August 27, 2022

Donald Trump Jr's redact this Instagram post, my version


"Hang in there, Mr. President," goofs one die-hard fan.

Here's the version I made....


In the interest of transparency 

This is based on Stormy Daniels description which has led the name Mario Kart to trend on Sept. 18, 2018:

You Don't Want To Know The Trump-Themed Reason Why 'Mario Kart' Is Trending

"I was *very* excited to see Mario Kart trending on Twitter until I found out why."


August 26, 2022

Rare 1960's Ultra Van seen at Gladstone DMV

 I saw this unusual RV at the Gladstone, Oregon DMV today so I took some photos. When the owner came out from inside of it I even had a chance to talk to him. He was at the DMV to get license plates. 

He told me they were made in the 1960's and only about 375 were manufactured by Corvair.  (Remember the book about Corvair "Unsafe at Any Speed" by Ralph Nader?)

Here are my photos (click to enlarge):

August 25, 2022

Bathroom art from Ranee's in Oregon City and more toilets

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Bathroom art from Ranee's  in Oregon City and a few other toilet photos. Click images to enlarge. 

I don't remember where these are from:

This was from a trip to Scotland where they take the cleanliness of their public bathrooms very seriously.
This one warns against throwing gum in urinals

Next to a beer keg

No doubt a coveted award

Gaston, Oregon across from The Scream'n Chicken 
and One Horse Cafe

I may be the only person looking at these who once owned outhouses and porta-potties.

When we took over my late wife's parents cranberry bogs there were several 50+ year old outhouses on the property. They were on stilts and the poop just fell onto the open ground. Since we had a backhoe and excavator which the older generations didn't have we dug a deep hole and had our guys build a pretty good looking double seater over it. Then eventually got modern and rented a real porta-potty. Here it is in the snow.

Nixon and Kennedy were evenly matched intellectually in their first debate. Nixon lost because of how he looked on TV. Trump may lose because he "loses it" on TV. By Hal Brown, MSW

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