July 30, 2021

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Today's Daily Kos story is about a Joe and a Jimmie

The ongoing travels of my Chomp-A-Chump dog toy (from 2016 still available on Amazon:

Click to enlarge
Superimposed to be in my gas fireplace
In the storm drain in front of my house

When I use a photo I've taken to illustrate a story I post to Daily Kos (like two this past week) I don't have to be concerned about who owns the copyright. This dog toy has come in handy for this. The two above haven't been used for a Daily Kos story yet... stay tuned...


In fact, Trump had privately indicated that he would seek to withdraw from NATO and to blow up the U.S. alliance with South Korea, should he win reelection. When those alliances had come up in meetings with Esper and other top aides, some advisers warned Trump that shredding them before the election would be politically dangerous.

“Yeah, the second term,” Trump had said. “We’ll do it in the second term.”

The above story made the Daily Kos trending list and 1,400 people took the poll.

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