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April 28, 2023

I looked at Mr. Pillow's FrankSpeech YouTube "network" so you don't have to.

Hal Brown's Daily Blog: I looked at Mr. Pillow's FrankSpeech YouTube "network" so you don't have to.

Mike Lindell, bizarre as he is, is so ludicrous that he wouldn't be able to get a job in an old fashioned traveling carnival freak show unless he really could blow pillow stuffing out of his ears and mouth.
A freak show in Rutland, Vermont in 1941, public domain

I made the top of the page illustration for this May 22, 2022 story which I posted on Daily Kos: 

Mr. Pillow tried to worm his way back onto Twitter but was banned again so I couldn't tweet him this

Unfortunately anything about Mike Lindell is clickbait for me because I find him so weird and Trump's relationship with a nudnik blowhard who made his money selling pillows and gained fame by starring in his own TV ads and who begs to be the butt of jokes to be inexplicable.

That's why I read this article in Raw Story:

There nothing particularly newsworthy in the article but one comment Lindell made interested me enough to ask the duck (DuckDuckGo). Click below to enlarge image.

This is his reference to something I'd never heard of before:

"Chris, Chris, Chris. I've subpoenaed Fox. I have subpoenaed Fox for ev – they've never asked me for the evidence. We posted on FrankSpeech. Anyone can go and look at it. They've – Fox News has never subpoenaed me for the evidence," he bellowed.
I wondered what the hell FrankSpeech was, so out of curiosity, not even thinking this might be worth a blog post, I followed up and easily found out from this Business Insider's article.


When asked if Frank Social would be viewed as a competitor to Trump's Twitter-like Truth Social, he said he thought of it as an alternative to Facebook. Lindell also described YouTube and Vimeo as being "as evil as they come," which prompted him to invest in the Frank Speech platform.

While there were no reviews of Frank Speech on the Apple Store at press time, there were close to 30 reviews of the app on the Google Play store.

Some reviewers praised the app for helping to promote "free speech" and thanked Lindell for helping to "save our country," while others complained that they were unable to "share anything" and looked forward to "full app functionality."

Talk about delusions of grandeur right out of the Trump Truth Social playbook.

I just had to take a look. First, they managed to come up with a pretty good name and to snag decent URL: frank Consider:

Definition of frank: open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters

I did some clicking and saw that the site is up to date and currently features this from Mike Lindell himself:

Aside from the fact that Tucker Carlson is listed second to Dan Bongino who was banned from YouTube but obviously isn't nearly as well-known as Carlson this wasn't surprising. As you can see above he's being interviewed by Brannon Howse (his claim to fame here) while he's standing in front a a staircase apparently in his home.
I don't know if you've had enough, dear readers who have made it this far with few if any of you having endured watching some of the clips that I did. I have. I just can't go on.

This guy oozes self-importance and self-aggrandizement. If there was a way to literally lie one's ass off he'd never be able to sit down. Perhaps that's why he's being interviewed while standing up.

He competes with Eric, Donald Jr. and Rudy Giuliani for being the most irritating Trumpers for me to watch.  Hmmm... come to think of it, he's the most irritating.


I noted that it had a modest 4,462 followers. I also could see the impressions of the most recent tweets: 90 and 65. I've had as many on lots of my own tweets.

These are the tags for the above segment. What puzzled me is why Diamond and Silk (the former is dead), who I've heard of, and others I never heard of, were there.
Click above to enlarge


Mike Lindell Makes Bats**t Claim About Fox News' Role In 2020 Election, on HUFFPOST today

Excerpt: Be warned: Following Lindell’s addled argument could prove challenging.

My Buffy the Vampire Slayer story: 
Click above to read my old Daily Kos story

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