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September 19, 2023

Too bad for House GOP that Biden isn't God since he just wished them lots of luck in impeachment


Who knows what Bible these MAGA Republicans pray to.
Perhaps it's the Bible According to Boebert.

By Hal Brown

Not to split hairs, and far be it from me as a far from religious (okay, an atheist) Jew to get into a Talmudic discussion, but if Biden actually was an all-powerful diety he wouldn't have to wish the House Republicans "lots of luck" in their trying to impeach him. 

He could just either make it happen or stop it from happening. He could also make them look like abject fools in a futile attempt hurling screaming diatribes at him and trying to do a public Jamal Khashoggi on his son Hunter.

Of course the same Republicans frothing at the mouth to strut their stuff, pounding their chests and bellowing like great apes, as they play out their impeachment game to the final buzzer if they believe anyone has Heaven sent supreme  powers it's Donald Trump.

 For the believers among them impeachment is assured. God/Trump will have ordained it.

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September 13, 2023

Loudmouth Legislators in House GOP on Dynamite Fishing Expedition

By Hal Brown

Disclaimer: I have only fished once in my life. It was as a teen when a friend and I rode our bikes to Twin Lakes in New York's Westchester County and using a worm and a lead weight I actually caught a bottom feeding 8 inch catfish. I threw it back.

"There is a colloquial legal term for McCarthy’s approach: It’s a fishing expedition" is a line from in David French's opinion column "Where's the evidence, Speaker McCarthy" in the New York Times (subscription).

I discovered dynamite fishing is a "thing" which you can read about if you look up "blast fishing" on Wikipedia. This is really the approach the House GOP is taking.

From Wiki: Blast fishing, fish bombing, dynamite fishing or grenade fishing is a destructive fishing practice using explosives to stun or kill schools of fish for easy collection. This often illegal practice is extremely destructive to the surrounding ecosystem, as the explosion often destroys the underlying habitat (such as coral reefs) that supports the fish. The frequently improvised nature of the explosives used, and undetonated charges, means danger for fishermen and divers as well, with accidents and injuries.

Fishing is generally a quiet endeavor, often contemplative pastime. Unless someone is trolling or using large nets, it is methological and anything but random. The term "fishing expedition" is a misnomer because it has nothing to do with real fishing for actual fish:

Fishing expidition meaning is an open-ended inquiry or investigation, often undertaken on the pretext of a minor or unrelated matter, whose real purpose is to uncover embarrassing or damaging information, as about a political opponent. Reference.

Those who have boats with giant motors make a lot of noise getting to their favorite fishing spots, but what they get there silence is de rigueur. Those who fish with flies, often tying them themselves, take pride in finessing the the fish and casting their fly to precisely where they think the fish are.

Would it be that the House GOP members merely made attention grabbing noise on their way to their fishing spot and then shut the hell up. No, they are intent on making as much noise as possible competeting to get the most attention.

Strategically, as I wrote yesterday in "Split screen: Impeachment is all about counter-programming against Georgia trial" the impeachment is an attempt to give the media something else to report on besides the upcoming trials. On an individual level it provides a megaphone for the egomaniacs to scream "look at me" as loudly as they possibly can. 

Who will end up winning the coveted Oscar as the loudest loudmouth in the House GOP? The oddsmakers probably have the victor being Marjorie Taylor Greene who is clamoring for credit being the first to push for the impeachment (but I don't know if she's going to be on the committee) edging out Matt Gaetz but Jim Jordan is probably waiting for the inquiry to start practicing his  growling gym-coach grilling for when he gets Hunter Biden to testify. Kevin McCarthy selected Jim Comer to lead the impeachment inquiry and Jim Jordan and Jason Smith of Missouri to assist in helming the inquiry (reference).

While on the subject of Marjorie MAGA Megaphone Taylor Greene, I begrudgingly give her credit for using this photo on her X page:

I am sure GOP House members are desperate to get on whatever committee is doing the inquiry if one isn't a a shoo-in.
Click to read

Before this most people outside of their districts couldn't pick Jim Comer  and Jason Smith out of a line-up. Now Comer is an up-and-comer and we'll wait and see whether Smith shines when the spotlight is on him.

