November 3, 2016

Nov. 11, 2016

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Trump’s two Tweets prove he really is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the former can’t control the later.

 After watching my usual MSNBC shows while at the same time reading dozens of articles on progressive websites I’ve had these thoughts. 
What got to me the most was that any fleeting personal delusional normalization of Trump fleeting thought I had about Trump was extinguished with his evening. It was wishful thinking. We must guard against that. The Tweet about the large protests against him around the country woke me up from by momentary revery.
Trump demonstrated the Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde personality splitting which I wrote about this in my rather psychologically dense morning story in Dr. Trump and Mr. Hyde in two successive Tweets only nine minutes apart.
Michael Medved just said on Lawrence O’Donnell that he thinks Donald Trump is really trying to be presidential. That is wishful thinking. But then he isn’t a psychotherapist. He doesn’t know as my colleagues and I do that the psychopathology of Donald Trump does not change. He is a malignant narcissist, which means among all the characteristics of those with this personality disorder, he lack a capacity for empathy and is incapable of introspection. 
Most narcissists aren’t pathological liars, or bullies, or misogynists, or hedonists, or prone to believing conspiracy theories. Certainly most narcissists can be said to lack intellectual curiosity, something that alone should disqualify him to be president. However, one of these characteristics make him as potentially dangerous as his impulsiveness in combination with his having something of  split Jekyll and Hyde personality. 

He first Tweeted “A fantastic day in D.C. Met with President Obama for first time. Really good meeting. great chemistry. Melania liked Mrs. O a lot! Normal amiable Dr. Trump. Then Mr. Hyde takes over and writes, first bragging (albeit mildly for him): “Just had a very open and presidential election.” But he couldn’t leave it at that: “Now professional protestors, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair.”

A bit less than half the country clearly have elected a president with the split personalty made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
Nov. 10, 2016:
Evening edition:
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This brief story was prompted by the kindred spirits at The Daily Beast which had an article about the empowering of the major right-wing websites like Breitbart, Infowars, Blaze, and Drudge. 
Sensible anti-Trump conservative radio host Charlie Sykes, a fixture on MSNBC since Trump’s ascendence, had some cogent, if chilling comments in
Breitbart and Infowars Become President Trump’s New Media Establishment
From Charlie Sykes:
I'd hoped that there would be a reckoning for the Alternative Reality Media after this election, but they have clearly now been empowered by Trump's victory. And they will undoubtedly be used to enforce allegiance and stifle dissent. I think one of the under-told stories of this campaign has been the role that these outlets have played in threatening, and intimidating some potential critics into silence.
 Trump has made it clear that he countenances, even celebrates, the smearing of his opponents and critics—including members of their families. There is no reason to think that now that he sits in the Oval Office that will change. I fully expect they will be mobilizing their troll legions against [House Speaker] Paul Ryan [a Trump skeptic for much of the campaign] or any other congressional leader who bucks the Maximum Leader.
The irony here is that Rush Limbaugh has talked for years about the ‘State controlled’ media. We may be about to find out what that really looks like.
Not addressed in The Daily Beast is the burgeoning credibility of liberal websites like Daily Kos. Our readership are mostly members of the progressive choir. We are unlikely to change many minds. However we are a rich petri dish for ideas. Not only that, with the hunger for new voices and fresh faces to address the disasters the Trump administration and GOP Congress is sure to bring, the mainstream media will be looking for unaffiliated commentators. 
Markos Moulitsas, who was named as one of the top 20 progressives in 2012 by New Statesman, is a regular on Sirius Progress Progressive Talk radio.
More and more correspondents from websites like Huffington Post, Politico, Daily Beast, and Buzzfeed are appearing on MSNBC. Hopefully they are also featured on other networks.
What has been lacking is much investigative reporting from liberal websites leading to — I hate this overused word —  bombshells which make it in the mainstream media. Presumably this is due to lack of resources rather than the will to do it. 
This isn’t meant to diminish the great value of analysis and opinion. 
We are here. We are important. We have influence. We have power.
We have in aggregate tens of millions of readers. We have the capability to move stories into the public eye through reposting them on Facebook and Twitter. 
Several Daily Kos stories have recently garnered over 50,000 Facebook shares just from Kos itself.
Here’s where Kos staff can help. They should carefully consider which stories deserve to be highlighted and kept on the main page, and the “Most Shared” section (which I understand is automatically generated) should be accurate and constantly updated.
As the one liberal website which easily allows publication of stories (previously called diaries) by anybody where they are visible for at least half a day on the right sidebar, we are incredibly inclusive.
However, we have so many submissions from new and regular contributors that it may be an arduous and sometimes thankless task to review them all and decide which ones should be assured greater readership. Just because someone is a frequent Kos writer shouldn’t mean nearly everything they write should be moved to “Community Spotlight” and the “Recommended List.” This shouldn’t be a popularity contest

