fake Playbook, that I beat Ron DeSanctimonious easily, but Biden is close. All others media outlets have me beating both by a lot. Don’t buy their Bull…. They are FAKE NEWS!!!

In his smug arrogance Trump is absolutely certain there are no Republicans who can touch him in the primary and that by not even mentioning him (at least in this clip) DeSantis is a hapless dork, more Goofy than Mickey Mouse. I am pretty sure this is what he thinks of him:

Trump's speaking style goes from the sing-songy tone he often lapses into to a conversational one. As he tends to do he is watching the reaction of his audience as you can see when he points to someone who I'd assume caught his attention because of their adoring response to his words.

He does seem that he caught himself when he said "we're" going to become the 47th president realizing in the instant that this sounded awkward. He's used to referring to himself in the royal third person:

Below is the text from the entire two hour speech which you can watch on CSPAN hereThis text was compiled from uncorrected Closed Captioning. I added some paragraph breaks and highlight ed them in color those sections I thought were particularly interesting. I put the most hyperbolic bullshit in bold.

... (first words missing)... from the here, the Tennessee I where this every American heart. Well, thank you very much. Thank you very, very much. And I have to say a big hello to Lee County and hello to Fort Myers. Big support been there from the beginning. I'm thrilled to be here with the proud, hardworking patriots of the great state of Florida. It's a great state, great place. I want to thank Lee County chairman, GOP chairman. What a job that Michael Thompson has done in hosting tonight's Lincoln Reagan dinner. So Michael, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Fantastic guy. And thanks as well to very special people. A man I got to meet before he did this whole political thing and I said that guy should run for office. His name is Byron Donald. Did anybody ever hear? Where's Byron? What a fantastic man. And what a fantastic, where is he? I see him. He's a big guy. I'm not going to mess around with it. Thank you very much. And he has a lot of courage too. I want to tell you that. And another man of great courage and he's the only man to ever hit a home run in the game against the Democrats in a major league park. He knocked the hell out of the ball wearing a make America great again. Hat. He is strong, he's powerful. He's a great guy. You got two big winners here, Greg Stoy Greg and these endorsements, these two endorsements were very special to me. 

These are strong, brilliant guys with a tremendous future. I was greatly honored to receive them just recently. And uh thank you very much, Byron. Thank you very much, Greg. Where's Greg? Thank you very much, Greg. Thank you very much. I also am delighted to receive the endorsements. A lot of endorsements from some great people, 10 other Florida, congressmen, Congress women representatives, Gus Miki, Vern Buchanan, Daniel Webster Matt Gates. He's a fantastic guy. Another fantastic guy, Brian Mast, John Rutherford, Mike Waltz, Carlos Jimenez, Anna, Paulina Luna, and another one very brave guy, Corey Mills. So I just want to thank all of you. It's amazing. We received all of these endorsements and so quickly and I'll tell you what, especially you two people. You are special people. We're also pleased to be joined by the National committeeman, Peter Famen Peter. Thank you very much, big thing. You're doing great job Florida Republican party chairman Christian Zieler. Christian, where is Christian? It's a great, great job, Lee County commissioners, Cecil Crass and Oh, he's popular. He's gonna be running for something very soon. I can see that. And Mike Greenwell, thank you, Mike. Thank you. See you, sir, along with a friend of mine and a very brave, brave person, somebody that got it very early and went through hell and he hailed it like like the brave man. He is General Michael Flynn. Where is that? Thank you, Mara, brave guy, great guy. You stay in good health, Michael, get ready. OK. It's not long a year and a half, Michael to stay healthy. And another one that we love Michael Caputo, Michael. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much, Michael. Appreciate it. Great job you, Rogan Hanley. Thank you very much, beautiful, beautiful family and a friend of mine for a long time. He only likes politics. If you ask him about how are the Yankees doing? He has no interest if you ask him almost anything. He likes politics and he's a professional at the highest level. Roger Stone. Yes. Thank you for seven years. 

Our mega movement the greatest in political history. There's never been anything like this has been engaged in an epic struggle against all the evil and sinister forces trying to destroy our country. That's what they're trying to do together. We stand up to the globalists, we stand up to the Marxists, we stand up to the crooked democrat prosecutors and politicians and they are crooked and they are dangerous and they are so bad for our country and we stand up to the rhinos and there are problems. Sometimes you're better off with the democrats, at least you know where they're coming from. Right. The rhinos. But they're, I think they're a shrinking breed. I think, I hope we got to get them the hell out. The communists and the anti energy extremists. They are anti energy for whatever reason. Who the hell knows, what are they doing? 

We were energy independent. Just a few years ago, we were going to be energy dominant within six months. More than Saudi Arabia, more than Russia put together. 

We stand up to the open border and the environmental fanatics and fanatics and pro China's special interests. And we stand up to all those people back there, the fake news media, we put workers first, we put families first and above all, we put America first, we put America first before we revolutionized politics and redrew the political map in 2016. A redrawing like nobody had ever seen before. Like nobody even believed Republicans were on the verge of losing this nation forever.

  Barack Hussein Obama came into office and soon had 60 senate seats. You remember those days in 2012, Mitt Romney lost Florida, Ohio and Iowa by a very large margin. He didn't fight hard. I can tell you that winning Michigan Wisconsin or Pennsylvania was totally impossible. According to everybody, it couldn't be done. You can't do it. That means the Republican Party wasn't going to win at all. It wouldn't exist. Frankly, Republicans were a party known for starting wars overseas for cutting social security and Medicare at home and pushing mass amnesty for illegal aliens. 

Our party was looking at eight long years of crooked Hillary Clinton in the White House, six or seven radical left justices on the Supreme court. Hundreds more Marxists and communist judges on the federal bench and no path to victory in the electoral college. 

