July 24, 2024

Amazing! Trump just got some bigots pissed off. By Hal Brown, MSW


I had to read the RawStory article shown above three times to figure out what happened.

Trump was showing his supposed support for law enforcement with this Trump Social post:

He wrote:

23-year-old Melvindale Police Officer Mohamed Said, a true American hero, was gunned down by a suspect he was pursuing last Saturday. Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin described Officer Said as a “kind soul who proudly served the residents of Melvindale.” The men and women of law enforcement deserve our respect for the selfless job they do every day serving our communities. Pray for Officer Said, his family, and all law enforcement! 

Needless to say Trump wants to be seen as pro-police unless the police are among those speaking out against him for not stopping the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6th.

This post backfired to some extent because the officer who was slain was a Muslim. It led to bigoted responses from Truth Social members. These are from the RawStory article:

  • "Michigan is mostly Muslims, infiltrated via CAIR by Obama," @AlJahn wrote. "Their main tactic is to eliminate police. That's all you need to know." (I had to look up CAIR, it's the Council on American-Islamic Relations.)
  • @Mfnmkr said, "That's a no go zone. Sharia law runs that place. Wake up sheep it's spreading."
  • "Sounds like Dearborn is infested with Muslims," another user, @Sicaj526, wrote on Trump's post.
  • "Dearborn is a world class s---hole!" wrote @Patriot_Dad_67. "The middle easterners have taken over the town and made it just like home, riddled with crime and killing."
  • @Magadonian wrote, "He looks like a terrorist to me. It's the name."
  • @Marknunya99 said, "Sorry but Mohamad wants all Christians dead. No concern here."
  • Ryan Deakins, @Ryandeakins, said simply, "U lost my vote.
Of course these people will vote for Trump anyway since without George Wallace or David Duke on the ballot they have no other choice.


I so enjoy it when bigots dump dung on Donald.

July 23, 2024

"The Prosecutor vs. the Perpetrator" and "Former DA Harris vs. the fake tough guy" can frame the Harris campaign. By Hal Brown, MSW

Above: The expressions on the faces of Trump and Vince McMahon couldn't be more fake.

"Harris Says She Knows 'Trump's Type' From Her Years As A Prosecutor was the top story" was the top story on HUFFPOST yesterday (link). 

The front page title "The Prosecutor vs. the Perpetrator"can be part of framing the Harris campaign.

Kamala Harris has already made a major change in how she pressents herself. She has amped up her toughness level bigly, to use Trump's term.

Let's face it, much of politics is about the optics. Harris can remind voters about the things Biden did that benefited them and the country, but she has to talk about what she will do vs. what Trump plans to do.

Harris has to make sure the the Republicans don't cast her as a Biden clone. She has to be wary of spending too much time defending Biden's policies. She must make sure that she is seen as the new face of the Democratic Party. This is what she now is and she must own it!

There are many people who don't even know Harris was a senator. During her brief time there she didn't make headlines. They know her because she was the Attorney General of California. 

Before the cameras she is already focusing on having been a prosecutor. She quickly came up with effective attack lines about being familiar with taking down predators who abused women and that she knows Donald Trump's type and can take down criminals like him.

Biden was always a politician. He earned his law degree from Syracuse University in 1968 and then was elected to the New Castle County Council in 1970 and to the U.S. Senate in 1972. Contrast that with Harris. 

After law school she began working as a  DA  in Alameda County, was recruited to the San Francisco DA's Office and later to the city attorney of San Francisco's office. In 2003, she was elected DA of San Francisco. She was elected attorney general of California in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. Only in 2017 did she get elected as U.S. senator before becoming VP.  She is viewed as a tough former prosecutor. 

She doesn't have to play-act this the way Trump play-acts being tough. Trump has gifted her with some made for TV images like this:

I can see her using clips of him pretending to a superman with the word "delusional" superimposed over the image above.

Thanks to Trump there are numerous photos she can use. There are also some choice videos of Trump playing the pro-wrestling villain.  

For example a Harris ad can start with this:

Then add a "FAKE" stamp...

... and then another:

It would finally prove that Trump can't continue to avoid karma if his fake wrestling tough-guy persona came back to bite him here:

Trump's go-to word to discount everything negative that is reported about him is "fake" so, as befitting his juvenile personality, the saying  "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you" is appropriate.

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July 22, 2024

Now it's time for the Democrats to get their ducks in a row, story and a photo by Hal Brown, MSW


Click illustrations to enlarge

After we heard about President Biden dropping out my partner and I were relieved. Like many Democrats we believed he would lose to Trump in part because of his not reassuring enough voters following the debate that he could handle the rigors of the campaign and, if elected, of the presidency.

The Democrats have the next week or two to make sure that their convention does not descend into chaos and to begin a well-crafted campaign in earnest.

Kamala Harris is the likely candidate at present, but her running mate hasn't been decided. If she's at the top of the ticket it can't be Gavin Newsom because he's also from California.

It could be Gov. Andy Beshear from Kentucky, the son of former Governor Steve Beshear, or it could Josh Shapiro, the newly minted govenor of Pennsylvania who happens to be Jewish. If it was Shapiro I can see the pundits asking whether America is ready for a Black woman and a Jewish vice president. I say damn well it is.

Also being talked about for the VP slot: Arizona's Senator Mark Kelly was an astronaut  which gives him a certain star power. He was appointed to replace Senator John McCain defeatingb the incumbnet Martha McSally.  Roy Cooper is the governer of the important swing state of N. Carolina where he narrowly defeated the incumbent Republican Pat McCorry in 2016.

