February 26, 2022

Aurora Architectural Salvage, Hal Brown

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This blog is about my life and includes photo essays of my trips around the Portland, Oregon area venturing as far as Vancouver, Washington, to eat at one of their riverside restaurants and then driving along the winding State Rt 14 which also runs alongside the Columbia River all the way to 
The Bridge of the Gods - see photo and then crossing back into Oregon where I drive back home on the I-84 expressway which also runs along the scenic and mighty river. Another favorite drive is into our beautiful rural Yamhill County in Oregon's wine and farming country where there seems to be a lovely vista around every hairpin turn. I also document my quest to find unique restaurants in photo essays. 

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Feb. 25 2022

Back to Aurora on the pick day of a cold week with the noon temperature 50 and not a cloud in the sky. I had a spaghetti lunch at a favorite restaurant, The Old Colony Pub, and then checked out Aurora Mills Architecture Salvage.

A class act....

While Aurora is known for its antique stores located in historic building in historic  they have a architectural salvage store which is like a museum  with the only difference being that everything is for sale. Here's a photo tour which should speak for itself.



I made this for a Daily Kos story:

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