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September 1, 2023

Meadows was afraid of getting yelled at by Trump. What is he, a demon from Hell?


By Hal Brown

I may be reacting to the above story because we are watching Warrior Nun (Rotten Tomatoes review). I was watching Morning Joewhere the panel was talking about Mark Meadows afraid I getting yelled at by Trump.

It made me think of the most deadly demons from Warrior Nun, pictured above and below. They are Tarasks. You defintely don't want a Tarask after you lest you get skewered through and though by of it's sharp claws and dragged unceremoniously to Hell.

Perhaps Trump is so intimidating that when Meadows is yelled at by him he sees a Tarask. Who knows, maybe he hallucinates another demon. There are plenty to go around. 

In Warrior Nun Tarasks are interdimensional beings living in the other realm. They are gatekeepers in charge of retrieving fugitives and objects stolen from the realm. When they feel the energy coming from the Halo which is only possessed by the Warrier Nun. They have the ability to teleport on Earth for a short period of time, usually less than a minute. Their skeleton is entirely made of divinium (a divine metal making them mostly industructable). According to the OCS (the order of tactically trained nuns who fight demons) legend, they are considered as higher order demons coming from Hell. Reference

I can see Meadows being afraid to incur Trump's wrath out of fear he might fire him  but literally being afraid of him because he might yell at him suggest that the poor fragile fellow needs some therapy.

We've read about Trump yelling or railing about matters. For example:

 'Bust some heads': Trump yelled at staff to clear Black Lives Matter ...

Then-President Donald Trump yelled at his staff to "bust some heads and make some arrests" to clear a park close to the White House of Black Lives Matter protesters on 22 June 2020... 
Dec 4, 2021Late on Friday, the Daily Beast cited three anonymous sources as saying Trump had spent "an inordinate amount of the past few days privately railing against Meadows, the revelation in the memoir .

If you do a Google Image search for Trump yelling you get photos and links to articles like these.

You get the idea. Trump yells.

What gets to me is that so many people who work for him have been intimidated by his yelling at them.

He's not a demon.

He's not a yelling drill sergeant who scares the crap out of young recruits and is able to order some buck private to do fifty push-ups.

He's not the Queen of Hearts (although he may fancy himself to be the male version.

We know how much he admired the ruthless North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un:

If Trump wasn't once president and now is probably going to be the GOP candidate again he'd just be some guy who has a major anger control problem and who, for all we know, could be diagnosed as having an intermittent explosive disorder.

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