Conventional wisdom (pun not intended) is that Harris won't pick a woman so this would leave Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Sen. Amy Klobuchar out. 

If it isn't going to be Harris a floor fight should be avoided at all costs. I think the Democrats are united in this. Any decision should be made in the modern version of the smoke filled rooms of old times. The eventual nominee should be nominated by acclamation. Ideally there will be a consensus of who the best person to run as her VP would be.

Of course there would be no smoke and at least half of the politicos there would be women.

No matter what happens now Trump can't play the "Biden is a doddering old man card." He has to the rejiggering his Irish jig choreographed to go after Biden.

His attack line calling his likely opponent  "Laffin' Kamala Harris" and saying that her laugh proves she's insane is, well, insane. (Watch video)

You can see videos of her laughing here and judge for yourself. I think her laugh is unhibited, joyful, and spontaneous. According to Sean Hannity (here) it is her laugh that is causing voters to "detest" her.

I couldn't find a good videoTrump laughing. I did find this of his enjoying talking about shooting migrants.

It will be Trump who is open to the charge that he is too old, and as a bonus, too unhinged, to be president and there will be numerous examples that Democrats can use in their ads. They and ther allies in groups like The Lincoln Project can quickly run counter-ads showing clips of Trump ads juxtaposed with clips of Harris or whoever is the Democratic candidate with a tag line like this one from Rocky II (see video).

Being Jewish I like "If that's all you got you ain't got bupkis! (This is bad grammar either way but it is accepted usage.)

AI generated images

Continuing with the boxing analogy, Harris can rope-a-dope, or I should say rope-the-dope, Trump the way Muhammad Ali, who was the 4-1 underdog, did when he fought and beat George Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle.

On being to old to be president:

I am 80 and healthy but I know that someone my age even without any other health issues has to accept that doing the job of the presidency is tempting fate. Even if Trump wasn't a wannabe dictator he is 78 - I can say he's no "Spring chicken" considering all the images that came out of the Trump chicken-like balloon being ubiquitous - he's too old to be president because the odds of a life-threatening illness is just too great.

In addition to being 78 Trump has several health factors which could lead to his not being able to continue his term or dying in office. Among those we know of he is obese and has the thick fatty neck associated with several diseases, he has a lousy diet, he has poor sleep hygiene, unless you count his spastic attempts to dance at rallies, he gets no heart healthy exercise, and in addition to this he's a ragaholic. He also has Alzheimer's in his family and could succumb to psychosis.

Trump is going to need all the Geritol and Prevagin he can get to offset his crap diet and life style.
Meanwhile a very human and relatable side of Kamala Harris that hasn't gotten much publicity, and it should, is described here.  Run against this Trump and J.D. Vance!

In this Hollywood celebrity culture where a so-called TV star got elected despite having had no political experience Americans respond to "the it factor" (definition) or star quality. Enough people thought Trump had it, although many didn't.

Kamala is more than ready for the wall-to-wall TV coverage she will be getting starting today.  

Harris, who says she's a big Star Wars fan, said she just met Mark Hamil in The Green Room and he told her that the Force was with her. How can she lose?

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July 21, 2024

An X poster provides the Sunday Funnies. My version isn't amusing. by Hal Brown, MSW


Click image to enlarge

On the left is my redition of how his magical supernatural self-healing powers after his ear was blown of it regrew to be the biggest bestest ear ever. On the right is my fake post.

Here's the viral X post about this:

Click above to enlarge

I read an article about this here:

Here's Agent Self's X page.

He also posted "Trump: 'God protected me, but killed my supporter'” and "What kind of piece of shit—thanks 'God Almighty' for sparing his pathetic life, knowing full well, an innocent person took a bullet to the head, and died, from a bullet meant for you… Fuck this dirt bag." 

RawStory wrote that it wasn't clear who created the fake  tweet which had been viewed 1.5 million times. From what I can tell it was Agent Self. I doubt he'd take credit for it if it wasn't him.

His is a well-crafted parody worthy of The Onion:

"It took my entire ear off. The whole ear. But I went to the doctor, and he said, and this is true, he said, you heal faster than anyone I've ever seen. Nobody is healthier than you."

"And the next day, my ear was growing back, and the doctor said, nobody regrows ears like that, and its a really remarkable thing, regrowing an ear like that, most people can't do it. And I know that, because its not me saying this, its the doctor, its everybody saying, just, you're the best at regrowing ears."

You can add me to his 18,100+ followers as of today.

In addtion his own X posts Agent Self reposted numerous other X contributions prompted by his post and replies like these (click to enlarge)

This is a good one from 

It’s really only satire if it basically would be unbelievable that someone would say this. Trump totally would say this so many will believe this, which while funny is totally scary too (that people will instantly believe something)

Here are just a few more screen grabs which you can on click so they are easier to read:

It isn't particularly difficult to superimpose your own text block on an X post or for that mater on a Truth Social post. Mine, below, isn't an attempt at humor..I just tried to take the perilous leap into Trump's mind and write what I thought he might put on Truth Social. (Click to enlarge)

Here's my not funny at all version. Click to enlarge

I made some typos... but then again Trump probably would too.

Amazing! Trump just got some bigots pissed off. By Hal Brown, MSW

  I had to read the RawStory article shown above three times to figure out what happened. Trump was showing his supposed support for law enf...