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May 5, 2023

According to Marjorie Taylor Greene President Biden is a senile criminal mastermind

 By Hal Brown

The Business Insider article's title, below, is correct although they define mutually exclusive incorrectly in part of their article:

Someone needs to tell MTG that Biden can't be both a criminal mastermind and completely senile

  • "The two accusations — often trotted out by the right — appear to be mutually exclusive."
  • Excerpt:
  • Someone, please tell Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene that President Joe Biden can't be mentally sound enough to run an international cabal of insidious elites while also being completely senile. 

    Speaking to Kimberly Guilfoyle — a former TV anchor who's now engaged to Donald Trump Jr. — Greene claimed without substantiation that Biden is the puppet master behind a global criminal empire.

    "The true crimes are linked to Joe Biden himself. And he is the mastermind of the Biden criminal enterprise," Greene told Guilfoyle on Wednesday. "This is an international operation that has guided and steered the policy of the United States of America."

  • Let's be clear. Mutually exclusive always means that if one thing is true the other cannot be true.  Not to be overly picky but in the context used regarding Joe Biden, he's either completely senile or he's a criminal mastermind. He cannot be both. Therefore when Business Insider says he appears to be they should be saying simply that they are mutually exclusive.
  • He can't even be slightly senile and a criminal mastermind. Consider the very definition of mastermind as being a person with an outstanding intellect who is someone who plans and directs an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise.
  • It should be noted that in January 2022 Greene called Biden a "mentally incompetent, feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap." Now she wants everyone to think he's also a puppet master pulling the strings for "an international operation that has guided and steered the policy of the United States of America."
  • She can call him a piece of crap, which coming from her is like a cesspool disparaging a lily pond, but this is still merely a subjective opinion. Everything else she says doesn't hold up to what in Biden's behavior is readily observable.

    There is no evidence that even hints at Biden being a criminal despite the desperate attempts on the right to characterize Hunter Biden as one who was in some sort of feverish spy fantasy manner working for his father. See: Rudy and GOP MAGA maniacs in the House want to turn Hunter Biden into a master spy.

    By all evidence Biden is another kind of mastermind. He is a political mastermind. He has managed against tough odds to achieve a great deal since becoming president (here's a list). 

    Of course right-wing critics of Joe Biden won't be watching MSNBC this morning and thus probably won't learn about this jobs report:

    If Biden was a criminal he could be compared to this guy:

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