We were given no shot. You know, people don't remember just before the election in 2016, we were given no shot. Remember they were saying he's got a 4% to 3%. And then we go out to rallies where you'd have 55 60 70,000 people show up. I say, what do you mean? And it's bigger today than ever before just to make you feel good outside, we passed thousands and thousands of people. This is supposed to be a small intimate little gathering and you set every record but outside, you have thousands of people that would like to be sitting right where you are. So there's a great feeling in this state and there's a great feeling in this country like I don't think we've ever had because they've seen how bad, how bad the Biden administration is. It just makes it even stronger. They can't believe it. 

Nobody can believe the open borders, the no voter ID, the high taxes, the whole thing, I mean, just go point after point to put it simply on election day 2016, we didn't just save America. We saved the Republican Party. We did on that magnificent night. And we actually should have had two of those magnificent nights because the one, the one a little bit later, four years later, we got 12 million more votes. We should have had two of them, but it was rigged and stolen and we know it, you know it, everybody. 

But in 2016, I was the first Republican since 1988 to win Michigan the first, since 1988 to win Pennsylvania and the first to win Wisconsin since 1984. Remember that nationwide? I flipped over 200 counties that voted twice for Barack Obama. Think of that. Over 200 counties in Wisconsin alone, 14 counties swung from Democrat to Republican by 20 points or more. Never happened before. That's never happened before then. 

Despite four years of deranged opposition, these people are sick like no other president has ever faced. I'm still facing it. We did even better. The second time that we did the first, getting more than the 2020. I mean, nobody's ever had more than any sitting president has ever gotten by a lot.

 Never taken place anything like that in the history of our country. I got more votes. We got 12 million more votes than in 2016, almost 10 million more votes than Barack Obama got in beating Mitt Romney by a lot and 1.5 million more votes than all Republican candidates for the House of Representatives combined. We got 1.5 million more votes than all. And again, except you don't see that tabulation. We did much better in 2020 in Florida. I got 1.2 million more votes than your successful Governor's campaign. You know that we got 1.2 million. Sir. I'd love to have your support, sir. I'd love to have your support. I'm down at about three. I'd love to have your support. All right, let's think about it. And there was like a rocket ship after I gave it. Otherwise right now you'd have a lawyer some place looking for business. If that across the country, Biden won 551 counties. Think of this. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Usually it's very equal or, but the winner always had the most counties. So by that 551 counties, I had 2588 counties. That's all divided up throughout the whole country. So a lot of people said, what's that all about Byron? 

They said, what's that all about? How does that happen? Where you have five times more? But you lose, you lose that happen. It doesn't happen that way for generations. The great state of Florida has been among the most hotly contested swing states in the nation. But today Florida is no longer a swing state because we turned it into a red state and we had a great rally for Marco Rubio just a little bit before the election. It was an incredible rally. By the way, the single greatest rainstorm I have ever seen. I don't know if anybody watched that was the end of that suit that even wiped out a maga hat and I thought they were indestructible. That was the hardest rain I've ever seen. And we fought through it and Marco went on to do very similar numbers to your governor. He did a great job and that rally was something that was absolutely incredible. Iowa and Ohio have also moved from solid purple to deep red and that was during this last short period of time under your president. We got more votes in 2020 from Hispanic Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans than any Republican in more than 72 years and along the border in Texas, which is mostly Hispanic. We want everything, every single county, we want everything which hasn't happened since. Listen to this one, the civil war hasn't happened. We want everything along the border. So we are making tremendous progress in 2024. The path to victory is clear. We have to finish what we started. 

We were doing things that nobody thought possible. We have to finish what we started and that means on the world stage also because the world is laughing at us, the world is taking advantage of us like they have never taken advantage before. They didn't do that with us. You would have never had what's happening in Ukraine, Russia would not have attacked and China wouldn't be talking about Taiwan. So we have to see this evolution through to its completion for many more reasons than that. We're going to save our party, our party. But we really, we're doing something much more even than that. We have to save our country. 

We have a year and a half to go. We have to save, we have to save our country. Our country is in serious trouble. I don't believe we've ever been in a more precarious position than we are right now. And a lot of that has to do with the power of the weaponry. You don't want to mention the word, but it's nuclear and the power of this would be something so devastating. And we have a person in there that has no idea what he's playing with. The old Republican Party of Rhinos, neo cons and globalists is gone and it's never coming back, never going to come back. 

There aren't enough people, there aren't enough. The polls show clearly that the people are with us in this fight. And I think what I'll do is I'll show you, I'll have them put up on the screen, but one just came out. That is so incredible and they're coming out left and right. But the Clarity Campaign national poll just came out about two minutes before I walked on the stage. I said, let me see that poll. I said, how do you get that poll up so fast? But Justin and the team did it, they get it done where we lead by 45 points. You see what it is? 65 to 20 to 4 to 4 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1. That's a good poll. And we beat, we beat Biden by so much in last week's morning poll, I led the field by 33 points, 56 to 23 to 5 to 4 to one. And in the brand new came out last night. In fact, Greg and Byron were with us last night, we celebrated all of these incredible people that are endorsing us. It's a big thing to me. It's a big thing because I have a lot of respect for these people and this came out just as we were meeting the Harvard Harris poll has me up 35 points with T55 somebody else at 20 and heading south. The mclaughlin poll has us up 33 points with Trump at 63. Remember in 2016, I used to always go over polls but only if they were good. I didn't do the bad. They were bad. I'd say that's not good enough get rid of that one. But we had one in a Florida poll. This is one I really like. And it's a respected poll of many, many people. The Florida voice 80% for Trump and 16% for the sample in Texas. Great state, great, great state. 

They loved the job we did. We had the safest border in the history of our country and now we have the most safe  (sic) unsafe border. I think in the history of the world, no third world country would allow what's happening to our country to happen. No third world they would stand there with sticks and stones, what they're doing to our country. They're destroying our country in Texas. 