File this under How to Pre-judge a Case For Dummies

“Since January, House Republicans have uncovered an overwhelming amount of evidence showing President Joe Biden lied to the American people about his knowledge and participation in his family’s influence peddling schemes. Bank records, suspicious activity reports, emails, texts, and witness testimony reveal Joe Biden allowed his family to sell him as ‘the brand’ around the world to enrich the Bidens. And, thanks to two brave IRS whistleblowers, we know that the Justice Department – which has been sitting on much of this evidence – has prevented career investigators from pursuing information that could have led to Joe Biden.

“Based on the evidence, we support the opening of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The House Committees on Oversight and Accountability, Judiciary, and Ways and Means, will continue to work to follow the facts to ensure President Biden is held accountable for abusing public office for his family’s financial gain. The American people demand and deserve answers, transparency, and accountability for this blatant abuse of public office.”

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August 28, 2023

Of course inchwormy House Republicans inching towards Biden impeachments will impeach him.


Click above to read article
By Hal Brown

Today's blog includes musical interludes and entomology.

Of course the House Republicans will impeach President Biden. 

Matt Gaetz  is candid about the reasons.

Matt Gaetz Says Biden Impeachment A ‘Platform’ To Tarnish President Before 2024

“The purpose of that impeachment, from my standpoint, is not to force a vote that loses ― it’s to put on a trial in the Senate, and by the way, not for the sake of conviction,” the Florida Republican said.

It matters not that there's no there there while there were many theres there in Trump's two impeachments the Republicans can call Biden the once impeached president. This is weak sauce compared to how Trump is often referred to as the four times indicted and twice impeached former president being charged with 91 felonies, but weak or not at least for them is is sauce.

The cases against Trump are Sriracha compared to the watered down tomato sauce of any case against Joe Biden.

The chair of the committee that would conduct the impeachment inquiry or hearing or whatever they decide to call it is the decidely uncharismatic James Comer:

Click above to read New Republic article

Moving gradually towards opening the impeachment show, "inching" towards the premier,  McCarthy has a chance to both guage public opinion and hype the main event. By teasing the prospect of impeachment he can try to provide counterprogramming to compete with coverage of the MAGA trials.

Inch worms (or inchworms) are the larvae or caterpillars of the geometer moth and there are thiousands of species (article). They are called inchworms obiovusly because they are about an inch in length and move in small increments. They eventually turn into moths like these:

The Republicans know that there's no way that their inchworms will actually turn into moths which can fly their their way into a Senate conviction of President Biden.

This blog comes with a song inspired by the title of the HUFFPOST story from the top of this page. Perhaps it will be played prior to every meeting of the House impeachment committee by wishful thinking Republicans.

Read more about the song here, and then listen to the famous Danny Kaye version from the 1952 musical Hans Christain Andersen. It is a lovely song which is quite the contrast to what I the hearings will be.


Two and two are four
Four and four are eight
Eight and eight are sixteen
Sixteen and sixteen are thirty-two

Inchworm, inchworm
Measuring the marigolds
You and your arithmetic
You'll probably go far
Inchworm, inchworm
Measuring the marigolds
Seems to me you'd stop and see
How beautiful they are

David Bowie said the song was the inspiration behind his 1980 song "Ashes to Ashes" which you can hear him sing here:

Ashes To Ashes wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t have been for Inchworm. There’s a nursery rhyme element in it, and there’s something so sad and mournful and poignant about it. It kept bringing me back to the feelings of those pure thoughts of sadness that you have as a child, and how they’re so identifiable even when you’re an adult.

I think the best theme song for the House Republicans is Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy":

The New York Post included it on their list of the 20 worst songs ever written:

From The NY Post: Righteously blasted in the lyrics of
“Fight the Power” by Public Enemy, McFerrin’s whimsical a cappella hit also attracted withering criticism by reader Dave Richard, who regarded it as a “real steaming pile of crap.”

Indeed, this Republican show will also be a real steaming pile of crap. 

If you watch a Sinclair Broadcast Group owned local station you need to know just how right wing their reporting is. By Hal Brown, MSW

  "Morning Joe" covered this today with clips of local Sinclair owned station anchors reading the exact same script about the Wall...