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May 4, 2023

I hate to say "big whoop" but when the criminal foot soldiers do time and the general walks free what else is there to say?

 By Hal Brown, MSW, Retired psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist

Four proud boys, aka known as Proud Boys, having been convicted of seditious conspiracy, will be going to prison. Article on Salon.
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Donald Trump should be exceedingly nervous today, so said Mathew Dowd on MSNBC (top of page lower right). 

Should be (or should-be, who knew?), yeah right... what the hell does this mean in this context?

In a perfectly just world the general leading these soldiers into battle, in this case the five star general, General of the Army Donald Trump, would, not should, be held as accountable as the grunts in his army who committed crimes. More so, in fairness to those who followed his orders and ended up being convicted General Trump should suffer a sentence computed by adding all of the time they were sentenced to. This would determine his sentence. Methinks that this would come out as life in prison.

If this appears harsh consider that he attempted a coup to negate a fair election. We can look to history to learn the fate other leaders who tried and failed to do the same thing in certain other countries. 

I'm not likely to appear on MSNBC to weigh in on my psychologically informed analysis of how Donald Trump is probably reacting to this news. I would hedge my comments by modifying them with phrases like "if Donald Trump was psychologically normal" when I was divining how Trump is feeling today.

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