It's Trump 52 to 20 to 5 to 4 in South Carolina. We have a 22 point lead and that's because you have a lot of people from South Carolina that are running or thinking about it that were in the poll. Good people in the New JL poll of New Hampshire. We're hit by 33 points with Trump at 51%. I wish the governor ran for the Senate by the way of New Hampshire. That would have been very nice, but he's around seven. So we're doing very well there in the new victory poll of Iowa. It's Trump at 54% and we're leading Biden by a lot seven points in Reus and seven points in Harvard Harris. We just had another one come out. We're leading Biden by 11 to me. 11. I don't understand. That doesn't sound like a lot. Right. You'd think we'd be leading by 30 40 or 50 points. I can't imagine that. But they have a built in base, you know, they have a built in voter base that get to vote for them no matter who. It is incredible. But a lot of them are actually coming to our side and that's maybe more incredible. 

These numbers are one of the main reasons the Marxist left is coming after us and they are using the criminal justice system for massive election interference. That's what they're doing. They see, do you think they'd be coming after me over no charge? Did you see what it's been said? There's no crime. I got indicted for no crime. They're all saying even the Democrats. Well, we don't see this as a crime if there is no crime. You know, a friend of mine said you're probably the most honest person to ever be president. They've gone over 11, think of this over years. They've gone over 11 million pages of documents and they came up with no crime. Think of it. Friends of mine that are big business. People said if they ever did that to me would go away for life. They go away for life.

 They can't believe it. All these things. Remember the tax returns, we won his tax returns years and years. They fought, we won when we gave him the tax returns, that was the end of that. You never heard one word. They said he's rich, he's rich to them. That's a bad thing. 

They want to weaponize law enforcement to interfere with our elections through the use of the DOJ, the FBI attorney generals and local district attorneys. You saw the scam today with the 51 intelligence officials, you see that they lied and they lied during the debate. He lied during the debate. 51 intelligence agencies have said that his computer with all of theographic (sic) stuff was Russian disinformation and they knew it wasn't, they lied and this was just a few days before the election and that's election interference. That's frankly, that's cheating on election. Just like when they stuffed the ballot box and then you had the FBI two months ago, they got caught where they were telling Facebook and Twitter what to do. Remember that that's also cheating on the elections. No, they cheat, they cheat.

  The Republicans frankly keep it that way. But the Republicans don't know how to cheat. They cheat, they will cheat and if they didn't, they couldn't win anything because frankly who the hell wants open borders and all of the stuff that they promulgate, including things that we'll be talking about in just a minute. But in the end, they're not coming after me, they're coming after you and I'm just standing in their way. I just happen to be here and I'll never leave. I'll never leave. We're gonna, we're gonna do things at 2016. Thank you. 2016 was an amazing. Remember that night? How exciting was that night? Just put them up. 

She had a 96% chance of winning and then Trump won Florida and Trump won North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania all the way. We ran, we ran up the cost, we won everything we won. And you remember they were saying 95% then they're saying, well, it's 91% now, but that's ok. Whoops. They just won another one. We won Wisconsin 84%. 79%. These were the chances of her winning started at 95 96%. Then it was down to 75 then it was down to 69. Then it was down to 61. And then they started going into the fake news. What the hell is going on over here? They said, but we're definitely going to win North Carolina because that's our firewall. And then they lost North Carolina and they're down to 54. Now. They're getting nervous and then it was over. But that was one of the most exciting evenings in history. I think it had the largest, I think it had the largest television audience in history. And we have to do that again because the victory for us will be as big. I don't say anything is going to be bigger because we turned things, we did things, we rebuilt our military, the largest tax cuts, ever, largest, largest regulations, right? To try. 

How about right to try for people that are terminally ill and very ill. We were able to get them to use drugs. What we did for Israel was incredible. In Jerusalem Golan Heights, building the embassy. Don't forget I saved two billion when I built the embassy. You remember that story, sir? Would you please sign this? What is it after we got everything approved? This is $2 billion for what, what is that for general? We're going to build an embassy in Jerusalem. I said two billion. That's a lot. You know, I'm envisioning a one story building. How do you spend $2 billion on a one story building? The people of Florida don't do that. I can tell you the people of Florida would spend about $2 to build a one story building, especially the people in this room. They know how to spend their money, but I'll never forget I'm talking to my people. And I'm saying, you know, we're never going to get this thing built. It's going to be years and years. Do we have any buildings, any good locations? We're going to buy a piece of land for hundreds of millions of dollars. Somebody who is going to get very rich and I didn't sign it. And it said, I said, you know, we were there for a long time. Sir, we have a beautiful piece of land. Does it have a building on it? Yes, it does. So the building is beautiful. It needs a lot of renovation. I said I love renovating buildings. 

You make a lot of money renovating buildings because you save on the foundations and the structure and the exterior if it's good and lots of things. And I'll never forget. I told our ambassador I said, get me some cost. We want to build a beautiful embassy. A friend of mine very successful in his office. He has Jerusalem Stone. And every time I see his office, I go up, he says, before I was president, you see Donald, look at this wall opposite the elevators. This is Jerusalem Stone. He's Jewish. She said she was there. You might have been there. What were you doing there? This is Jerusalem Stone. Isn't it beautiful? And after saying to me about 10 times on 10 different visits, I say, I know it's Jerusalem. So let's go it. But when this happened here, we are in Jerusalem. And I said to my people, I said, you know what? I have an idea, let's build the embassy, cover it up and build it everything in Jerusalem Stone. And I asked the head contractor, I said, can you do that? Absolutely, sir. Jerusalem Stone is not expensive. We're in Jerusalem, we built, we built the embassy and opened it and you're never going to do better. You can spend $2 billion. You're never going to build this beautiful, we built the Embassy in four months, we got it open. So we not only approved it with all that goes with Jerusalem, which was such a big thing, but we also got it built. It would have maybe never got built, but it would have taken years and years and years. And we had the best location. We have a beautiful, beautiful building, We opened it in four months. And so we not only did that where Jerusalem by the fact that the embassy is there becomes the capital, but so many other things we did. 