 Dr. Trump and Mr. Hyde…
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Clinical psychologist Avner Falk writes:
How can we square the magnanimous Dr. Donald with the mean and evil Mr. Trump? Well, the Jekyll-and-Hyde personality is familiar to psychological professionals. It is based upon what psychoanalysts call an unconscious “splitting of the self.” This kind of splitting develops early in one’s life, as a psychic defense, when the child cannot reconcile the “good” or pleasurable and “bad” or painful parts of himself. It usually goes along with an inner “object splitting,” when the child cannot reconcile the “good” and “bad” parts of its primary emotional “object,” usually the mother, upon which his very life depends.
The “splitting of the self” was given literary expression in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, while “object splitting” is given concrete expression in fairy tales, such as that of Snow White, whose protagonist has two mothers, one all good, but dead, the other all bad, cold, narcissistic, who keeps looking at her own image in the mirror. When this unconscious splitting persists into one’s adult life, the Jekyll-and-Hyde personality develops. Indeed, Donald Trump sees his world in split-up, black-and-white terms: to him, there are “very good people” and there are “very bad people” who must be denied entry, deported or killed. In reality, most people are both good and bad.

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism. Trump’s shocking victory, his ascension to the Presidency, is a sickening event in the history of the United States and liberal democracy. On January 20, 2017, we will bid farewell to the first African-American President—a man of integrity, dignity, and generous spirit—and witness the inauguration of a con who did little to spurn endorsement by forces of xenophobia and white supremacy. It is impossible to react to this moment with anything less than revulsion and profound anxiety. David Remnick

Falk begins his essay with the now frequently quoted paragraph introducing David Remnick’s (also a must read) New Yorker article, see right ».
My new online friend, psychoanalyst Howard Covitz (who also writes on Daily Kos) named his own website “Nazi/Schmatzi — As long as Donald Loves his mother.” 
Covitz never explains his title since his readership, mostly psychotherapists, know very much what he means.
Dr. Falk has done research into Trump’s mother and  psychologically analyzes the probably effect Trump’s relationship with her had on his developing and later personality.
It’s not good.
It’s bad. Very bad.
Donny idealized his “smart” mother and identified with her, but under this idealization lay his narcissistic rage at her and his hatred for her. In The Art of the Comeback, published in 1997, he praised his “smart” mother and criticized the other women in his life. “Part of the problem I’ve had with women has been in having to compare them to my incredible mother, Mary Trump. My mother is smart as hell.” Donald dropped his mother’s middle name, Anne, in this sentence; if her name was Mary rather than Mary Anne, then she was not his sister Maryanne’s namesake. In his first TV debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump boasted of how “smart” he was in not having paid any U.S. federal taxes.
Donald Trump’s unconscious identification with his mother goes deep. As Mary Pilon has pointed out, he named a room after his mother at Mar-a-Lago, a landmark estate in Palm Beach, Florida built in the 1920s as a writer retreat for U.S. presidents, which he now owns. Mary Anne and Donald shared a penchant for dramatic hair sculpting: “For years Mary Trump appeared in photos with a dramatic orange swirl. Slight in frame, she took to New York City’s streets draped in furs and jewelry, a far cry from the teen-age girl who set sail during the Great Depression” (see
If Trump was beset by the very same psychopathy as described by, I would venture a guess,  a similar percentage of mental health experts and as climatologists who believe in climate change, and had liberal policies everything would be different.  He’d still be extremely difficult to work with domestically, and he’d drive world leaders around the bend. 
However, for all his narcissism and volatility he’d be beloved by liberals as our admired Mad King Donald.


