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August 6, 2023

Does SuperTrump have Mommy, Daddy, and Even Puppy Issues?



"I purposely didn’t comment on Nancy Pelosi’s very weird story concerning her husband, but now I can because she said something about me, with glee, that was really quite vicious. 'I saw a scared puppy,' she said, as she watched me on television, like millions of others, that didn’t see that. I wasn’t 'scared.' Nevertheless, how mean a thing to say! She is a Wicked Witch whose husbands journey from hell starts and finishes with her. She is a sick & demented psycho who will someday live in HELL!"

By Hal Brown

We know exactly what Trump was doing this morning at 5:37. We also know what he wasn't doing. He wasn't chillaxing with a cup of coffee and and watching Fox News hosts fawning over him and blasting his enemies. See the two articles below:

Link to first story above /// Link to second story

It doesn't require a graduate degree in psychology to figure out that if Trump really wasn't scared he would simply have ignored what Nancy Pelosi said about him looking like a scared puppy.

Trump wants the public to see him as a superhero, a macho-man, as demonstrated by his electonic card collection. He has a particular affection for identifying with Superman.

The History of Trump Pretending to Be Superman


Lex Luthor is based on Trump, but that hasn’t kept him from repeatedly posing as the Man of Steel (New York Magazine, 12/27/22).

We might ask what Freud would say about this were he around to analyze The Man of Steel's feelings about his adoptive parents. 

Whether Trump has a "mother-thing" (Freud had other terminology to explain this) for Nancy Pelosi is open to speculation. She certianly has triggered him before.

If you search Trump Pelosi on DuckDuckGo these are the first two articles:

This top article is from Dec. 23, 2019 in The Guardian while all of the other articles are about the "scared puppy"comment.

Click above to read
Remember this (photo featured in The Guardian artilce):

It isn't only Nancy Pelosi who sets Trump off on rants. For example, so does the recently emboldened Mike Pence (I wrote about his transformation on Aug.. 4th here):

Perhaps Trump has both Mommy and Daddy issues. For that matter, he may also have puppy issues.  Freud was a dog lover and it's been written that he was the first to use dogs as an adjunct to therapy. However, he never addressed the role pets have in our psyche in his psychoanalytic works. 

Click to read article

It is well known that Trump broke the presidential tradtion of having pets in the White House: see: Trump family breaks with presidential pet tradition.

Trump was aksed about this: 

Trump explains why he is the only president in 100 years to not have a dog

The president also said the idea of adopting a dog seems a bit 'phony' to him

 “I wouldn’t mind having one, honestly, but I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?"
Trump wasn't too busy during his presidency to play golf and be SuperTrump hero worshipped at Mar-a-Lago but he didn't have time to even have a dog in the White House, not that he'd even have to care for it. How would he look walking a dog on the White House lawn? He'd look like millions of other dog lovers, that's how.

Perhaps Baron wanted a dog. We may never know unless Baron writes his memoirs. According to reports it was Melania who came up with the idea of highlighting the heroism of the combat dog  Conan, so it's possible she is a dog lover.

So far the only person who has known Trump personally and written in depth with honesty and insight about his personality is his niece Mary Trump. In the future we may learn more. If Melania Trump wants to write a book in the future, perhaps after she's divorced him or he has died, she'd be assured a record breaking book deal and sell far more copies than  the aprox 1.1 million "The Art of the Deal" did. After all, Mary Trump's book outsold Art of the Deal in just one week.

Publishing books by mental health experts analyzing Trump has become a cottage industry. The ultimate best-selling and most accurate book would be co-authored by Melania Trump and Mary Trump.


When trying to determine the mental state of Donald Trump one has to pay attention to what he says. For example in yesterday's shower speech::

August 4, 2023

My advice to Pence is to break out his biker self. He should grow a spine and show it

By Hal Brown

 The DonkeyHotey caracatures above represent four stages of Pence. 1) The fawning Trump sidekick angel during his presidency, 2) post election restraining his anger when Trump bgean the Big Lie, 3) after Jan. 6th when he was dealing with the painful realization that Trump had thrown him under the bus, and 4) the past week when he finally seemed to grow a spine and express his at least some of his anger at Trump. Pence needs to refurbish his image. He needs to replace the mental picture people have of him looking like this:

with ones looking like this:

Seee more about Harley biker Pence at the end of my blog.