One of the biggest things we did for Israel was the horrible, horrible Iran nuclear deal, but this administration blew it. They allowed them to get away with all of the things that they're doing and it's a very dangerous situation had we assumed office continued in, we would have had a deal within one week with Iran and they wouldn't have a nuclear weapon which now they're very close to getting and Israel has to be very, very careful. But if you look at the Abraham Accords where we have really normalized relationships with four very important countries, it would have been right now by this time, it would have been everybody. We would have a total peace in the Middle East. It's amazing what's happened and how they blew it. 

We have people that are grossly incompetent right now in office. And frankly the good thing about that it's making us look better. There is more spirit when you see one of the officers that we've never seen crowds like this outside of this building. One of the reasons is that they're so bad, we're good and they long for those days, but they're so bad when they look and the comparison is so incredible, so powerful. While conservatives, Christians and patriots are being persecuted, the horrendous corruption and law breaking of the Biden Crime Family is not just ignored, it's covered up. I mean, they're covering it up. Those people

are covering up the fake news and Doj is covering it up.

 What Congressman James Comer and Jim Jordan have revealed about the Biden Crime Family would be Watergate Times 10, if this news was revealed 10 years ago, this is much bigger than Watergate. This is much, much millions of dollars coming in from China and Russia and Ukraine into the family and they don't want to even write about it. We don't have a democracy anymore. We don't have a democracy anymore. We don't have a free press anymore. We don't have, they don't want to write about the biggest search. This would be the biggest story of our time. I mean, if I were a journalist, I'm an ambitious guy, we're all ambitious, right? We're ambitious because we want to do the right thing. That's why I'm ambitious. I want to make America great again. 

We had it great. We had it. That's my only ambition. But, but to see what's going on and to have nobody do anything and nobody write stories. I mean, other than certain outlets, nobody wants to even talk about these things a

nd these are massive certifiable crimes. But they go after us, they go after Republicans and conservatives and they go after evangelicals. Like never before. These are sick people and we have to win and we have to put an end to it. 

Our press is fake and it's corrupt at a level never seen before. We don't have, we don't have a real press. You know, they used to be like the watchdog. They were detectives. They were incredible even if you didn't like them. And if they were liberal and they saw stuff like this going on, they'd want to win the Pulitzer Prize, they'd want to win whatever the Pulitzer Prize is corrupt. How about they got for their reporting on Russia, Russia, Russia. They got Pulitzer Prizes, New York Times Washington Post. Actually, I'm suing them because I want them to turn back the Pulitzer Prize because they're reporting. But think of it and it says for the fine and accurate reporting on the Russia Russia Russia scam, it's a scam. It was made up by the Democrats. It was made up by the DNC crooked Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff Schiff. It was made up by these people and I say this on occasion, but I have very good Children. They really are. They work hard. But think of this. Adam Schiff comes out from a very important meeting where they're looking at the Russia, Russia Russia Hoax. Now he made it up along with these people DNC Democrat National Committee Democrats. 

Crooked Hillary Clinton. It's made up so they know it's made up. It's a fake story. They now say it's a fake story. Even the New York Times Washington Post say it ok, it was fake. Then they go into the next one. You know, they take about two hours and then they say, what are we going to do? Now? These are corrupt people. It's a fake story. Adam Schiff walks out to a big bevy of cameras and he says about my son Donald Trump junior will go to jail for what he's done with Russia. 

Now think of it. He said my son is going to jail over a fake deal that was made up by the Democrats and it was made up because they wanted to save face when they lost the election. So they blamed it on Russia. They said Russia cost us the election. And then what happened is it got carried on and then another day and another day and another day this started as a one day deal. This is going to be a one day excuse for having them lose an election that everybody thought they were going to win and that went on for two years, but they knew it was fake. And he says Donald Trump Jr will go to jail. What kind of a human being would say that the President's son is going to jail? And they know the story is fake. How bad are these people? These are bad people. These are bad people. 

As the endless witch hunts and persecutions reveal our enemies are desperate to stop us because they know that we are the only ones who can stop them. We're going to stop them and they are not happy about it and they've been caught, remember they spied in my campaign and if Bill Barr had any courage, instead of worrying about being impeached by the Democrats, these people would have all been taken care of, but we have to do it a different way. If he had courage, we need people with courage. He had no courage. He didn't want to be impeached or I don't want to be impeached. I said, what's wrong with being impeached? I got impeached twice and my numbers went up. He wasn't, he wasn't a brave person. He wasn't a bad person. Now, he sits back and pontificates Trump Trump that the man didn't have courage. He didn't have courage to go out and do what you had to do with respect to the election and the election numbers. The US attorney in Pennsylvania said Bill Barr would not let him investigate. Philadelphia would not let him do it because Bill Barr was afraid that Nancy crazy, Nancy Pelosi was going to impeach him and he didn't want that. And we need people with courage. We need, we don't need, we don't need artists.

That's what we had. We had great people. We had some incredible people because you know, when you think we rebuilt our military, we created space force. We knocked out Isis but Isis now is making a comeback unfortunately. but we knocked out 100% of the caliphate knocked out 100% of it. Incredible stories. We have incredible soldiers, incredible military, but they're trying to turn them woke and we're not going to let that happen. But unlike other politicians, the harder our enemies hit me, the stronger and more determined I get like you do in this world. 