Unlike Mr. Hyde, Trump’s personalty would be split between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Nice Guy.
This, alas, never happens in psychodynamic development because the reason such splitting occurs is that the evil half consists of a constellation of angry, hateful, even violent characteristics anathema to the core personality.
When Mr. Hyde takes control he can be unrestrained by the morals, the ethics, the basic goodness of his host, Dr. Jekyll.

  1. Corrections and comment welcome from my psychologist friends.
One of the best looks at the psychopathology of Trump, by clinical psychologist Avner Falk.
And watch this:

Nov. 9, 2016
“I'm not absolutely certain of the facts, but I rather fancy it's Shakespeare who says that it's always just when a fellow is feeling particularly braced with things in general that Fate sneaks up behind him with the bit of lead piping.” 
― P.G. Wodehouse, Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest

* "Better to be a dog in a peaceful time, than to be a human in a chaotic (warring) period.” I never smoked cigarettes, so don’t like to even vape cannabis, I’m a cheap drunk on one glass of wine, so maybe I will try a bite of this fudge a friend gave me… we all have to do what we can to get through this period of shock and grief….
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There were four possible outcomes.
One we all hoped for was obviously a landslide win for Hillary which gave the Democrats control of the Senate.
The second was that at least she won but we lost the Senate.
With a Trump win, the most unlikely scenario, would have been that the Democrats squeaked out a tie in the Senate.
The last outcome, alas, the outcome we must live with for at least two years, is that the Republicans control the Executive and Congress.
With that comes the egregious outcome that at the least they add a conservative to the Supreme Court, thus controlling all branches of government unless Justice Kennedy reins in the most horrible decisions.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg has to hang on for at least two, possibly four, years.
Here I thought the next two, maybe four years, would be a happy time and fairly boring without much to write about. 
I look back to what I wrote from my perspective as a psychotherapist about how unfit Trump was to be president. I look back at my snarky stories mocking Trump. Up until last night I was assuming a landslide for Hillary and was making pictures of Trump’s campaign disappearing into quicksand. I made a picture to go with my title of an orange haired baby crying “WA! WA! WA! The Nasty Lady Took My BINKY Away!”
To say we, the writers on Kos as well as the entire liberal, underestimated the appeal of Trump is the understatement of — perhaps — our lives. 
Now there is no doubt that times in America and the world will be INTERESTING. In this respect the Chinese curse is apropos:
While seemingly a blessing, the expression is always used ironically, with the clear implication that 'uninteresting times', of peace and tranquillity, are more life-enhancing than interesting ones, which from historical perspective usually include disorder and conflict.” Wikipedia 
To say we are afraid of what the future holds is putting it mildly.
Most of us feel trepidation, either because we see what will happen to the gains made during the Obama administration, but for many of us what will happen in our own lives or lives of people we love. 
People face being deported along with their families and many may loose their health insurance.
We all worry about the emboldening of the prideful basket of deplorables. Already the likes of David Duke are claiming victory“It’s time to do the right thing, it’s time to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!”
We know who he and others who are of his ilk want to take America back from. 

​The burning question is whether this is what Trump really wants.  

5:00 AM

Halmartin Brown No reason to get up until the dogs want to go out.
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Halmartin Brown Kellyanne wouldn’t say whether Trump would try to get Hillary sent to prison which begs the question how that would be handled considering this law: Under a new law signed (in 2013) by President Obama, all former U.S. presidents and first ladies will receive lifetime Secret Service protection.
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Halmartin Brown That arrogant, hedonistic, narcissistic fucker is getting a much bigger plane… wanna bet he orders a new one as the current Force One is aging. After all the most powerful person in the world must have the best airplane in the world.
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Halmartin Brown Almost five here but dogs still sleeping… I will get up when they want to go out and have coffee then, and take a nap or two later.
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Halmartin Brown Trump is on TV but I have the sound off and the laptop blocks the screen
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Halmartin Brown Just like Hillary would have to do, Trump must face the other half of the deeply divided country… but she wouldn’t ignore the other half and Trump is perfectly capable of doing so — the question is whether Congress will let him. What will it be like having a president with the psychological makeup of Trump? How many of the characteristics we’ve recognized and written about will make him a dangerous president. Could he manage to become a fascist near-dictator? Since the country has so many people of color here legally, can he continue to disenfranchise them so Republicans keep winning elections? Can he stop all abortions? Can he allow industry to pollute worsening climate damage? Will people die for lack of health care? Will we see violence coming from both sides… a resurgence of Black Panther type groups?

