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April 14, 2023

Just a short comment about Dianne Feinstein

By Hal Brown, MSW, retired after 40 years of practicing psychotherapy. Formerly director of a mental health center and in psychoanalytically oriented private practice.

There are more and more reports that Diane Feinstein is getting more and more confused and that she is contradicting herself from one day to the next regarding important matters. 

Her contradiction of her staff announcing her saying he had no imminent plans for this made the news but Raw Story + (subscrition) reports this:

Forgetting the assault weapon ban

In January, California endured back-to-back mass shootings within 48-hours of each other.

While celebrating the Lunar New Year on Jan. 21 in Monterey Park, 11 people were slaughtered and another nine left permanently scarred. Two days later, on Jan. 23, in northern California, a farmworker killed seven people while injuring at least eight others.

Later that day, as Californians reeled from their second mass shooting in two days, Feinstein’s office reintroduced the historic 1990s assault weapon ban she had championed.

Three days later, Feinstein couldn’t remember her own measure. .

Abortion confusion

Last year, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision that effectively overturned Roe v. Wade nationally while leaving abortion policy to each state, Democrats coast-to-coast cheered after Kansas residents voted to keep abortion legal.

It took a few moments for Sen. Feinstein to remember the earth-moving news from the Great Plains.

Once she remembered, Feinstein was optimistic as she told Raw Story that upending Roe was an "enlightened finding" by the right wing of the Supreme Court.

These kinds of forgetting often are signs of early demential or Alzheimer's. 

Articles about what was speculated to be her cognitive decline go back at least to 2020: Dianne Feinstein ‘seriously struggling’ with cognitive decline, NY Post Cognitive decline is a general term usually referred to older people who have a form of dementia. (Note: Alzheimer's and dementia: What's the difference?)

I live in a continuing care retirement community and know many people going through the stages of dementia. Of course lots of people have to deal with this with loved ones and friends. I see that some people grasp that this is happening to themselves and most tragically others are in denial. I have seen both. 

If Feinstein deteriorates rapidly and enters the middle or end stages of dementia or Alzheimer's what will happen then?

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