March 7, 2015

Bright morning sun on circular spider webs

They are beautiful but deadly parlors for some naive fly.

More photos to come if I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the spider, and even its prey. This web was likely woven by an orb spider. Read more about them here.

March 1, 2015

Portland, Oregon's new Oak Grove Tri-Met Light Rail Station
March 1, 2015

When I first saw the parking garage under construction, which is less than a mile from where I live, I thought the angled steel poles were going to be structural. I wondered why they weren't perpendicular. Now I know that they are meant to be art, representing reed grass. Readers from Portland will know that much of the outdoor sculpture here is designed to rust, for example:
 I think this represents the skeleton of a building being demolished.

Below is the temporary sculpture I put together in a few minutes using the material from the jury-rigged patio roof I made to keep the dogs dry this winter. There's a new roof over the patio now, so the grounds crew will be getting rid of my "sculpture" when they get around to it.
If Portland considers these art, why not call mine art?
Westie Contemplating Stand of Bamboo
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Below (click to see slideshow) are pictures of my trip to the site. 

 When the Tri-Met opens for business this coffee shack could become a booming business.

 Who can predict how the station will effect the Mexican restaurant on the hill across the street.

 On a clear day you can see downtown Portland.

 This logo looks like reed grass.

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