Above the picture of Pence, on his Harley, the sentence, this would make sense, you misspelled sense. You must’ve been getting very tired near the end.

Modern medicine hasn't figured out how to make someone grow a spine, but Pence may see that his hopes for the presidency at least requires pretending he now has one.

Pence is turning into an interesting story. His recent words about Trump suggests that he knows that the only chance he has to win the nomination is to come out as a milder anti-Trump version of Chris Christie and hope that for whatever reason Trump crashes and burns. He knows there is no way Trump will select him to run as vice presdient again.

This is from ABC News and show the unleashed Pence:

Pence, speaking at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, stressed that he "had hoped that this issue and the judgment of the president's actions that day would be left to the American people" rather than the legal system -- but he also offered some of his strongest condemnations yet of Trump's decisions around Jan. 6.

"Sadly, the president was surrounded by a group of crackpot lawyers that kept telling him what his itching ears wanted to hear," Pence said. "And while I made my case to him, with what I understood my oath of the Constitution to require, the president ultimately continued to demand that I choose him over the Constitution."

That Pence would not do, he said.

"I really do believe that anyone who puts themselves over the Constitution should never be President of the United States," he said. "And anyone who asks someone else to put themselves over the Constitution should never be President of the United States again." 
Does Pence have a chance at being the GOP nominee?

It could turn out that a significant number of Republicans not only sour on supporting Trump but also find the unlikable uncharismatic DeSantis has a case of culture war screaming meemies that makes their skin crawl. 

Of course, those who blame Pence for not overturning the election and who would have been clamoring for him to be hung if they were at the Capitol on Jan. 6th would never support him. 

I assume Pence not only knows how to read but probably reads articles like this from the June 16, 2023 NY Times or other similar articles with photos of the gallows which may stoke the Jan 6 embers in his belly to the burning point. 


Hours after President Donald J. Trump announced a “wild” rally in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, his supporters began discussing building a gallows in front of the Capitol.

“Could be built very quickly with the right plan and the right people bringing pre-cut materials to the site!” a user wrote on a pro-Trump online forum. “Anybody got a blueprint for a standing gallows like that? Who’s with me?!”

Days later, a second user posted a diagram describing the cuts of lumber and rope that would be needed to erect a gallows and fashion a noose. A lengthy planning discussion ensued. A third posted a manual on how to tie a hangman’s knot.

“We will be building a gallows right in front of the Capitol, so the traitors know the stakes,” another user wrote.

He knows that Trump defended the rioters chant of "hang Mike Pence" (see article). He might even know that there are songs like this about hanging him which is a parody considering it was sung at a Unitarian Church. 

Not content to just praise the J6 rioters Trump collaborated with the J6 Prison Choir on "Justice of All" a real song that  (read article) which became the number one dowloaded song on several service for a period of time.

Below: Play the song.... 
If you were a masochist and endured this poor excuse for a song here's a treat. Yesterday in my blog about Trump meeting his ultimate fate imprisioned in Georgia I put the You Tube of Ray Charles signng "Georgia on my Mind".

Here's Ray Charles singing "America the Beautiful" a song which Predient Obama called the most patriotic piece of music ever performed (reference).

In her Sun. Aug. 3 column in The New York Times "Mike Pence Spoke, and the Response Was a Kind of Subtle Hell" Katherine Miller wrote that she thinks Pence is disappearing, politically, before our eyes. Here are several excerpts about Pence:

Mr. Pence’s experience highlights the dangers for the individual and the public. In his book,* Mr. Esper (fired Defense Secratary Mark Esper) describes the way Mr. Pence represented a sane, normal presence in meetings. But, Mr. Esper writes, he could never discern how much their boss even considered the vice president’s views: “He was part cheerleader and part sounding board, though I could never tell how much influence he really had with Trump. He often didn’t say much in meetings that the president attended, and he rarely disagreed with Trump in front of us. 

