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July 8, 2023

There are famous fictional butlers. White House butlers Alonzo Fields and Eugene Allen were real. Now we have Walt Nauta.

By Hal Brown

Do you recognized whose bald pate this is? If you do, you have been following the news about the butler who could contribute consequentially to Trump's legal leap into the abyss.


Below: some of the most famous butlers in fiction:

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While his name may be far less known than butlers in fiction, Alonzo Fields actually served in the White House for twenty-one years under presidents HooverRooseveltTruman and Eisenhower. Of those twenty-one years, twenty were spent as the White House chief butler.

Alonzo Fields wrote a book:

Eugene Allen, raised on a virginia farm, was another White House butler. He worked there for 34 years starting as a pantry man and working his way up. 

A movie was made about him:

Above: When Nauta sported a short cropped but full head of hair.
Perhaps he shaved his head so not to make Tump jealous.

The story of Nauta (Wikipedia article) fascinates me. His name is pronounced NOW-tuh Just like Alonzo Fields and Eugene Allen, Nauta came from a humble background to a job where he was a witness to history. 

Nauta was one of one of six children growing up in Guam. His real first name is Waltine.

Here's a photo of him in uniform from his Facebook page:
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Also from Facebook, dated Feb. 22, 2022, this is him at Mar-a-Lago:
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Nauta never got beyond high school. He enlisted in the Navy where he served as a cook, technically as a culinary specialist

We know that after enlisting in 2001 he served in a number of units as a cook. He ended up as a petty officer. According to Trump he retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Navy petty officers are equivalent to sergeants in the other American armed services.

In 2012 Nauta was assigned to the Presidential Food Service, which is run by the U.S. Navy and manages the White House Mess as part of the White House Military Office.

Somehow he managed to score the cushy Navy job of being selected to be the White House valet under Trump. He then must have ingratiated himself to Trump and ended up as his body man

Until now Reggie Love, President Obama's body man (above), has been the best known. 

How Nauta managed all of this and then end up facing possible imprisionment along with his boss is a tale yet to be told.

As is well known now when Trump left office Nauta followed him to his other residences as a close aide. It is yet to be determined how close he was to him personally. It is possible that he ended up as a confidant and the closest person Trump ever had to a friend.

Currently we have Michael Cohen, who should know of what he speaks, warning Nauta about the consequenses of being a loyal servant to Donald Trump:

Click above to read article and view interview.

What has Nauta's alligence to Trump earned him so far? At minimum, it is being a footnote in the history books. If he decides to tell the absolute truth (there should be no other kind but Trumpworld has alternate definitions) he could pass Michael Cohen in history and end up as another John Dean.
Cohen got his law degree at the decidely unprestigious Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan (when I lived in the state I knew two excellent lawyers who went there) and Dean got his at Georgetown. 

High school graduate Nauta's place in history is already assured. His significance in history is yet to be determined.

Who knows, if he plays this right maybe he can write a book (perhaps with help) or sell rights to his story for a NetFlix or Paramount movie.

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