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April 24, 2023

Rudy and GOP MAGA maniacs in the House want to turn Hunter Biden into a master spy...


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There was no there there with Benghazi so at least there is a there there with the GOP's apoplectic reaction to Bud Lite commercials. There is a there there if you believe that anything related to accepting LGBTQ+ people as regular folks is akin, if not worse than, fattening up your baby and eating it's liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

There is a there that's actually there with Hunter Biden. This "there" is that he actually did have a laptop. What is on it is not known is what's on it, well, if you believe Rudy Giuliani, he knows what's on it. 

Last night when I read the article Giuliani hints he could use Hunter Biden's laptop as defense in Dominion case initially I had nothing particular to write about. I did think of an illustration (above) which basically conveyed my reaction.


Instead of blaming Trump's election loss on voting machines, Giuliani focused on the theory that suppression of a story about Hunter Biden caused Trump to lose. 

Attorney Robert Costello spoke as a guest on Giuliani's Sunday radio program.

"Well, they knew it was going to involve Hunter Biden because they knew that once I gave the laptop to you and you were going to various media organizations to see whether they would publish this material they were concerned," Costello said. 

According to the statistics," the attorney added, "17% of the people that voted for Biden said that they would not have voted for Biden they would have voted for Trump if they knew what was on the laptop."

Giuliani declared Costello's statistics to be "proven facts."

"So you could say the election was the election was stolen before it was stolen," Giuliani declared. "I mean before you get to counting."

That was last night. This morning I decided to expand on my thoughts and republish a blog (bottom of page) which I wrote about Hunter Biden in February.

What, pray tell, is supposed to be on the laptop that would have been so damaging to Hunter Biden, that could possibly lead people not to vote for his father? I'll get to that.

Forget the jiggered voting machines programmed to change Trump votes to Biden votes. It was Hunter's Mac laptop that led to the illegitimate election of Joe Biden.

In October 2020, a controversy emerged involving data from a laptop that belonged to Hunter Bidenthat was abandoned at a Delaware computer shop in 2019. Three weeks before the 2020 United States presidential election, the New York Post published a front page story that presented emails from the laptop, alleging they showed corruption by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The story was based on information provided to Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney of incumbent president and candidate Donald Trump by the computer shop's owner, John Paul Mac Isaac. Forensic analysis later authenticated some of the data on the laptop, including one of two key emails used by the Post in their initial reporting.[1][2]

Trump attempted to turn the story into an October surprise to hurt Joe Biden's campaign, saying he had acted corruptly regarding Ukraine while in office.[3][4][5] The hard drive data had been shared with the FBI and Republican operatives such as Trump advisor Steve Bannon before it became publicly known.[6]

PolitiFact wrote in June 2021 that, while "over time, there has been less doubt that the laptop did in fact belong to Hunter Biden", the laptop "was real in the sense that it exists, but it didn't prove much", as "[n]othing from the laptop has revealed illegal or unethical behavior by Joe Biden as vice president with regard to his son's tenure as a director for Burisma".[7]

The computer repairman who ended up with Hunter's Mac, by sheer chance, was named Mac.

I'm rewatching "Designated Survivor" now with my partner who never saw it. If you haven't watched it I'm not giving you a major spoiler to write that in it a member of the US House who is a spy ends up becoming vice president (lower right below). Perhaps Rudy watched the series and from the fevered recesses of his mind this percolated up and became his own delusion.

Does Rudy think that the laptop contains proof that Hunter and his father were in cahoots in a conspiracy to make him president along with co-conspirators Volodymyr Zelensky and (who knows what the deranged Rudy believes) the evil Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his white pussycat?

The best spies never get caught. We may never discover they even existed. They certainly would never leave traces of their nefarious machinations on a laptop, let alone send it to a repair shop. Then again, Hunter made some bad choices in his life so perhaps there's a remote, however minuscule, possibility that Hunter is a spy. Maybe he managed to cover up the highest of high treason committed by his vice president father which thus enabled him to become president.

If Trump was Putin's puppet, maybe Joe Biden was working for the ultimate puppet master George Soros.

Soros or, for James Bond fans, Smersh, it doesn't really matter who one believes Hunter, and Joe's, overlord was. After all, who are you going to believe, Rudy Giuliani, America's mayor or hapless Hunter?


Hunter Biden's lawyer fires shot at 'unhinged' Marjorie Taylor Greene

This is what I wrote on Feb. 2, 2024:

Left, DonkeyHotey caricature, right my adaptation 


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