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February 10, 2023

Mocking Scream'n Greene: Like shooting fish in a barrel

Mocking Scream'n Greene: Like shooting fish in a barrel
By Hal Brown

I couldn't resist adding her shoes to my illustration:

I was not the first to make the comparison between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Cruella de Vil', not by a long shot. The jabs had to do with what she wore to the State of the Union address where she also screamed, not to her vocal outburst at the spy balloon briefing.

Here's an excerpt from the Raw Story article:

“When she got to ask questions, she was yelling out saying ‘bulls---’ and, you know, ‘I don’t believe you,’” said that lawmaker. “Just screaming and yelling, irrational in my estimation.”

I haven't read anything about what she wore to this. Since this was a confidential meeting and the media wouldn't be covering it she might not have bothered to wear her version of an attention grabbing clown suit or brought her I-spy-with-my-egotistical-eye balloon.

I use DuckDuckGo but of course you can use your preferred search engine.

Rather than provide links you can just do a web search and pick any stories you want to read. 

The Walt Disney Company is suing Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for copyright infringement. The multi-media and theme park giant charges that the conservative politician knowingly infringed on their intellectual property, Cruella de Vil, and is suing for $150 million in damages.
That Disney might sue isn't as far-fetched as it may seem since the company is well known for taking trademark infringement very seriously. I haven't heard whether they are going after all those who used the Cruella DeVil images. Perhaps I will get nailed for using her in my blog illustration.

OnlySky Media's political pundit Andrew Canard posited an interesting speculation:

“I’m just waiting for the conspiracy theory that Greene is a plant funded by George Soros to destroy the GOP,” he said.

The State of the Union ranting led to people tweeting side by side images of her with this baboon.

There are numerous images of this particular not too distant relative of Marjorie Taylor Greene one could use for such comparisons:

   Here's another comparison. 

The person on the left is going to jail. Majorie Taylor Greene, as far as I know, has not requested conjugal visits. 

Below is Greene's idea of funny. What won't she do to get attention?

You can watch the video she posted on Twitter here. Note that she was having someone make the video so she knew damn well it would be picked up by the media.

Her balloon stunt triggered Lauren Boebert, her rival for the lunatic spotlight, into a reaction (reported on MSNBC)

I wonder how many Republicans are expressing of feeling the same sentiment as the one reported in this article:

According to one disgruntled GOP staffer, "I don’t think someone who looks and acts like a cartoon supervillain heckling the president on national television is the best representative of the Republican Party."

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