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November 25, 2022

My modified migration to Mastodon

My migration to Mastodon

By Hal Brown

Update: Dec. 12, 2022

This is what Twitter is doing to those who tweet a link to Mastodon 

This is what someone posted on Mastodon:

If you’re wondering about Mastodon’s impact, Twitter is now automatically marking links to mastodon as “sensitive” (aka dangerous) and forcing users who get them to “appeal” the claim. In case Elon didn’t seem desperate enough for you already…

Below is a screen grab of what they tweeted with their identity blocked out by me.

Those who want to view or join Mastodon can do so at web addresses for Mastodon servers including these

Anyone who wants to promote Mastodon on Twitter may be able to avoid their algorithm tagging their tweet by 1) not using the word Mastodon 2) trying to outfox them by tweeting something like "I have a new home." 

Original Story

This is what my Mastodon profile looks like:

In case you haven't heard, Twitter is in trouble. Two alternative sites I joined are Tribel and Mastodon. I will focus on Mastodon here because I find it to be the most engaging  and interesting of the two.  People I respect and am familiar with like Robert Reich, George Takei, Kathy Griffin,  and Joy Ann Reid are posting there.

As far as I'm concerned if Kathy Griffin was the only celebrity posting there I would be hooked on the platform. I don't think I ever missed an episode of her "My Life On The D List" TV series.

She recently made the news by being suspended from Twitter by Musk:

He then reinstated her the next week:

Many people post under their real names as I do. A number of them would not be familiar to most people but have profiles on Wikipedia, for example Jennifer Taub, Matt Blaze, Jeff JarvisTanja Bueltmann, and T. Ryan Gregory

 Stephen Fry posts there. His name might sound familiar.

He's the English actor, broadcaster, comedian, director and writer known for among other things playing Jeeves in Jeeves and Wooster.

If you are curious about the background of someone who posted (or "toots") there you can click on their name. Most of them are candid about their backgrounds.

I had a seven part dialogue with one poster who actually had business dealing with him about whether Elon Musk was autist or not. 

I don't know how many there are but there's a large group of former Twitter employees who post on Mastodon.

There's a news section which highlights articles being discussed on Mastodon:

If you are curious enough by now, you can try Mastodon out by joining here

If not read more about it. Mastodon has been in the news. For example, click images to read articles:

Many users of Mastodon and Tribel have closed their Twitter accounts entirely. I haven't because I like to monitor what is going on there and keep an eye on what Elon Musk is doing. At resenting he's using polls to determine whether or not to reinstate banned accounts. This is from HUFFPOST: 

Oh Look, Elon Musk Is Letting More Banned Accounts Back On Twitter

Chief Twit rules by polling now.

I couldn't resist putting on a reply to the most recent tweet from earlier this morning:

It's highly unlikely he'll see my reply considering there were over 30,000 replies, but perhaps a few people will. I think if you use an illustration more people may look at what you tweet. It took a brief web search to find these two drawings.

November 7, 2022

Trying out Tribel and Mastodon, alternatives to Twitter



Elon Musk has showed that he's hellbent into turning Twitter into his personal playground of a hellscape. 

His latest pronouncement that he recommends everyone vote for Republicans in the election. He doesn't care about what it will mean for democracy. His reason is that he believes that if there's a Democratic president there should be a Republican Congress. His explanation shows that even with his 155 IQ, he's no deep thinker.

His actions since taking over Twitter have led a growing number of users to seek out our similar social media platforms.

I've been on one Twitter alternative, Tribel, for about two weeks. I find it easy to navigate and post there. Today I am just starting another one called Mastadon.

Both are small compared to Twitter but eventually by posting on one or both it seems to me what a non-famous person posts on either is more likely to be seen than on Twitter.

On Mastodon tweets are called toots. This is their logo, better than a blue colored bird in my opinion.

My Mastodon page, click image to enlarge.

This isn't to say well known people aren't using them. I haven't found any on Tribel but Jennifer Rubin is giving Mastodon a try and somewhere Kathy Griffin is as well.

I just have some "favourited" one of my posts a half hour after I put it on.

It was this article about Kathy Griffin and her feud with Elon Musk that clued me in about Mastadon:

Griffin, meanwhile, continued to troll Musk from her dead mother’s Twitter account. It’s uncertain how long she’ll be able to do that. Yet, even if Musk bans @TipItMaggieG, Griffin is still making fun of him over on Mastodon.

“The bros are coming for me! 😆She’s irrelevant! I thought carrot top was dead! You know, the usual,” Griffin wrote on her Mastodon account on Monday. “HE’S SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN 😂”

Here's a story about what she is doing from Salon.

As far as I can tell is still active.

Here are some articles about Mastadon:

TodayBERLIN (Reuters) -With Twitter in disarray since the world's richest person took control of it last week, Mastodon, a decentralised, open alternative from privacy-obsessed Germany, has seen a...
 Here are some articles about Tribel:

Trumps "Truth" posts add up to the only psychological test you need to diagnose Donald Trump as a dangerous maniac. All the leaders of our allies need to do to be terrifed that he'll be the next president is to read them, by Hal Brown, MSW

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