3:00 AM

I just woke up after about four hours of sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to turn on the bedroom TV to see Trump and his happy minions. So I’ve been looking at the computer.
 My mind is whirling around how to survive next four hours and next four days and next four years. It is so deadly quiet here. The dogs are next to me in bed asleep. It’s 6AM EST so I could turn on Morning Joe but won’t/ I may not watch the news for a long time since I don’t want to see Trump and his minions gloating. A happy Rudy and Kellyanne, I can’t stand the image.

Every writer smarter by far about politics and government than I am will be saying the same thing - I will read them…. my only area of expertise is related to politics is psychology, so maybe we all should keep this FB page going and add to it and hopefully get more members to share out thoughts, ides and of course feelings on it. If I write on Daily Kos at all it will most likely be about psychological aspects of all this… but who knows….

I feel like shit about all the stuff I wrote when I became confident Hillary would win. All those pictures I made were dead wrong.

Election Day, 2016
Maybe I was overconfident —
I’ve never tried an edible but someone gave me this and I am tempted to try it:

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We already are pretty sure that when Trump looses, no matter what the margin is, he will claim the election was rigged, and may use this as an excuse not to concede.
 The candidate who was asked about conceding if he lost by Chris Wallace, in the final debate, gave an answer that, had it been anybody but Trump, would have been disqualifying:
 Fox News anchor Chris Wallace gave Trump an opportunity to save that red meat for the base and pose as a reasonable politician. But for once, the GOP nominee didn’t take the bait. Instead of assuring Wallace and America that he would concede the election if he lost, Trump promised to keep the nation “in suspense.”
And then there’s always amiable diplomatic ever-lovable cuddly bear Rudy Giuliani.  When he was asked by Katy Tur, playing the admirably nasty woman in an wonderful interview which ended with Guiliani giving her a death stare,  this morning, said that of course Trump would concede.  However, he then brought up Gore and Florida, and laid the groundwork for him contesting the results.

Here’s another image my friends at the coffee shop enjoyed this morning.

All the talk about the Democrats rigging the election comes as Republicans are actually busting their white posteriors at the last minute, as they’ve done ever since they began to try to disenfranchise as many Democrats as possible. Their latest attempt to rig the elections came yesterday when they filed a lawsuit to  disallow the ballots of mostly Hispanic voters who were trying to exercise their cherished American right to vote.
Thankfully, they failed. 
This is what Donald “Tiger Killer” Trump, Jr., had to say to MSNBC’s Willie Geist as reported in NY Magazine:
But Trump Jr. proceeded to explain why his father might be justified in saying the 2016 election was an unfair fight. Specifically, Trump Jr. cited conservative provocateur James O’Keefe’s latest discredited videos, which purport to show Democrats scheming to bus voters across state lines (GOP voter-suppression efforts, inadequate measures to accommodate participation among the disabled, and the fact that we hold elections on a workday did not make his list).
“You know, we just want a fair system,” he said. “Some stuff is going on. I don’t know if it’s enough to move elections. But we’ve seen states, you know, a few thousand votes can make a difference.”
“If he loses, he will concede tonight?” Geist asked, again.
“If he loses and it’s legit and fair and there’s not obvious stuff out there,” Trump Jr. replied, “without question, yes.”


Of course we all know it is likely that, whether or not Trump concedes, he will attribute his loss to this being a rigged election.
Kellyanne just said on MSNBC that her candidate “is prepared to accept the results as he sees them.”
Rachel repeated several times: “as he sees them, as he sees them.”
He could care less than a flea cares which dog it bites whether he’s impugning our free elections, the bedrock of our democracy.  
So enjoy the photo of the rigging…. and try to visualize it when you hear Trump and his surrogates having their post-election tantrums.

