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December 2, 2021

Hal Brown, the blog, Dec. 2021

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November edition

This is a photo intensive website so if the page opens slowly click here.

I put away my Nikon SLR several years ago and instead began to use my iPhone since the photos are of equal or better quality and it is obviously far easier to take with me than a large camera. Currently I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I took this of myself in the mirror and superimposed it on a photo I took of Beacon Rock (website)

My Daily Kos political stories are here. In early November I decided to no longer post links to the stories I post on Daily Kos here at 

Instead of using the site to promote my political stories, and link to articles I found interesting, I decided to make this a blog with personal  stories illustrated with my photos from my various trips discovering scenic and interesting areas around the Portland, Oregon suburb where I live. 

I am always on the lookout for unique restaurants frequented mostly by local residents like the Scream'n Chicken (in Gaston) and Carlton Corners in Carlton. Most recently I found The Hitch'n Post in Molalla. (Go to November to see them). 

 My YouTube channel here. 

Click on the first image and keep clicking and you will scroll through all of the images to enlarge them, or just click on the individual pictures that you'd like to enlarge.

Dec. 5, 2021

Just lunch at the tried and true always friendly and tasty Ranee's in Oregon City where Tim, a server there, remembers all the regulars. It was very busy.

I am impressed by the bathroom artwork:


Dec. 1, 2021

There are more than 72 pictures today! (I took most of them but some are from a variety of websites.) 

Unless otherwise indicated photos and text by Hal Brown

from Website, here

To Vancouver, then to the Bridge of the Gods and back home.

Vancouver is only about a half hour drive from where I live (map above)
Upriver on 14 on the Washington side, across the bridge, and downriver home on 84

I ate lunch in Vancouver, a growing and thriving Washington city just across the Columbia River from Oregon. I followed this with a scenic drive on Washington Route 14, across the Bridge of the Gods, and then drove back on I-84 which runs next to the Columbia River to Portland.

Vancouver is about a half hour drive from where I live.
In Vancouver I had lunch at Twigs. Twigs (below are three photos from their website, here) 

The above photos are from the Twigs website.
I took the photos below.

My lemon caper halibut. Delicious.

The Vancouver Columbia River waterfront is being developed with new construction of condos. The already impressive walkway along the river is being extended as well. Click each of the images below for websites about the waterfront project.

Vancouver’s historic waterfront is welcoming jobs, restaurants, shops, housing, a hotel and a park as new development reconnects 35 acres along the Columbia River to the city’s historic core.

By creating a vibrant new community, the City and its economic development partners are building the foundation to grow jobs, businesses, tourism, recreation and transportation. 

The focal point of this new urban community is the waterfront park, designed with a cable-stayed pier and magnificent water feature. A talented team of designers have created a truly one-of-a-kind interactive, educational park. To understand the Columbia River is to understand its parts, names, places and pathways. Experiencing the Headwaters Water Feature – the centerpiece for the half-mile long park – happens on many levels. Some are drawn to the feature for playtime, families with young children, or a playful adult choosing to kick off their shoes for a dip in the fountain.

On the waterfront I'd eaten at WildFin, another excellent seafood restaurant (see their website), and a burger and whiskey bar called Stack 51 (website) before. 

There is ample fee parking a block from the waterfront. 

From the waterfront you can see planes low in the sky over the river headed towards Portland International Airport (PDX) which is a few miles upriver on the Oregon side. I couldn't get a good photo from Rt. 14 so this is one someone else posted:

Watch a video about the bridge from Portland to Vancouver (above). Replacing the bridge is a high priority for both states as it is in disrepair and wouldn't survive a major earthquake. This is the I-5 Bridge replacement website:
Below: From the website

Instead of driving back directly via expressway I took the scenic route is along highway 14. Here are the photos I took:

Beacon Rock State Park (Wikipedia) is a geologic preserve and public recreation area on Route 14 in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Skamania CountyWashingtonUnited States. The park takes its name from Beacon Rock, an 848-foot (258 m) basalt volcanic plug on the north shore of the Columbia River 32 miles (51 km) east of Vancouver. On October 31, 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived here and first measured tides on the river, indicating that they were nearing the ocean. Read more on link below.
The stair trail to the top is on the river side and isn't visible from Rt. 14. Below is another photo from a website:
You need a $30 Washington park pass to be able to try the climb.

Bonneville Dam

To return to Oregon you take The Bridge of the Gods ($2.00 toll).

The fast way home is on Rt. 84. It runs a mere 50-100 feet from the river which is on your right. Just on the left is the windy scenic road where the waterfalls are, including the well known Multnomah Falls (website).

Below are photos I took on drive home, including some of a striking cloud formation the likes of which I have never seen.

Traffic moved quickly for most of the drive with numerous cars and trucks passing me driving well over the speed limit. About six miles from downtown Portland traffic slowed to a crawl for a few miles but then opened up again.