And when I stand next to hopeless Joe Biden on the debate stage, assuming, assuming he goes to the debate stage because I don't know, I don't think he will. I personally don't think he will, but let's assume he does. We're going to compare our records and it will be the radical Democrats worst nightmare. They have the worst record of any president ever in history. There's never been anything like what's happening to our country. They're destroying our country and four short years, we accomplished more than any other president in the history of our country. 

Nobody's done the things we, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world the day before COVID came in from China, by the way, Wuhan, I've always said Wuhan. A lot of people said, oh sir, you shouldn't say that. Why, why shouldn't I say it? That's where it came from. 

We gave you the biggest tax cut in history. We gave you the biggest regulation cut in history and you had no inflation, nothing. And it was going to stay that way for a long time. They caused inflation when they destroyed energy independence. And everybody had to pay so much for energy including businesses. That's what started inflation and now everything is inflated. It's much harder, but we'll get it taken care of. We shut down the illegal foreign invasion at our borders. That's an invasion like a military invasion. And we achieved the most secure border in history. 

We deported illegal alien criminals by the tens of thousands MS 13, the most violent gang anywhere in the world. We deported thousands and thousands and thousands of them back to their country. Their countries wouldn't take them.

 I said that's ok. Don't take them. We're not giving you the $750 million that we pay you. We give so much money to these and then their presidents all three the following day, Koby, sir, we'd be honored to take MS 13 back. We love them very much. It was amazing for years, for years. They wouldn't take them back. I was told they'll never take them back, sir. I said, how much do we pay them in subsidy? And how much do we pay them? Just tell me they give me a number. Sure. It's $750 million a year. That's peanuts by comparison to what some countries get by the way, so stupid and they don't even respect it or appreciate it. $750 million. I said that's ok. Inform them that as of tonight, they're not getting 10 cents. As soon as that happened, they took them all back. They used to clog up their runways and clog up the road so we couldn't bring them back. This is for 10 years, but we, we brought back tens of thousands and we put in place a strong travel ban to keep the radical Islamic terrorists out of our country and took a lot of heat. I took a lot of heat for that one, but we did the right thing and you saw how good our record was on that. You saw what happened, right? You didn't see, I don't like to talk about it even because a lot of bad things have happened in the last 2.5 years. But you take a look at our record. We had an amazing record, right? Remember the old days before, before I was there, I stood firm against the socialist Green New Deal fanatics and we achieved American energy independence and even energy dominance. We were dominant we were dominant. 

We're going to make so much money. We would have paid down our debt. We would have been bigger than both, bigger than both times two, that's where we were headed. We have more liquid gold under our feet than any other nation now. Who even knows that? Who even knows it? Who even knows that after years of economic surrender from past leaders and they surrendered, our leaders surrendered just about all of them. I stood up to China like no administration ever has done before. Bringing in hundreds of billions of dollars pouring into our treasury from China. When no other president had ever gotten them to pay us 10 cents, not 10 cents. I took in hundreds of billions of dollars. That's why I think a lot of people say maybe they did that on purpose because they had to get me out. I personally don't think, I think it was just incompetence frankly, that happened at the lab. But a lot of people think that it was done on purpose because I was taking in hundreds of billions of dollars and we were saving our steel industry and other industries. I gave $28 billion to our farmers. And when we got those great poll numbers two days ago in Iowa, a lot of people said, oh, they're going to do wonderful against me with the farmers. I said, I don't think so. I got the farmers $28 billion. They never saw 28 they never saw 10 cents because China treated our farmers very unfairly. 

And I got China to pay us $28 billion. I took it in the form of taxes and out of a much larger number, I took 28 billion, which is the amount of damage they caused to our farmers. And I handed our farmers checks totaling 28 billion dollars. And then when they said, oh, I wonder how he's going to do with farmers. I'll tell you what that would be the greatest upset in history if I don't get the farmers after 28 billion, nobody else ever got them 10 cents. So I think we're going to be ok with our farmers. That's for sure. They appreciate it. Iowa and Nebraska, all of them, they appreciate it. And we just had phenomenal polls on the farm belt as they call it. I fully rebuilt the US military and was the only president in decades who didn't start a new war. I didn't start a new war instead. I got us out of endless wars and brought back our troops. We brought them back home. 

Remember during the debates, they said he's got a personality, he's going to get us into World War Three. No, my personality got us out of all these crazy wars and my personality made President Putin and President Xi know that you can't go into Ukraine and you can't go into Taiwan. Don't do it don't do it. They would have never gone in. 

I officially recognized the capital of Israel, such a big thing. And, you know, who appreciates that more than anybody. The evangelicals, evangelicals, Christians, they appreciate it so much. But that was such a, such a big thing to do. It was such a big, big thing to do and we love it and we loved that. 

I was able to do it. But again, as I told you just a little while ago, a fraction of the cost and then a fraction of the time opened it in just a matter of a couple of months. And with the historic Abraham Accords, we brought something to the Middle East that nobody has ever seen before and they've never thought it was possible. J

oe Biden's record is the exact opposite. With soaring inflation, failing banks, open borders, rampant crime, deadly drugs, blatant corruption, corruption. Nobody's ever seen corruption like this. Marxist lunacy, total humiliation in Afghanistan. That was the most humiliating time in the history of our country. And now the unthinkable threat of nuclear war, you could end up in a nuclear war and you know, they have a hat and a phrase that they go around. Trump was right about everything I was, I was right about just about everything. I don't want to be right about this. But I'll tell you what we're very close. If you watch the rhetoric when you watch the rhetoric of this president of ours. He doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. 

You know, sometimes you have to talk tough and sometimes you have to talk soft and he's got it mixed up. He (Biden) talks tough when you're supposed to talk soft and he talks soft when you're supposed to talk tough and he's all gaga. Then he walks off the stage but he's supposed to walk that way. Go around. Where am I? Where am I? And then they investigate you. They investigate, you know why? Because you're leading by 11 points. And they say let's investigate. Now, these are terrible people in recent months. 

