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February 23, 2023

"WAH" indeed, Daily Beast beats Raw Story with DeSantis title

 by Hal Brown

Here's the Raw Story title for the same story about Ron DeSantis saying he will boycott NBC and MSNBC until they apologize for something Andrea Mitchell said:

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The Daily Beast was more creative in their title. 

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I was particularly struck by the red " | WAH |  " in the lower left. Positioned where a subtitle would generally go it wasn't exactly a subtitle. I'd call it more an "aside" meant to convey an editorial comment with a word which suggests the sound of DeSantis having a tantrum.

The editors could have used "Boo-hoo" instead to convey the same thing but "wah" is a word that sounds like someone having a hissy fit, literally a tantrum. "Wah" is derived from "wah-wah" which is musical effect achieved on brass instruments by alternately applying and removing a mute and on an electric guitar by controlling the output from the amplifier with a pedal.
What a political world, eh? From the two top contenders to be the GOP  presidential candidate to the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene we have individuals who seem to have anger control problems and when they are offended express their feelings either by literally screaming during a session of Congress, making posts on social media, or hurling threats.

I don't know what would cure whatever is wrong with them. Perhaps meditation or yoga would be the prescription. Psychotherapy might be helpful. The basic message these people need to heed would be along the lines of what the hippies used to tell people who were overwrought or too full of themselves and is now a common meme (click here):


Yesterday's blog was about Trump's blatantly self-aggrandizing visit to E. Palestine. It is still in the news. This Salon story photo shows how shameless and insensitive this man is. I thought giving out Trump branded bottled water was bad enough, but giving out Trump hats is beyond the pale.
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