Huffington Post

Monday, Nov. 7, 2016

The Trumporables are in a basket of people with deplorable values, morals, and beliefs. These paragraphs sum it up…. they have come out in droves and what is frightening is that there are so many of them:
It is the existential fear of displacement from a world that has slowly – too slowly, for too long – been chipping away at white male supremacy. 
The "grab 'em by the pussy" moment was disastrous for Trump's campaign; it reinforced the defining narrative of his sexism. But it drew his strongest supporters even closer to him, because it reminded them of the world they're losing. They want to live in an America where they can grab women by the pussy and brag about it to their friends. 
They want to casually use the n-word – just for the bad ones; they're not racist! – without being set upon by the PC police. They want what's coming to them, what's owed them.
And they are willing to burn down the world to get it.

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Here’s my morning prediction prompted by Obama skewering Trump for “losing his Twitter”
…. how Freudian can you get?

Psychoanalyst Howard Covitz also offers his perspective here on Daily Kos:

“Apparently, his campaign has taken away his Twitter. In the last two days, they had so little confidence in his self-control, that they said, ‘We’re just going to take away your Twitter.’”
​We all know the psychology of this self-deluded man’s man testosterone  fueled privileged to grab an woman’s p***y.  We know how his vanity is off the charts, even for a world class narcissist.
Poor little Donnie, had his twitter taken away. 

Anybody want to put odds on him taking back his twitter and whipping out a lot of tweets today?
Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016
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Trump is poised to become the most powerful person in the world probably was a factor in some quarters for not revealing damaging indisputable proof as to what a cretinous choice he would be to be Commander in Chief. 
I wrote this some 60 years ago when our male cat was about to be castrated. The cat’s name was Demetrius, but I’ll substitute Donald:
is gonna
get ‘em
cut off
she says
male cats


Mark Burnett, who produced The Apprentice, immediately comes to mind. Many commentators have suggested that he has off camera tapes of Trump which would more than embarrass him. He got much more than a mention on the SNL skit from Kate McKinnon last night :
 “I could really go for another Donald Trump audio leak right now.  Hey, Mark Burnett, Mark, m’baby, I hear you’re sitting on some pretty racist tapes of Donald on “The Apprentice,” now Mark, as they say on “Wheel of Fortune,” give me an N!” 
There may very well be individuals waiting until after the election just to see how safe they feel before they come forward with their accounts of being sexually assaulted by Trump. Someone like Jane Doe who alleges he raped her when she was 13 years old may need to wait a year. Hopefully she’s in therapy as it does sound like she’s been traumatized twice, one after the incident and again as she considered suing him.
Other women may just have been afraid they’d be accused of lying to keep him from becoming president, but still want to liberate themselves from the burden of keeping a secret like this. It is possible there are dozens of women who were the victims of sexual assaults to varying degrees by Trump.  After all, it appears that this behavior began decades ago. That’s a long time and he certainly had ample opportunities using his “star p***y grabbing power” being around hundreds of women he’s attracted to.
There may be other scandals we haven’t even imagined which involve people with knowledge of illegalities, people afraid to come forward with evidence lest he become President Trump.
Then there are the bomblets which really should have been bombshells except that the mainstream media didn’t give them their due. One could be David Corn’s “Mother Jones” story:
Mother Jones has reviewed that report and other memos this former spy wrote. The first memo, based on the former intelligence officer's conversations with Russian sources, noted, "Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance." It maintained that Trump "and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals." It claimed that Russian intelligence had "compromised" Trump during his visits to Moscow and could "blackmail him." It also reported that Russian intelligence had compiled a dossier on Hillary Clinton based on "bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and intercepted phone calls.”

Ideally the anonymous source could come out publicly , as could others with knowledge about this. In fact, Putin himself could reveal the blackmail material his FSB has just to show how close we cam to dodging a bullet he personally fired to elect his puppet.
If you missed it, the Bollywood ending of this is inspiring.