She went on: 

And now, as Mr. Pence runs for president himself, the reward for coming through in a central moment of American history is a kind of surround-sound aversion.

At first, at that dinner in Iowa last week, Mr. Pence talked brightly, in the expectation of applause, which came, sort of, at muted levels, muted even for the kinds of things — like his abortion politics — that resulted in applause for others.

This was tepid, indifferent clapping, a kind of subtle hell worse than booing, where people who knew you have forgotten you. Mr. Pence kept talking, the delivery staying even and polished, the brightness fading, talking about restoring civility. “So I thank you for hearing me out tonight,” he said, almost somber.

*Espers book is titled A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Defense Secretary in Extraordinary Time"

Back to Pence's chances to win the nomination:

I wonder if Republican voters may reassess their views about Pence being the best candidate to beat President Biden.  It could happen considering the other candidates:
Click to enlarge

Compared to the above candiates Pence has a lot going for him. 

He has as much name recognition as DeSantis who now polls a distant second to Trump.  DeSantis has wedded himself to being anti-woke which is not something all that many American really care about. 

What Pence can do and DeSantis can't do is carefully and not always honestly play up his role as Trump's vice president. Pence can truthfully claim that he is the only GOP candidate with experience at the highest level of government and run on being the most competent and qualified of all the candidates who will bring conservative polciies and values back to the White House.

Again, Pence's chances depend on Trump being signficantly wounded so he'd be postioning himself to move from second choice to first choice if Trump was bleeding out.

Of the above candidates who are currently polling the highest, Pence never picked a fight with Mickey Mouse and some hyped up hysterical war against woke. In addition while Pence and DeSantis are both uninpsiring and boring, at least Pence is likable.

Scott and Haley are fairly well known, but Pence is not black and not to disparage Scott for something he can't do anything about some people may be turned off by his teeth and gummy smile (see article). Of course, when it comes to Haley the misogynists in the party probaby aren't ready for a female president let alone one who is an Indian American. I'd doubt many would favor an unknown named Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy whose parents also immigrated from India no matter how slick and intelligent he sounds. In fact that might be held against him as much as a color of his skin. Here he is explaining his opposition to woke in a manner I doubt too many Republican would understand.

Scott and Haley so far have been sucking up to Trump and appear to be hoping he'll select them to be his running mate. To flip-flop and become anti-Trump would seem like a betrayal, plus who wants someone who thought they were only qualified to be as useless a vice president as Pence was.

Christie is well known and of all the candidates in the crowded field is the most qualified to be president since he is both very smart and knows how to govern a large state.  I can't see him as having a chance at the nomination. He could, however, help Pence by being an attack dog for him in the debates and campaign in his aggressive New Jersey way by hammering home how unacceptable Trump is both as a candidate and as a potential president.

Pence could claim credit for all the things Trump did that poll well. Sure, all he did was stand next to him and smile at him like he was the new messiah, but who knows for sure that it wasn't Pence that gave Trump all the ideas they liked. Trump would poo-poo such claims but Pence could remind voters that Trump was a chronic liar and, chosing his words carefully, say that he had a history of coming up with dumb ideas and that there's no proof he thought up polcies people approved of by himself.

Pence was smart in using a passage in Trump's indictment as a branding opportunity. According to the federal indictment, in one conversation on January 1, 2021, Trump told Pence he was “too honest” when the vice president said he lacked the authority to change the results. It is a clear counterpoint to Trump being known as a notorious and inveterate liar.

If I was advising Pence, knowing the irony of the phrase, I'd tell him to hang in there. 

I might even suggest that Pence, not known for a sense of humor, take to wearing a lapel pin like this 1970's solid pewter chrome effect Hangmans Noose outlaw biker metal pin badge. It was a popular symbol amongst 1%er outlaw bikers since the Sixties. It is available on Ebay for $12.00.
Republican's seem to love Harley's though from what I can tell from those who rode them at Sen.Joni Ernst's 2023 Roast and Ride.  Pence is the only current GOP presidential candiate to own and ride them.

Amazing! Trump just got some bigots pissed off. By Hal Brown, MSW

  I had to read the RawStory article shown above three times to figure out what happened. Trump was showing his supposed support for law enf...