July 27, 2022

The Cove Restaurant in WA

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If you happen to find yourself at Portland airport (PDX as it is referred to by locals) and want to go out to a nearby quality restaurant to eat there are two excellent choices, Salty's located on the Columbia River (website) which is in Oregon and The Cove (website) which is just across the Columbia River in Washington. Since Salty's was closed when we dropped someone off at PDX yesterday at 11:00 we planned to go there but called and found it didn't open until noon. Since it was 11:00 we called The Cove and since it opened at 11:30 we made reservations and headed there. 

Once across the 205 bridge you drive a few miles towards Vancouver on Rt. 14 and then exit and end up on a dead end tree-lined road through an industrial section, then past a section with apartments or condos and just at the end of the road you see a very large parking lot for a large condo complex and The Cove is the last building next to it.

The Cove isn't exactly on the Columbia River, it is on a cove (called The Tidewater Cove) adjacent to the river. You can barely see the river from there but you can see PDX and watch planes taking off. It was too hot to sit outside so we sat inside at a table with a good view. The meals were gourmet quality.

As for the setting compared to the restaurants on the Vancouver waterfront there's no comparison since those all are right on the Columbia River and you can enjoy the recently expanded Waterfront Park (see website):

Here are a few photos (click to enlarge):

Market Seafood salad: crab, poached wild prawns, smoked sea scallops, crispy calamari, house smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, marinated edamame, pickled egg, croutons, green goddess dressing

What a concept: I actually used a paper map (remember those) to get an idea as to where The Cove was located from PDX. Of course I used navigation to actually get there.

Here's a website with numerous photos of the Tidewater Cove area.

From a blog

There's a trail along the water which begins next to the restaurant in front of the condos shown above, but it was too hot to explore it. Here's a blog posted by someone who did.

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