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The FBI is charged with investigation of certain election crimes, not instigating them:

In democratic societies like the United States, the voting process is a means by which citizens hold their government accountable; conflicts are channeled into resolutions and power transfers peacefully. Our system of representative government works only when honest ballots are not diluted by fraudulent ballots. The FBI, through its Public Corruption Unit, has an important but limited role in ensuring fair and free elections. Election crimes become federal cases when:
  • The ballot includes one or more federal candidates;
  • The crime involves an election official abusing his duties;
  • The crime pertains to fraudulent voter registration;
  • Voters are not U.S. citizens.
Federal election crimes fall into three broad categories—campaign finance crimes, voter/ballot fraud, and civil rights violations.
There are also supposed to assure that our elections are fair and honest:
Civil rights violations
  • Someone threatens a voter with physical or economic harm unless the voter casts his ballot in a particular way;
  • Someone tries to prevent qualified voters from getting to the polls in a federal election;
  • A scheme exists to prevent minorities from voting. 


As our premier law enforcement agency, they must enforce the Hatch Act. It should go without saying they should adhere to it:
The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch,[1] from engaging in some forms of political activity. The law was named for Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico.
As usual, Wikipedia isn’t far behind breaking news:
  • On October 30, 2016, U.S. Senate Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid stated that FBI Director James Comey may have violated the Hatch Act by sending a letter to the Congress on October 28, 2016, which stated that the FBI would be reopening their investigation of the Hillary Clinton email controversy.[31][32] Also on October 30, Richard Painter, a chief White House ethics lawyer for the George W. Bush administration, published an op-ed saying that he had filed a complaint against the FBI with the OSC and with the Office of Government Ethics about the same matter.[33]
We’ll never known if former KGB head Putin studied Hoover, or admires him. However the connections between the methods of the two have been address, for example:
In some respects, the Putin parallel would be if former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had become president. Hoover was an American patriot; he broke up World War II Nazi operations and neutralized communist operations during the Cold War. He had, however, limited tolerance for nontraditional “free speech,” use of mind-altering substances, and homosexual behavior.
Putin has the same mindset — and with no democratic restraints.
They should change the name to honor the agent best known for being incorruptible.
Perhaps there is a curse, the ghost of master political manipulator J. Edgar Hoover wandering the halls of the building that unfortunately bears his name over the door of its headquarters. 

This day divider I took in Seattle gave me the idea for my FBI story.
Sat., Nov. 5, 2015
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Who are the two biggest liars in the world. I suggest it’s a tie between Putin and Trump. As was pointed out on Morning Joy today, either Trump wasn’t paying attention during his national security briefings our he is outright lying about knowing how involved Russia has been in trying to swing the election his way. Of course, we expect Russia to lie about their spyycraft against the United States.

Alleges 10 year affair. And there may have been a second woman.

While accusing Hillary of the confabulated crime of having a private email server, he’s hiding his own crime which could be actual treason. 
None of his supporters will care. Not only the smitten have been brainwashed; but people who should know better have developed a deaf ear  to evidence that Trump is the most dangerous candidate since George Wallace to run for president. At least Wallace wasn’t a puppet of NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV.
We know the family values candidate is a sexual deviant, a groper extraordinaire. Now it comes out that he is most probably an adulterer. I doubt anybody but Melania will care. (see right).
This is minor stuff compared to the Russia connection. 
Unless the CIA (not the compromised FBI) reveals it, we’ll never know whether or not the FSB actually managed to lure Trump into a honey trap during the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, and have videos they are using to blackmail him. (see image right)
David Corn has been on the cutting edge of reporting this story:


Mother Jones has reviewed that report and other memos this former spy wrote. The first memo, based on the former intelligence officer's conversations with Russian sources, noted, "Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance." It maintained that Trump "and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals." It claimed that Russian intelligence had "compromised" Trump during his visits to Moscow and could "blackmail him." It also reported that Russian intelligence had compiled a dossier on Hillary Clinton based on "bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and intercepted phone calls.”
Now we also discover that there’s a good chance somebody has been bugging the DNC headquarters. Also from David Corn:
The second sweep, according to the Democratic officials, found a radio signal near the chairman's office that indicated there might be a listening device outside the office. "We were told that this was something that could pick up calls from cellphones," a DNC official says. "The guys who did the sweep said it was a strong indication." No device was recovered. No possible culprits were identified.
The DNC sent a report with the technical details to the FBI, according to the DNC officials. "We believe it's been given by the bureau to another agency with three letters to examine," the DNC official says. "We're not supposed to talk about it."
A Democratic consultant who has done work for the DNC, who asked not to be identified, says he was recently informed about the suspected bugging.
The DNC officials will not say what countermeasures were subsequently taken. "As a general policy, we don't talk about such efforts," the other DNC official says. But this official adds, "You have to take all of this incredibly seriously." The first DNC official notes, "We are the oldest political party in this country, and we are under constant attack from Russia and/or maybe others.”
Would the Trump campaign take the risk of being connected to this, or an alt-right dirty trickster have the ability to do this?  Could the FSB do it? You bet!
Trump is the master of denial, deflection, and projection.  Hillary’s a criminal and should be in prison?

Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

Newsweek bombshell here

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016
Note: The anticipated news conference with Jane Doe, who accused Trump of raping her when she was 13 was cancelled because she fear for her life and safety.
Trump and his supporters probably think Santayana is a rock band.

The teaming masses come to his rallies to hear reality star and unhinged comic Donald Trump. They connect with him the way Hitler’s crowds connected with him. Trump draws huge crowds, as enthusiastic as the crowds Bernie Sanders drew. Bernie’s crowds came to hear and support his message.  However, crowds come to feel the intense thrill of the experience of being among kindred angry spirits worshiping their savior. 
Not to belabor the differences  between Bernie’s and Trump’s crowds, the former came en masse to support the message, the later come to idolize the messenger.
Today Trump is going to exploit another apparently reluctant woman, his own wife. For all news reports about her, she doesn’t enjoy the limelight. But she’ll be there today in a well publicized event talking about women’s issues and the Donald Trump she knows. 
Family man? Empathic? Caring? Compassionate? Altruistic?  We’ll have to see what she’s forced to read off the teleprompter and how convincingly she can come across if she has to utter words she knows aren’t true. If she has any insight she’ll know they are blatantly false. 
Donald Trump doesn’t have a number one surrogate. He feeds off the attention from his crowds and they tend to reinforce his belief that he is winning despite all evidence to the contrary. 
Michelle Obama has become first among Hillary’s many amazing surrogates: President Obama and Elizabeth Warren are both crowd pleasers and newcomer Alicia Machado is also highly effective. However Michelle is the main surrogate act. Hillary personally doesn’t have the star power her rival does. She’s not a performance artist, she’s too “presidential.” She doesn’t energize her crowds the same way Trump energizes his. That is to say she doesn’t feed them red meat so they can unleash their bloodthirsty rage.
The crowds that will come out for Melania’s performance will come out to see her, well, they will come out to see her perform because she’s a glamorous star. They are the people who watched “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.” They are glamour junkies. They don’t care what Melania will say, they just want too see her. 
Nobody is talking about what role in a Trump administration Melania may have. Democrats are already hoping for a Michelle to be on the Supreme Court or for her to have another important job in a Hilary Clinton administration. 
The crowds that attend Michelle Obama events come to listen. They want to see her of course, and be a part of history, but the also come to hear the most admired and beloved first lady in decades. 
Cape Cod Canal

Weds., Nov. 2, 2016 

I don’t see any Daily Kos (where I republish these stories) writers spelling out these words, but this election has necessitated editors and website administrators making decisions about the leeway to allow to those who submit stories in spelling out words that in the past, if used at all, had to contain asterisks and other symbols between the first and last letter.
By chance I just read two articles in a row. One was by Amanda Marcotte on Salon(above left). I’ll edit out the version of the f-word (used in a lewd sense, not as just a swear word), below. It certainly fits and describes a something about what Trump does exactly.
 Who would have thought that, thanks to Trump’s own words, the R-rated name for part of a woman’s body which Trump thinks he has free rein  to grab is being spelled out everywhere, including on the TV screen.
In the past year and a half, a lot of ink has been spilled about Donald Trump’s problem with women: his misogyny, the way he evaluates all women (even his daughter) primarily by their blank-ability, his shaming  women for their body functions, and, of course, his bragging about sexually assaulting women with the immediately infamous phrase “grab them by the pussy.”  my italics


The Daily Beast article (above right) included the spelled out C-word in the text, and printed out a copy of the Tweet that included it. No reason to show it here, so I blanked it out (right).
My point has nothing to do with the editorial guidelines, although there is a case to be made for not sugar-coating the crude misogynist language.
Trump didn’t start it, but he gave his imprimatur to it when the Access Hollywood video was made public. He has normalized crude and demeaning language about women since this always attends a man who demonstrates demeaning behavior with and attitudes towards women.