I've been laying out a bold forward looking vision for how we will fix Joe Biden's many disasters. When we come, we have to become, it's us, we're going to all become, we're going to become the 47th president of the United States. We're gonna all become because I'm here for you. I'm doing this for you. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

No, a very, uh actually a nice report or somey that's got the wrong bet. But a very good reporter, nice reporter said to me, you had one of the best lives in the world. Luxury. No problems, everything going nicely. Was it worth it? 

You get under investigation by crooked people by horrible Racists by people that are so terrible. They hate you and it's with a passion and they're evil. They're evil people. Was it worth it? I said, absolutely, I would do it again in a heartbeat because, and, and honestly, with guys, like, like your two great congressmen and others that are in the room that are so incredible, we're turning the country around.

We're going to turn it around. And what we have done during this period is we've revealed how corrupt this group of people is how bad their policies are, how badly they work. And, you know, in a certain way, I was thinking that if it were done the more traditional way, like if they didn't rig it and we went for and for, we would have never been able to fix the country because what they've shown during these past four years is how bad their policies are and how they don't work. So we'll be able to do, I think actually a much better job and we'll be able to do things that we probably wouldn't have really been able to do. And people will say we're glad we have to stop crime in our cities as an example. 

We can't let this continue to go on where our cities are being looted and everybody is being mugged and thrown into subways. And I mean, the scenes you see on television are just horrible and we've got, we've got to fix our cities, our cities all over the world. You know, when they talk about democracy, Russia, China, all these other countries, they show all these scenes of people being pushed into a subway car coming at 40 miles an hour down tracks of the people getting bombed and beat over the head with baseball bats. And that's the way they show it and that's the way they talk. And as much as they show it on our sets, which isn't that much actually because they don't want you to maybe do things about it because they want our country to fail perhaps. But as much as they do foreign countries show and people are saying is this what America? This is not the American dream. Is this what America is all about? They mak

e us look so bad. 

So we're going to be able to get things done. We're going to be able to fix our cities. We have to fix our cities and do many, many other things before I even arrive at the oval office. Shortly after we win the presidency. I will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled. I'll get it settled very quickly. I know both. I know Zelinsky and I know Putin, remember Zelinsky was very nice because on the impeachment hooks, number one, I call it impeachment hooks. Number one impeachments. Number two on impeachment hoax. Number one. Remember they went to Zelinsky. Did you feel threatened? Now? 

We had fortunately a tape Byron of this call and it was a perfect call. Perfect phone just like my call in Georgia was I think even more perfect. It was more perfect and nobody complained. Everybody thought it was wonderful. But we had a perfect call with Zelinsky and they went to him. Did you feel threatened or intimidated? He didn't even know what they were. He goes, no, that was fine. There was nothing wrong, there was nothing wrong. 

And by that time they already started, but I appreciate it because he could have said yes, I felt threatened but he didn't say that. So that was good. And I got along with Putin and Putin understood. We weren't playing games. He would have never ever gone in, but we will get that settled if we win because you need that power of that office, meaning that office or you can't just do it as a representative. It's tougher than that. It's much tougher than it would have been. Had they started or had they not started? Had that not started much easier to do much easier to do. But it's still pretty easy for me to do. I'll get it done. You know, we had a thing, I was telling some of the great people that were at Mar a Lago last night, we had a problem with France where the president of France was. Macron Emmanuel Macron. Good man. He's a good man, a good man. He's a wise guy, but he's a good man. Look, he wants his country. They're going to put a tax on the United States of America for any companies coming in. Almost a 25% tax. That's a lot. Then I told my people, I said it's not going to happen, negotiated. They came back to me a week later, sir, we were, we were unable to make a deal. 

They were very, they have their mindset on it, sir. They're going to do it 25% tax. I said, no, they're not tell them they're not doing it. Go back and negotiate, come back and see me Mnuchin and a lot of the people, they came back. They said, sir, they're doing it. They're not going to listen to us. They said I'll take care of it. I said, get me Emmanuel Macron president of France and he gets to Emanuel. How are you? I'm fine, sir. I'm fine. He said, listen, Emmanuel, I understand you're going to charge American companies for the privilege of doing business in France. Wonderful. He said, you're not going to do that. Emmanuel. Yes, sir. It's too late. We can't stop it, sir. It's getting approved tonight tomorrow. I said that's ok. Then Emmanuel will do it. I want you to do it because I am going to tax every bottle of wine and every bottle of champagne that I don't even like that comes into the United States. We're putting 100% tax or tariff on every single bottle of wine and champagne that comes into the United States and you're not going to sell anything. And that's where we are Emanuel. Other than that, have a good time and I was getting ready to hang up and he said, no, no, no, no, you cannot do that. I said I'm doing it. I'm signing the paper tonight at six o'clock. This goes into effect on Monday morning. This was a Friday. No, no, please, please. May I call you back? I'll call you back in 15 minutes and I get along with him, but he's a wise guy, you know, I mean, I understand that I get along with a lot of wise guys, but I get along with them. May I call you back in 15 minutes? I'll call you right back. I said that's all right. I will do that. I'll accept that call. So about three minutes later he calls me back. He didn't weigh Mr President. Uh You have a deal. We're not going to charge you the tax, we're not gonna kill you. And I probably did that 100 times with other countries. I did it with Russia. I did it, I did it with a lot. China was petrified of the tariffs. 

