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February 28, 2023

Why hasn't Trump nicknamed his rival Ron DeAnus?

 By Hal Brown

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

I've been waiting for Trump to start using Ron DeAnus as his primary nickname for Ron DeSantis. It was so obviously I was surprised that he hadn't started using it. I find it hard to believe Trump hadn't thought of it.

No matter what the actual meaning of "de" is in French most Americans would take it as meaning "the", thus they would read the nickname as Ron The Anus. They would get it, understanding that Trump is saying DeSantis is an asshole.

I can't imagine that Trump would think his cult would be offended by his use of the word "anus".  Therefore what is there about the anus that keeps him from introducing this nickname, at least from testing it out.

All I can think of are two possibilities. One is derived from depth psychology, from Freudian theory, and involves Trump being stuck in the anal developmental phase which children pass through between the ages of one and three.

During the anal stage, Freud believed that the primary focus of the libido was on controlling bladder and bowel movements. The major conflict at this stage is toilet training—the child has to learn to control their bodily needs. Developing this control leads to a sense of accomplishment and independence.

According to Freud, success at this stage is dependent upon the way in which parents ​approach toilet training. Parents who utilize praise and rewards for using the toilet at the appropriate time encourage positive outcomes and help children feel capable and productive.

Freud believed that positive experiences during the toilet training stage serve as the basis for people to become competent, productive, and creative adults.

However, not all parents provide the support and encouragement that children need during this stage. Some parents punish, ridicule, or shame a child for accidents.

According to Freud, inappropriate parental responses can result in negative outcomes. If parents take an approach that is too lenient, Freud suggested that an anal-expulsive personality could develop in which the individual has a messy, wasteful, or destructive personality.

If parents are too strict or begin toilet training too early, Freud believed that an anal-retentive personality develops in which the individual is stringent, orderly, rigid, and obsessive. From VeryWell Mind

If Trump had conflicts during these years any reminder of bowel movements might be anxiety provoking for him.

The other possibility for not using this nickname is much more mundane. Considering how his diet habits, lack of exercise, and his obesity it is simply that he now is struggling with hemorrhoids. It may be merely that using the word "anus" reminds him of his itchy bleeding butt.

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February 24, 2023

DeSantis deserves to be called Ron DeSatan so why hasn't Trump called him that?"

 By Hal Brown

Public Domain, Wiki Commons, Hal Brown

About the image above.

If you think this story from this morning is bad...

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... and this from early this month:

What in the hell is wrong with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?

This top of the HUFFPOST website story describes the poisonous icing on the already toxic cake that is Ron DeSantis 
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Of course there's nothing particularly original about calling this sadistic bully DeSatan. For example:
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What I wonder is why Trump hasn't picked up on this obvious nickname as he tries to demonize his most likely, and most formidable, primary opponent. Satan is considered literally the chief demon.

Trump has reportedly been spitballing nicknames since Ron DeSantimonous didn't catch on. He denied considering Meatball Ron and has used Ron DeSanctus which makes no sense. He hasn't used Ron DeAnus but I wouldn't be surprised if he's thought of it.

Why then not the obvious Ron DeSatan?

While DeSantis actually just allowed someone who arguably shouldn't have been put to death to be killed by the state, and his Covid policies may have led to more deaths, perhaps Trump is savvy enough not to open himself to being called out for his own satanic policies. 

Both Trump and DeSantis are classic sadistic bullies. I wrote about such people here. 


Anonymous Ben Kalom said...

Nice article.

Well said.

Musicality is duly noted. Too bad it is dissonant, cacophonic, constant staccato, with much too much reverb.

"...more cowbell!"

SNL viewers and fans will understand.

It is not anger control issues. It is "Look-a-me!" issues. All these folks want is to move away from being not seen to being always seen.

We already give them too much attention. All of this is behaviorally "Cluster B" and Cluster A mixed in. 

Apparently, being seen, receiving attention, being fawned over is akin to the dopaminergic quality of cocaine. They think they're funny. They think they're "Somebody!"

Back to music: the Billy Joel song "Big Shot" comes to mind.

Music says it all.

I would very much prefer to hear "The Sound of Silence" from them...

Mostly, they're a collection of Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols..


This is a comment from the HUFFPOST article with another nickname:

After getting rid of the weak and the elderly during covid, DeathSantis now goes after the mentally disabled.

Nobody's safe, including your children!

After all, they don't work, live from handouts and are therefore useless according to maggat economic theory. 

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