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April 1, 2023

Matt Lewis gives me my quote of the day: No offense to actual pigs but Trump is a belligerent pig

 By Hal Brown

I previously attributed this quote to Tom Boggioni. It was from Matt Lewis in a Daily Beast article and republished in Raw Story+.

By juxtaposing a picture of Ivanka with one of a pig
 I am not comparing her with the actual animal.
The insert applies to the Matt Lewis quote.

Link to article about pigs eating people here.

I like the following description from anti-Trump conservative columnist Matt Lewis which was in a Daily Beast (subscription) article titled "Ivanka Had Plenty of Chances to Break With Daddy Trump—It’s Too Late Now".

 He is quoted by Tom Boggioni in his Raw Story+ (subscription) article this morning (here):

 'Trump’s not such a belligerent pig as his four decades as a public figure would make you think' propaganda push."

Of course it maligns actual pigs. The poor animal, which happens to have the reputation of liking to roll around in excrement filled mud, has entered the lexicon of slang with numerous unflattering meanings. 

As fans of "Deadwood" who are familiar with the character Mr. Wu and wanted to confirm pig's dietary preferences and who looked it up know, they will eat human remains.

The bad reputation of pigs goes back to the Biblical prohibition about eating them and the fact that eating pork isn't kosher. Pigs are featured in Leviticus:

And the pig, because it has a cloven hoof that is completely split, but will not regurgitate its cud; it is unclean for you. You shall not eat of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.
Ivanka, it should be noted, converted to Judiasm when she married Jared who is an Orthodox Jew. The couple do keep a kosher household. 

Take the very worst slang definitions of pig and modify them with the word belligerent and it is an apt definition of Donald Trump

Even Trump's ardent fans wouldn't dispute the fact that he's belligerent, in fact the more belligerent the avenger out for retribution gets the more they admire him. 

The MAGA's wouldn't appreciate Matt and me calling him a pig, i.e., that is a repulsive person who also happens to be a glutton. 


Trivia Quiz

How many of these fictional pigs can you identify: 


This is the No. 1 trending story on Raw Story.

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November 16, 2022

New York Post shows how to get under an attention seeking narcissist's skin

New York Post shows how to get under an attention seeking narcissist's skin

By Hal Brown
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Here's the cover page of the late edition of The New York Post which is on the stands and online today:

Not only was Trump's announcement relegated to the bottom of the page but he was referred to as a "Florida man"and the stories were on page 26 of the print edition.

The crew on "Morning Joe" was laughing about this this morning as they showed the cover of the New York tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch. 

The paper was shown on MSNBC all day. Below: All In With Chris Hayes.
Inside the paper:

As someone who in a former life lived in Manhattan and took the subway I can attest to the fact that numerous riders read either the New York Post or the other tabloid, The New York Daily News. If I recall the history of these papers, both were planned to be easy to read on subways and buses.

Vintage photo by Stanley Kubrick.

When one of them comes out with a compelling cover picture these are seen all over the city Trump always thought he was king of. The papers are also displayed prominently on the few remaining  newsstands (only 330 left) and newspaper boxes all over the city.

It's been reported that the TV addicted Trump sometimes watches the Morning Joe. In fact Joe Scarborough today said that people have told him Trump sometimes "hate watches" the show. (See 

Trump lashes out at media again with personal attacks on ‘Morning Joe’ anchors, from 2017.)

I hope he watched this one. I can see him deriving some pleasure from being depicted in any way on the NY Post cover, even if it mocks him as a cartoon egg about to fall off a wall, but here they don't even use his name. 

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words and sometimes an image is so compelling that only two words are needed. This was the case in the notorious New York Post Trumpty Dumpty cover which the media referred to or republished  countless times after it came out. For example a see Google image search below:

Today the NY Post's main website page features Ivanka with this article today on the top of their page.

You can read the articles depicted in my images below from The New York Post. I didn't want to waste time putting links to individual articles here since the titles convey the message that NY Post editors want to convey.

Online, the story, as befits any print edition page 26 stories, is way down the page where, below, you can see the stories editors wanted to declare were more important:

It is noteworthy that the story about Ivanka announcing she won't have anything to do with the campaign is the prominent one related to Trump's announcement.

A few minutes after I took the screen shot shown above this section was changed as below:

Final Update (I have other things I have to do today)

This is how the website orders its stories as of 6:45 AM Pacific Time. (Click image to enlarge)

Of course this is a "salon" article so there's little chance Trump will read it, but he is certainly aware of the coverage being given to Ivanka not only refusing to go to his speech but then announcing she would have nothing to do with his campaign for the tired reason that she wants to devote more time to her family. In truth she probably wants to be able to defend herself in court cases having to do with her involvement in Trump businesses and to continue her grift.

"Ivanka Trump also gave an exclusive interview to Fox News, which has had a notable turn against Trump after his candidates lost competitive races last week and cut away from his rambling speech on Tuesday."
This was also on "salon" today. Heather "Digby" Parton actually watched Fox News while Trump gave his speech and reports on how their still all-in-for-Trump commentators gushed over how great his speech was.

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