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March 12, 2023

Clinton: It depends on the meaning of 'is", while Trump's basic defense re. Stormy depends on the meaning of the word "affair"

 By Hal Brown

The Stolen Kiss by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Public domain Image use to illustrate Wiki article about sexual affairs

Remember this?

Now Trump is saying that he never had an affair with Stormy Daniels.

It is worth noting that she never claimed he had an affair with her. At least I can't find any quotes of her saying this. As far as I can tell their sexual relationship was a one time thing. 

Even thought what was what could factually be called "a one night stand" or what Stormy called the worst 90 seconds of her life. Read article here.

 The media generally called this an affair. For example just the other day:

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... and goes back to 2018:
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Even though NPR called Trump's relationship with Daniels an affair the article says the sexual encounter was a one time event.

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 The last line in bold below is the crucial part - from NPR:

Daniels said she had sex with Trump, despite not wanting to or being physically attracted to him, because she felt trapped once she went back to his hotel room alone. Daniels was 27 years old at the time, and Trump was 60. Still, Daniels made it clear she didn't consider herself "a victim" and that the sex was "consensual." 

Trump did not wear a condom, she said.  

The two stayed in touch after that, but did not have sex again, Daniels said.

If it is true that Trump and Daniels (Clifford) only had sexual relations one time I think that Trump may not consider this to have been an affair as the term is usually defined. This may be one of the few times he has actually told the truth. 

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