I mean, you know, again, hundreds of billions of dollars of tariffs, that's all. And they acted like they didn't mind. We don't mind tariffs. I said good. Then I'm going to raise them and raise them and finally they said no, no more tariffs, please, please. But no, we did that. I did that a lot and some people call it. But you got to have that. We don't have that. Could you imagine Biden doing that baby doing that? They don't have respect for our country. They don't have respect for our leadership and those things have to be done and they're easy and you don't need bullets, you don't need tanks, you don't need weapons of any kind. You just need some common sense and maybe business ability or whatever it might be. But that stopped. Let me give you the only bad part of that story. The bad part is after I left office, they started charging taxes to American companies and other people are doing that too. It's so sad when I look at what's happening, it's so sad. These people don't have a clue. The only thing they're good at is cheating on elections and disinformation, two things, cheating on elections and they always go. 

Oh, yes. We want to run against Trump. He beat the hell out of us in 2016. He beat us up in, I mean, better in 2020 we want to run against Trump in the midterms, you know, in the midterm. 233 and 20. Think of that. 233 wins and 20 losses. We're 233 out of 253 races. You don't hear that from the fake news. We were successful. Not all the Republicans were successful, but that's a record that very few people have and in the primaries, almost 99% of the people I endorsed and they were great people. They were great people, generally speaking. And these two are the two best examples as far as I'm concerned, standing before you today, I am the only candidate who can make this promise. 

I will prevent us from being involved in or even having World War II. You're going to have World War Three with these incompetent people. You're going to end up and this will be a war like no other because this won't be army tanks going around shooting at each other. This will be horrible, horrible, horrible, most destructive weapons in history, nuclear weapons and other things. 

I will end Joe Biden's inflation, nightmare and banking crisis and quickly rebuild the greatest economy in history. Unlike the Bushes and Ryan and the other rhinos, I will always protect social security and Medicare for our great senior. I wonder who voted for hurting social security and I wonder who voted for hurting and partially dismantling Medicare. Who is it? I think there's somebody around that. You know, when I get back in the oval office, I will totally obliterate and complete the job of the deep state because there is a deep state. We're fighting it right now. I will fire the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system and root out the warmongers and globalists from our government. We will establish a truth and reconciliation commission to declassify and publish all documents on deep state spying, censorship and corruption. You're seeing it come to fore now, 51 people, what they did, what they did to this country. 51 people willing to lie, willing to lie. 

And I will require every federal employee to pass a new civil service test. Demonstrating an understanding of our constitution to stop the local Marxist prosecutors who release rapists and murderers while persecuting conservatives. On day one of my new administration, I will direct the DOJ to investigate every radical D and attorney general in America for their illegal racist in reverse enforcement of the law. I will quickly restore the most secure border in us history just as we had only a few years ago under Biden. If you look at what we had, you know, I built hundreds of miles of wall and we completed it just as I said, I took the money from the military because between the Republican Rhinos and the Democrats, it was very hard to get. So I considered our country to be in an invasion. We were being invaded. It was absolutely an invasion. And I said that means I can take the money out of the military. And I got some of the biggest military budget, the biggest military budgets ever approved. I said I'm going to take what I need out of the military because this is an invasion and I got it built. And then I added 200 miles and we were almost finished when we had that horrible election result, that horrible, disgusting result.

 And Biden came in and said, we don't want to finish the war. It would have taken three weeks to finish the additional sections of war that I didn't even promise. But I wanted to get done because we needed them in those areas. But the wall worked and Mexico worked and they gave us 28,000 soldiers for free. Of course, I said I was going to charge them 25% tariffs if they don't. But they gave us 28,000 soldiers and we had the best numbers ever under Biden. 

Other countries are emptying out their prisons and saying asylums and mental institutions and sending their problems to the USA, their mental institutions and their prisons are being emptied out all over South America. But all over the world, we have become a dumping ground for the world's problems. That's why the first reconciliation bill I signed will be for a massive increase in border patrol and colossal increase in the number of ice deportation officers. And we're going to be following the Eisenhower model. You wouldn't believe it. Eisenhower was tough on this. We will use all necessary state, local federal and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in. 

And I'll ask every state and federal agency to identify every known suspected gang member in America because they know look law enforcement. These are incredible people. They've been treated so badly. They have been between defending the police and everything else. They have to go through. It's horrible. But everyone, but they know all the people, the local policemen and women, they know everybody, they know the good people, the bad people, they know the gang members, they know their first names and every one of them that is here illegally, we will pick them up and we will bring them back to their country or if so bad, we're going to have to put them into a cell, but we will bring them right back to those countries from where they came to uphold our second amendment. I will ask Congress to put a bill on my desk delivering national concealed carry reciprocity and I will restore the right to self defense with federal penalties for prosecutors who trample on the God given, right. We've been given this incredible right. You can't trample on it. When I return to office, I will revoke China's most favored nation trade status.

 You wouldn't believe this. We had to, we had it revoked. We actually we actually send them oil. Can you believe it? We send them oil, we give them oil, we help them, we give them money. The whole thing is crazy. I will gain total independence from China. We have to have independence from China. They have too much power over our country, especially with Biden. He got a fortune I mean, they pay him a fortune. What the hell is he going to do? How is he going to go against China? They'll say you go against us and we're going to tell you all the money that we paid you and your family. They're extorting him, in my opinion, they're extorting him and I will hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for unleashing the China virus upon the world. They've got to pay something. Nobody has the money to pay what the real number is. But they've got to pay something. 

We will have the death penalty for murderers and killers and also for drug kingpins and dealers who could be proven to have killed people through the dealing of their drugs, of which many, you know, a drug dealer kills on average 500 people during his or her lifetime. 500. That's an average 500 people. They kill 500. If you shoot somebody, you pay a very stiff penalty, they kill 500 people in China when I met with President Xi the first time because I had a great relationship with him until COVID, once COVID came in. It was like I forget it, but I had a great relationship. I said, President, do you have a drug problem? No, he didn't even know what I was talking about. No, of course not. Why would we have a drug problem? I said, so what do you attribute to the fact that you don't have a drug because they used to have a massive drug problem. The poppy, they used to have a mess of the whole country. It was a disaster. And then Mao came in and changed things around. But this is a tough man and a very smart man. I said, so why don't you have a drug? We have quick trial. Quick trial means not a trial where you go on trial 28 years from now, the constitutionality, we have quick trial. What's quick, quick trial as we try the people immediately. And if they're guilty, they're given the death penalty. And because of that, if they're guilty, they're given the death penalty. They don't have a drug problem 1.4 billion people and they haven't got a drug problem and we have to do the same thing because our country is being poisoned. Our families are being destroyed. 

