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June 11, 2023

Hal's Sunday Snarky Letter: I added to a photo of Trump's bathroom with the document boxes

I didn't make this. It is going around on social media.

By Hal Brown
The now infamous documents bathroom is in the Lake Room above.

The Sunday Snarky Letter from Hal Brown...

Dear Reader,

The New York Times column "Bathroom Reading at Mar-a-Lago" by Maureen Dowd had a Justice Department photo of boxes of documents in one of Trump's bathrooms as the primary illustration. (Column, subscription, here) Instead of a few copies of People or Time to look at, Trump's guests can relieve themselves while flipping through the pages of secret documents.

I cut and pasted a few elements onto the now famous, or infamous, documents bathroom photo when I saw the column in The New York Times shown above. I found a photoshop of Trump sitting on a toilet so I put him on the toilet in the bathroom photo, I added a can of Coke and Stack of secret documents on the vanity, and pasted at bucket of KFC on the floor next to him.

Then I decided the entire illustration was lame and not very creative, and not even realistic. That's why I deleted it.

The bathroom was referenced by Maureen Dowd in the following paragraph, with my bold added, below:

The special counsel made it clear that this isn’t just a “boxes hoax,” as Trump called it. You can’t purloin classified documents; leave them in the gilt-and-crystal glare of the bathroom, shower, bedroom and ballroom at Mar-a-Lago; and show them off to remind people how important you are. Trump’s ego is his greatest weakness. He couldn’t resist self-aggrandizing. Hey, I got these secret documents.

What I mean is: who the hell is so uncouth, tasteless, and ostentatious to have an oversized crystal chandelier and sconce in one of their bathrooms? While this may be a rhetorical question, I will suggest that it might be someone who would take a can of Diet Coke and a bucket of fried chicken with him while he suffers the consequences of not having enough fiber in his diet... well I don't have to spell that part out further...

Have a pleasant Sunday,



Here are two of the comments to Dowd's column which reference the bathroom photo:

Paul N: 

I've often considered installing a chandelier in my bathroom, and frequently considered using the shower as storage space, but both, at the same time? The work of a very stable genius...

@Paul N. The many commentaries have covered just about every angle of this sordid affair in exhausting detail. Where I can add value is to point out the vulgar decoration of that bathroom. The cheap Walmart shower curtain, chintzy glass chandelier, and cliché marble vanity are worthy of a several-count indictment on their own. It takes a lot of money to look that cheap! Indefensible! Bed, bath, and beyond a reasonable doubt! 

This comment makes a good point:

Nothing's more popular at a resort than a convenient yet private bathroom near the pool. Make sure there's reading material for longer visits, and you're a hit! Especially when you lock the door and can stuff a few classified docs in your swimwear!


Click to enlarge any of these:

At least Trump hopes for this...

The Vancouver, WA waterfront, below,
is lovely. The Columbia River is impressive.
 Walking there from from the far parking lot,
not so lovely. 

When I took the photo above last weekend I figured I might find a use for it.
I did:

A personal note:

One of our favorite lunch trips is to eat at Wild Fin, especially when you can eat outside (below).

It is in Vancouver, WA, a short drive from Portland. It is on the Waterfront  Park, below:
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June 4, 2023

How article about Jack Smith reconvening grand jury sent me a mystical message about justice's jigsaw puzzle

 How article about Jack Smith reconvening grand jury sent me a mystical message about justice's jigsaw puzzle

By Hal Brown

I read through this article (shown above):

NBC News: Grand jury in Trump classified documents case expected to meet this coming week after hiatus

A grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the case against former President Donald Trump is expected to meet this coming week in Washington after a lull.

It lays out in great detail how Trump is likely to be charged in the Mar-a-Lago documents case and what his various defense tactics could be. You can read the article above or a summary here:

After I read the NBC News article I scrolled through the names of the five reporters who are credited with the scoop.

(On and most platforms this is published on you can click the following images to enlarge them.)

 and came to the following:

It often happens that I open advertising websites accidentally because the trackpad on my laptop is very sensitive. If I touch it lightly when the cursor is over and ad the ad opens. By mistake I clicked on the animated ad from CRAFTHUB for jigsaw puzzles on the left above. This took me here:

Sometimes ads pop up in the middle of articles that seem to be there because some artificial intelligence was playing a joke or making a snark comment in reaction to the text surrounding the ad. In this case were the cybergods saying making a commentary about the evidence and aspects of the legal morass in this particular case, and even about all of the literal trials and testicle twisting tribulations facing Donald Trump.

Full Disclosure: I write the following as a secular Jew who doesn't believe in God and considers the Bible to be book of fables mixed with accounts of actual events.

There are lots of pieces to the judicial jigsaw puzzle, or puzzles, involving Trump, but eventually the American judicial system may have its come to Jesus moment.* Despite in significant instances from the ironically named Supreme Court to lesser courts having followed the Fallen Angel into his domain, it will have a  redemption of near Biblical proportions.

It is a sickly icky irony that the far right member of these courts wear the cloaks of Christianity while making rulings that if there was to be a Second Coming Jesus would be having a serious sit-down with them to enlighten them about the errors of their ways. Of course considering that John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are Catholic they don't have to wait until the End of Times. They could confess their transgressions to their priest.

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