June 23, 2015

Repairing the leaks on the Willamette View ponds.

Last year the ponds leaked and were repaired. They are leaking again, and this time a new ore sticky formula is being tried to try to stop the leaks long term. First the bottoms of the upper pools had to be drained, and now they are being power washed.

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The lower pond.

Purloined raspberries: A deer up close and personal

Going to the store I decided not to bother taking my good camera. Hence as I drove by the resident gardens here at Willamette View all I had was my iPhone when I saw this deer munching on raspberries. It was unafraid as I walked closer and closer, getting within 20 feet before it walked a few steps away from me. I assumed this was the critical distance, so I followed it taking pictures as it went from one succulent item on this bountiful garden buffet. When I finally left, it was still in the gardens.

This morning (Weds., June 24) the deer came to me at about 10:30 AM, for a better photo op with my good camera. It was just across the street munching on shrubs. It seems emaciated to me, as I could see its ribs, though his belly seems full.

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