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November 7, 2022

HUFFPOST article gave me a chance for shameless promotion of my blog

By Hal Brown

I had nothing in mind to write about this morning until I looked at HUFFPOST and read their lead article:

Days After Laying Off Half The Company, Twitter Asks Some Employees To Come Back

Twitter is reportedly trying to reverse course and hire back dozens of workers it just laid off – continuing the chaos Elon Musk has brought since taking over.

These are the comments I put on HUFFPOST hoping to promote my blog:

As someone who practiced as a psychotherapist for 40 years Musk has intrigued me so I wrote a lot about him on my blog. I can't say this has made me famous but if you do a Google search of Elon Musk and my name my blog comes up as number one. Thank you Elon.

I know this is shameless self promotion, but you are reading this blog so I hope you appreciate my stories. I trust you don't mind my trying to promote it. I like writing and don't think there's anything wrong with having a healthy desire to want to increase the readership.

If do the same search on DuckDuckGo and my blog dominates the top results. In all modesty I have sent Elon priceless therapeutic advice through my comic strip Mired in Muskland but unfortunately for him he hasn't seen it let alone heeded it.

I didn't want to put a direct link in the HUFFPOST comments section because I am not sure whether or not that would violate their rules. I did include two images from the Google and DuckDuckGo searches.

Click the images below to enlarge them.

Most Internet users, about 80%, use Google as their primary search engine but DuckDuckGo which doesn't track your activity to send to advertisers is becoming more popular. If you do the same search there this blog dominates the results. DuckDuckGo is currently advertising on television. 

The search engine market is highly competitive. You can read about the most popular ones here.

Here's how the same search came out on those besides Google and DuckDuckGo among the others on the top six.

Bing is the number two search engine and this blog does very well there at number one and number three.

The blog tops the page there and included a "Mired in Muskland" story.

The Russian search engine has the blog at number one:

I couldn't find the blog on the Chinese search engine. The search blocks pro-democracy websites so that may be the reason. 

14 readers this past week logged onto the blog from China. If any of them are reading this I really like to hear from you. You can use the comment section o the bottom of the page. Of course this goes for the 95 readers in Russia. 


A Musk tweet and my reply:

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