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June 23, 2015

Purloined raspberries: A deer up close and personal

Going to the store I decided not to bother taking my good camera. Hence as I drove by the resident gardens here at Willamette View all I had was my iPhone when I saw this deer munching on raspberries. It was unafraid as I walked closer and closer, getting within 20 feet before it walked a few steps away from me. I assumed this was the critical distance, so I followed it taking pictures as it went from one succulent item on this bountiful garden buffet. When I finally left, it was still in the gardens.

This morning (Weds., June 24) the deer came to me at about 10:30 AM, for a better photo op with my good camera. It was just across the street munching on shrubs. It seems emaciated to me, as I could see its ribs, though his belly seems full.

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