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October 8, 2023

The GOP using Hamas attack to bash Biden is un-American

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By Hal Brown

 Trump blamed the Hamas attack on President Biden (article):

Donald Trump blamed President Joe Biden for Hamas’ attack on Israel on Saturday, claiming the long-simmering Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted into new violence because Biden is perceived as “weak.”

“It was a big attack with a lot of dead people all over the place,” Trump told an audience at a Waterloo, Iowa rally. “Who would think that? And the only difference, I believe, is the difference between one president and another president.”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a graphic video showing a dead body in Israel Saturday – and used it to claim that similar attacks to those committed by Hamas were coming to the U.S.  Reference

So did the RNC chair:

RNC Chair Spots 'Great Opportunity' For GOP Candidates Following Hamas Attack

“I think this is a great opportunity for our candidates to contrast where Republicans have stood with Israel – time and time again – and Joe Biden has been weak,” McDaniel said.

“And when America is weak, the world is less safe. We’re seeing this not just with the war in Ukraine and with an emboldened China, but now with an attack on Israel.”

Here's Nikki Haley, a former UN ambassador, who should know better:

'You don't have any evidence': NBC host confronts Nikki Haley for blaming Biden for Hamas attack

… Haley attacked Secretary of State Antony Blinken for denying that $6 billion slated to be returned to Iran played a part in the attacks.

"They go and spread terrorism every time they get a dollar; it doesn't go to the Iranian people; it does go to terrorist attacks, and Secretary Blinken is just wrong to imply that this money is not being moved around as we speak and yet, and that's it," Haley said.

"And yet, ambassador, there's just no proof of that," Welker pointed out, "yet this is just the hours after that immediate attack. Is it irresponsible to level that charge when you really don't have any evidence of that at this point in time?"

Haley pointed to "evidence" that was unconnected to the recent attacks.

This is how Marjorie Taylor Greene blamed Biden:

"What happened to Israel could happen to America because our country has been invaded by millions of people from over 160 countries, and we've been invaded by people we don't even know where they are." Reference

Florida GOP congressman Corey Mills posted this in Truth Social: "This war in Ukraine, attacks on Israel, and open US borders would not be happening if Pres Trump were in office. We had peace under President Trump. In 2024 don’t forget the chaos overseas and on our border is under Joe Biden."

The actual case against Biden, that is the deal with Iran to pay for the release of hostages (read article) might have helped Hamas is too obscure for most voters to grasp. Trump said that  “American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks.” Of course, Trump and others are only speculating that Iran even helped fund the attack.

This is just background noise for MAGA voters since they already hate Biden. They are like the man wearing a
Let's Go
Brandon hat who we sat next to at this parade in August. 

This was an old fashion partiotic small town parade:

Photos by Hal Brown

I have no doubt that this man considers himself to be an American patriot. If he'd known that the couple sitting next to him and his wife at the foot of his driveway were Democrats he'd probably consider us to be un-American.

He and his ilk who want to blame President Biden, someone who he most lilely considers to have stolen the election, are the not patriots they think they are.

Israel, for all the anti-Democratc far-right policies Netanyahu favors, is still a democracy and a staunch American ally. 

These MAGA people don't need reasons to blame Biden for the Hamas attack. It isn't a stretch to think that some of them don't particularly care about what happens in Israel and harbor antisemitic beliefs.

You can believe that Israel has been committing the crimes of apartheid and persecution against Arabs in the occupied territories and Israel itself, which is what Human Rights Watch said, (read article) and still agree that Israel has the right to defend itself against a terrorist attack. 

This is not the time for poltical blame games.

This is the time to support Israel without promoting an American political agenda. When the United States helps other democracies who have been attacked, whether it's Ukraine or Israel, both poltical parties should stand together. It's un-American not to do so. 

Alas, these people are so brainwashed that they will believe that had Trump been president none of these bad things would have happened because no country would have dared to defy the righeous Rambo whose flag they fly.

After all, Trump not only has the biggest brain, he has the biggest gun.


Democratic comrgessman James Crow just pointed out to Jen Psaki that because the GOP doesn't have a Speaker of the House they can't hold an emergency session to approve aide for Israel.

October 7, 2023

Trump has hissy fit over late night comics mocking him: "He's a fragile little snowflake"

 Trump can't stand it when the yolks on him:

Click above images to enlarge them.

By Hal Brown

This is from HUFFPOST today:

Trump Just Threw A Middle-Of-The-Night Tantrum Over Late Shows Mocking Him

By chance an ad for a new Amazon Prime show, The Burial, was placed in the story here:

The premise of the movie, based on a true story (from Wikipedia) is:

In 1995, Willie E. Gary, an unconventional personal injury lawyer with an impressive track record, helps financially troubled funeral home owner Jeremiah Joseph O'Keefe sue a large funeral home company, the Loewen Group, over a contractual dispute. Gary ultimately won a $500 million jury verdict and the Loewen Group filed for bankruptcy.
I like that the lawyer, Willie E. Gray, is played by Jamie Foxx because Trump has been having, to put it mildly, a lot of trouble with attorneys who happen to be Black.

Of course the placement of this ad is accidental (or is it?) but I like that it is just above the line about Jimmy Kimmel calling Trump a fragile little snowflake who can't handle a little humor.

Check this out:

A couple of the best lines:“You’d think the guy who fathered Eric and Don Jr. would know how to handle jokes” and “maybe this is why Donald and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms. She was laughing too hard at my monologue at night.” Another: "he's so fat they renamed the plane Air Force Wonder Bread." Not funny, Kimmel plays about a dozen clips of Trump defending free speech.

We know that Trump is not only interested in watching people fawn over him on television but also in watching what his critics have to say about him. He's commented about what Joe and Mika say on "Morning Joe" and that he is especially sensitive to being made fun of by comedians.

There is ample material for mocking the megalomanical malignant narcissist but late night comic writers still have to be espcially orginal and sharp because they are all competing with each other to see if they get what must be a covetted attack from Trump in a social media post which will then be reposted in the media. Trump may not realize, or care, that when he attacks a late night comic he gives them free publicity.

For somebody who fancies and fantacisizes himself as a tough guy he seems oblivious to the fact that a real tough guy, that is someone (male, female, or other) who is secure in their identity, wouldn't be bothered by these jokes and if they are really comfortable with themselves they would be able to laugh at the better jokes.

At the end of 2019 the Trump campaign launched a website to help supporters "beat snowflake relatives in arguments *read article)" and both Trump and his MAGA army consistently call liberals snowflakes.

Wiki defines snowflake as a derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.

So, Mr. Trump, who's the real snowflake?

Since a real snowflake, a dry one at least, is fluffy and if caught in your hand will quickly melt, Jimmy Kimmel's calling Trump a fragile little snowflake is on point although I might have called him a large fluffy snowflake who melts into an insignificant puddle in the palm of the hand when he's made fun of.


No offense meant to real snowflakes which are a marvel of nature and truly beautiful.

snowflake is a single ice crystal that has achieved a sufficient size, and may have amalgamated with others, which falls through the Earth's atmosphere as snow. Each flake nucleates around a tiny particle in supersaturated air masses by attracting supercooled cloud water droplets, which freeze and accrete in crystal form. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity zones in the atmosphere, such that individual snowflakes differ in detail from one another, but may be categorized in eight broad classifications and at least 80 individual variants. The main constituent shapes for ice crystals, from which combinations may occur, are needle, column, plate, and rime. Snow appears white in color despite being made of clear ice. This is due to diffuse reflection of the whole spectrum of light by the small crystal facets of the snowflakes. Wikipedia

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