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March 25, 2023

Today's Trumpian tale of two tabloids

 By Hal Brown

Someone walking by news kiosks in New York today might mistake the cover page (below) for the Murdoch owned New York Post for it's competitor, the liberal Daily News:

I found out where the Post got the photo of Trump holding a bat (here). It was taken while was participating in a Made in America event with companies featuring their products in the Blue Room of the White House in July, 2017.
Both covers featured the embattled former president but the Post says he's deranged and "bat hit crazy" while the New York Daily News "merely" says he's dangerous. 

I would like to have been in the Post newsroom to see if anyone brought up the idea of spelling out the word "shit" thus making the cover look something like this and hear the pro and con arguments.
Click above to enlarge

The Daily News has a self-satisfied slightly sneering Trump on their cover today. They are known for their Trump covers which are far harsher:
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I don't know what to call the facial expression on the baseball bat holding Trump.

I won't summarize the article (click above to read it) but will note it has one choice reference that anti-Trumpers have been using for years, saying that the emperor has no clothes (left).

I note that there are two meanings of the word "won't" shown in the NY Post title but not in the article itself. "Won't" can mean a prediction about something that won't occur in the future. Alternately, it can be a word suggesting in this context that Trump can decide whether to change or not. Defining it this way misses the fact that Trump, being Trump, can't change.

Another way to put this is that Trump won't change because he can't change.

No matter how self-defeating, acting on his impulses to lash out at those he is fighting with words that go beyond intemperate to insane he is unable to control himself. 

Rather than rant and rave out loud or stew in his boiling juices in silent rage like a more-or-less normal person who feels their world crashing down around them, he vents his spleen though his fingertips when he types (now often in all caps) on Truth Social. 

Wait for Waco today when we'll see video clips of his doing it with his maniac mouth. (More on Waco rally.)

Who would have predicted that the liberal media and the right-wing media would both use words like crazy, deranged and unhinged to describe Donald Trump? For example, this is how HUFFPOST titled their article about the Post editorial today: 

‘Unhinged’: Trump Ripped In Withering Editorial From Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post

The previously pro-Trump tabloid offered some harsh truths for Trump supporters.

Considering that nothing makes it into a Rupert Murdoch owned publication as an editorial about Trump, whether it's The NY Post or The Wall Street Journal, that doesn't have the bosses approval. Fox News, which has far more influence with Republican voters than Murdoch's American newspapers, doesn't air editorials, at least not the way newspapers regularly do.

Now it is a wait and see game to see whether Murdoch forces the likes of Tucker Carlson so be ordered to throw Trump out the window or be defenestrated themselves.

You read it here.

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March 8, 2023

The news bubble they live in vs. the bubble we live in

 By Hal Brown

Bonus: Links to websites I read

It's like a segment of the population is wearing hearing aides and eye glasses that filter out everything they don't want to hear or see.   Call it living in a bubble. There is a major difference between the news "bubbles" we live in. Ours has a permeable membrane. The boundary of the bubbles they are ensconced in is rigid.

I'm not even going to address the Dominion lawsuit in particular here. Fox News isn't even covering it. This is from Raw Story:

What has been revealed about the abject cynicism about how Murdoch and his minions manipulated their audience for money comes from what the lawsuit has revealed. 

Those of us who follow the news on MSNBC, CNN, Raw Story, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other media that don't lie are well aware of what Fox News is.

Just this morning on MSNBC:

Fox News viewers don't read articles like this in Politico:

Or like this from CNN Business:

You can probably count on the fingers of your hands the number of people who are regular Fox News viewers who will read these articles today:

My hunch is that FoxNew viewers think a salon is a place where cowboys used to drink and cavort with prostitutes.
Click above to read
Here's another from Salon:

How many Tucker Carlson fans will read this? 
Do I hear silence?

Of course all of the above articles require that one have an inclination to get their news by reading and having the ability to actually read at above a sixth grade level. I totally forgot I wrote this in Daily Kos until I did a Web search and found this blog:

Fox News is now guided not just by having popular personalities, all news networks do, but it is dependent on having hosts who hysterically promote lies. 

It may be instructive to look at the actual Fox News building in New York City and see how it has changed over time so their "stars" are now featured on the exterior.


About one-fifth of Democrats and Republicans get political news in a kind of media bubble


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