May 15, 2022

The newly renovated Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City

Updated: About me and about the Mason Mental Health Center

Nothing to report on or document here since May 13, 2022: 

Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City

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Today. my story on Daily Kos also made the their trending list. This one is about Scotland.
Ukraine is not a ride though sunflowers: Putin should learn from the Roman invasion of Scotland

Time out for politics: My most recent Daily Kos story made it to Number One on their trending stories list, had at last count over 200 comments and as of now there have been nearly 3,000 readers who took the poll: 

The Singer Hill Cafe has been in the process of being renovated for several months and has finally opened. It is across the street from the popular restaurant The Hive Social Club on top of the hill on 6th Street near. The fire station and public library are diagonally across the street in Oregon City. 

It is a breakfast and lunch restaurant. The inside, except for one room with plants growing on a wall (below), is nothing special, in fact the rooms are sparsely decorated.

 Outside is another story. The large patio boasts amazing outdoor seating areas shown below with plants growing out of the wall of the building and other foliage and sculpture.

The foliage at the base of the tree which is painted on the wall is real.

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