While not lewd, the man shouting Jew-S-A at reporters was interjecting a different kind of obscenity into politics.
Even though overt racial animus wasn’t that apparent when Obama ran, we did see things like this… made far worse by Trump promoting birtherism.

from 2112… But these bastards are attempting a NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama. And to make matters worse, Mitt Romney is openly embracing these racist ass folks for political gamesmanship.
You wonder why Republicans have trouble courting Blacks and Hispanics?
Here's the rundown of the situation. A California woman seen an offensive anti-Obama display in which the owner of the house put forth an empty chair, a yellow rope (noose), a couple of watermelons and the GO BACK TO KENYA (AFRICA) rhetoric alongside his Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan political signs.

Clearly the alt-right has brought politics into the gutter. However it is Trump’s rhetoric that has brought it into the sewer. As frequent comment StillAmused (who I doubt isn’t all that amused anymore) put it in a comment below: “Trump has drawn all the knuckledraggers out of the tall weeds.”
Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016 · 5:57:57 AM PDT · HalBrown
Here on Daily Kos we have this story which has so far gathered an astounding 50,000 + Facebook shares. The f-word isn’t spelled out in the title; but published in a quote in the story.


Nov. 1, 2016
Afternoon update -

On MSNBC and Bloomberg's With All Due Respect  hosted by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann they didn’t seem to think these Russia stories about Trump would be game changers prior to the election. But the public loves sexy stories, and they don’t necessarily have to involve sex; but Russia’s notoriously effective and sometimes very dangerous FSB would have been negligent if they didn’t try to compromise billionaire Donald Trump when he was in Moscow for his  2013 Miss Universe pageant. This part of the Russia story could also involve sex.


This morning (see below) I wrote about how the FSB might have lured Trump into a classic spy honey trap and have videos of him in sexually compromising activities with a minor, or for that matter since he was married, with an adult woman. 

By now most of you have read David Corn’s article which, if true, leads to only one logical conclusion. The Russians have blackmail material they can, or already have, used on Donald Trump. 
Since the in memorial, spy agencies have set honey traps to lure susceptible men (and women) into sexual liaisons or relationships which they later could use either to blackmail foreigners or force them to betray their own countries.


With Trump they easily could have found a 15 year old to come on to him and play on Trump’s sexual proclivities. Of course they would have videos of everything he did.
Considering that Putin is a former KGB agent I would be surprised if he didn’t order FSB (the new KGB) to get something he could use against someone he might need in his pocket in the future.
Now he must be breaking out the Stolichnaya Gold vodka, Beluga caviar, and Piramides Edicion Limitada 2008 Cuban cigars to celebrate his spymaster prescience.
Are honey traps real? You bet!

  1. Oh, they're real. Honey traps, also called "honey pots," have been a favorite spying tactic as long as sex and espionage have existed—in other words, forever. Perhaps the earliest honey trap on record was the betrayal of Samson by Delilah, who revealed Samson's weakness (his hair) to the Philistines in exchange for 1,100 pieces of silver, as described in the book of Judges. The practice continued into the 20th century and became a staple of Cold War spy craft. Governments around the world set up honey traps to this day, but it's an especially common practice in Russia and China. The Central Intelligence Agency doesn't comment on whether its agents use their sexuality to obtain information, but current and former intelligence officials say it does happen occasionally.   Slate     ​emphasis added
  1. mata-hari-ooph89yr.png
    1. Mata Hari.  America’s history of prudery may work against them so it’s possible we don’t have a special unit, perhaps run jointly by the CIA and FBI, training women and men to be honey traps. We should.  Honey traps can and have been used to ways. One is for blackmail and the other to recruit traditional spies. Ideally a woman could marry a man who would have knowledge of top secret information. 
      I assume China and Russia do this, and wouldn’t be surprised if Israel does too. 
      Even if the United State does I really doubt they would ever recruit teenagers. I am sure Russia and China would have no problems with this.

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