September 4, 2013

Announcing "The Eclectic Digest"

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You can call this a blog or a column. The Enterprise and Patriot Ledger call it both depending on whether you look on their editorial page or their community blog page. 

 I now have a chance to write about anything and everything that suits me, and of course that
I think readers will find riveting. 

These two dailies cover the area south of Boston and have a circ. of over 50,000 combined. The column may also be published in other papers owned by GateHouse Media. These include the recently acquired Standard Times and The Cape Cod Times. The Middleboro Gazette was also acquired in this deal.

My understanding is that the editors of each paper decide which columns or blogs to publish. 

Here's how all this came about

Bored, I started posting a lot of comments online after they required all posters use their real names.

Overnight the numbers posting dwindled so my comments stood out.

One thing led to another and I came to the attention of their online editor, and then the editor-in-chief of the two newspapers.

I wrote a letter to the editor about medical marijuana and my wife. The decided to put it  in the print edition as a commentary, and of course online.

I kept posting comments on their various articles. 

One thing led to another.

Now I have a commitment to post two articles, or columns, or blogs (whatever you want to call them) every week.

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The first four pieces above, from the editorial page, are by me. I have to restrain myself in how often I post, because I don't want to hog this section. However it is a good start so hopefully readers will take an interest in what I have to say.

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