August 4, 2022

Looking Back: Our cranberry bogs, beach photos

Here are photos from way, way back... just for the heck of it. They include photos of the cranberry bogs in Middleboro, Massachusetts which we used to own. Lots of the beach photos are on Cape Cod. They are all small so if you want to see them more clearly most of them can be clicked to enlarge.

Here's a good website with lots of photos about growing cranberries in Massachusetts. Here's a website about how cranberries are grown.

This is the bog in back of our house when it's been flooded. Won't enlarge.

There are several ways used to flood different bogs.

On Cape Cod

From my kayak on Buzzards Bay

This looks like a barn but is called a screen house because
in the old days cranberries were screened (cleaned) there
with special machine designed to bounce them six times. A good berry
bounces six times, bad one fall out of the machine before that and
are thrown away. 

Woods Hole

Cape Cod

Our cranberry harvest

The elders were using this picking apparatus when we bought the bogs.

Cranberry harvest on the bogs after we sold them

Sand is used to revitalize the vines in the winter when there's ice on the flooded bogs.

This is called a Crisafolli pump named after the inventor.

Below: Cape Cod

From our house

Woods Hole

Little Harbor Beach

Little Harbor beach

Harvest on our bogs, this small bog was called Indian Hollow because arrow heads were found there.

One of our first harvests with the old equipment

Little Harbor Beach, Wareham

This shows the newer harvesting machine

This and below are part of our reservoir

One of our pump motors used to flood a bog

Harvest (taken from our house)

Seagull with a hackysack ball

Waves at Cape Cod National Seashore

Sunset from our house

Our regular pizza place

Little Harbor Beach, Wareham

Woods Hole

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Woods Hole

Beach in Wareham

Cape Cod sand dunes

Woods Hole

Cranberries floating waiting to be corralled and then loaded in touch to be taken to Ocean Spray where they will be made in juice.

Winter bog with Port-a-potty

Tim DeMoranville on picking machine

Buzzards Bay from kayak

Helicopter fertilizing our bogs

Our bog manager Tim DeMoranville

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