We will also pursue the death penalty for those who murder policemen and police women. We have to, you ever see where they walk up to a car, where a policeman is sitting in a car and they take a gun and shoot him through the window right through the window. We will do that. The death penalty kill a policeman or a policewoman. 

I will immediately sign a new executive order to cut federal funding for any school, pushing critical race theory, transgender insanity and other inappropriate racial sexual or political content on our and I will also support parents rights. Can you believe? You have to say this? I say this all the time. Can you believe that? You have to say that we will support parents rights, parents rights who wouldn't support? But our country over the last 12, 13, 14 years has gone cuckoo. It got a little bit cuckoo. Can you imagine? You're saying I will support parents rights. Of course, you're going to support who wouldn't support parents rights. A lot of the people in our leadership wouldn't support it. 

But we're going to include the direct election of school principals by the parents. We want the principals not to be hired because they're radical left lunatics. If any principal is not getting the job done, the parents should be able to vote to fire them and to select somebody who will get the job done and I will not give one penny to any school that has a vaccine mandate or a mask mandate from kindergarten all the way through college. Thank you. And here's another beauty. I will keep men out of women's sports. I don't know if you saw the weightlifting recently, but this was a record that was standing for like 19 years and you know, they deal an ounces, he had an ounce on one side and an ounce on the other. Uh get up there and this a long time record years, 19 years, you know that these women are great athletes, they are out there trying so hard and all of a sudden this guy comes up thing. Have you lifted before? No, actually, I haven't. No. The records are being set at a level that women never really thought was going to happen. It's so unfair and it's so demeaning to women. Men should not be able to participate in women's sports. And I will sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all. Thank you.

 I will appoint rock solid constitutional conservative judges in the mold of justice Antonin Scalia and the great justice Clarence Thomas who is under siege right now. He's under siege right now for doing nothing. He is really, they're going after him right now. Everybody else talked about appointing Conservatives to court. I am the only one who actually did it. I appointed almost 300 federal judges all told it was pretty substantially more than that. A record and three great Supreme court justices. So that was a big, that was a big thing. Some presidents go through a long period of time and they never get to a point. I pointed three that made the radical left extremely thrilled. Trump gets three other people. They get none but we got three great wonderful people. 

Finally, I will move heaven and earth to fully secure our elections. Our goal will be one day voting with only paper ballots and voter motorize (sic). We won't have any problems but until that day comes, Republicans have to be able to compete and they have to use every lawful means to win. That is we must do everything we can to save our country from destruction because that's where we're headed. So 2024 is the final battle. If you put me back in the White House, the reign of the corrupt Washington establishment will be over and America will be a free nation. 

Once again, we're going to have a free with your support in this election, we are going to complete the mission and we are going to finish what we started at a level that nobody has even thought of before. Stand with me. And on November 5th, 2024 we will evict Joe Biden from the White House. 

We will dislodge the Marxists and the communists from our government and there's plenty of them. We will vanquish the radical Democrat party into political oblivion and we will restore the American Republic as the freest and strongest and most powerful nation in the history of the world before COVID came in and then we fixed it after that where the stock market was even higher as we unfortunately had to transition, but it was even higher than before just before COVID came i


But we had the greatest economy in history. We had the greatest country in history. There was never a time like it. A lot of people say, can you ever bring the country together because there's so many divergent views and really divergent. And I say, you know, just before COVID came in, our country was doing so great African American Hispanic, American Asian American women, men, people that went to M I T, Harvard and the Wharton School of Finance and Stanford and they have all degrees and people that didn't graduate from high school, every single category was at an all time high. And I was getting calls from very radical left type people. Could we get together? Let's talk. Our country was actually coming together and then we got hit with COVID but our country was coming together. The USA is a mess. Our economy is crashing, inflation is out of control. Our banks are failing. You've been seeing that you've been reading about that lately, Russia has joined with China. Saudi Arabia has joined with Iran. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea have formed together as a menacing and destructive coalition. These are things that would have been impossible to even consider. Just three years ago. Our currency is crashing and the dollar will soon no longer be the world standard which will be the single greatest defeat our country has ever had. People don't realize how big that is. It won't happen with me, not even a chance just like Russia would have never invaded Ukraine and China would not even have thought about raiding Taiwan.

 I used to say that if you took the five worst presidents in the history of the United States and added them up, they would not have done near the destruction to our country as Joe Biden and the Biden administration have done. And now I say, if you took the 10 worst presidents, I don't say, I don't say five anymore, what they've done to our country. We are a failing nation. We are a nation in decline. Look where we were three years ago. 

How well we were doing. Think of just one thing. We were energy independent. Gasoline was at a dollar 87. Now it's getting ready to break $5 again because we filled up the National Strategic Reserves and they use that money to keep gasoline a little bit lower, very high, very, very high, far too high, but a little bit lower for an election. It's not supposed to be used for, it's supposed to be used for war and national security. And now these radical left lunatics want to interfere with our elections by using law enforcement and we can't let that happen. But with all of this being said, and with a very dark cloud hanging over our country, I have no doubt that we will together win the election of 2024 make America great again. Thank you very much and God bless you. Thank you. Thank you very much. God bless you everybody.

*This text was compiled from uncorrected Closed Captioning.

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