June 5, 2024

Hey America, do you want to elect Bloodthirsty Bannon to be the real second in command? By Hal Brown, MSW


If there’s a postion for Lord High Excecutioner and Trump wins Bannon would be selected. Stephen Miller would be his assistant in charge of removing severed heads and putting them on spikes.

Today’s blog was inspired by this article and others:

Here’s the article about Bannon’s plans from The New York Times (subscrpition):


“Is every House committee controlled by Republicans using its subpoena power in every way it needs to right now?” he demanded. “Is every Republican D.A. starting every investigation they need to right now?”

“Every facet of Republican Party politics and power has to be used right now to go toe-to-toe with Marxism and beat these Communists,” Mr. Miller said, using the catchall slurs Trump allies routinely use against Democrats.

This is the article which quotes him as follows:

“There are dozens of ambitious backbencher state attorneys general and district attorneys who need to ‘seize the day’ and own this moment in history,” Mr. Bannon wrote.

This is a good plan for these state AGs. Doing what he suggests will garner them a lot of publicity and if Trump wins serve them well if they aspire to higher office.

This is from Axios:

Bannon told us Bragg could be targeted using the 14th Amendment (equal protection) and Fourth Amendment (outlawing unreasonable searches and seizures by the government) “plus scores of other” laws. Bannon told us he wants “investigations to include [Democrats’] media allies.”

Axios points out that it isn’t just Bannon who wants to prosecute and potential jail Trump’s opponents. This is from their article:

What’s next: Even before the election, House Republicans want to go after Bragg.

  • House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Monday told Fox News Digital he’s preparing an appropriations package that would “defund the lawfare (sic) activities” of state and federal prosecutors leading “politically sensitive investigations,” including Bragg, special counsel Jack Smith and Fulton County (Ga.) District Attorney Fani Willis.
  • Jordan called last week for Bragg and one of his courtroom prosecutors, Matthew Colangelo, to testify June 13 before Jordan’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. The topic: “the unprecedented political prosecution of President Trump.”

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said this weekend on “Fox News Sunday” that the hearing’s purpose “is to investigate what these prosecutors are doing at the state and federal level to use … political retribution in the court system to go after political opponents, federal officials like Donald Trump.”

  • “And we’re going to look at Special Counsel Jack Smith,” Johnson added, referring to the Justice Department official leading two federal probes of Trump. “We have the funding streams. We have mechanisms to try to get control of that.”

Of course Trump himself is making no secret of wanting to exact revenge in the form of legal action against his enemies:

American voters must realize that there is probably nobody Donald Trump trusts more than Steve Bannon. They are kindred spirits in the malevolent psychopathy permeating their very essense. 

If Trump is reelected I expect Bannon will have the most influence on Trump whether or not he is on the White House staff as an advisor or has a position like Chief of Staff. He will replace Jared Kushner who Vox considered Trump’s most trusted advisor in 2020 (article). Even if he and Ivanka wanted to stay involved in Trump’s inner circle neither he nor his wife have the  Caligula level blood lust Bannon has.

If Bannon miraculously morhped into a young buxom babe I have no doubt he’d dump Melania and marry him. 

Stephen Miller is a runner-up to be Trump’s real number two. Bannon wins because he’s not only just as evil but because he’s better known in MAGA world. If this was a beauty contest Bannon would get the crown and Miller would get the Miss Non-congeniality prize.

Below: The hairless and the hairy….

Update: Bannon said that he’d want Donald Trump, Jr. to be the Attorney General if Trump is elected despite the fact that he doesn’t have a law degree. Article. He said he has common sense so he doesn’t need to be a lawyer. I’m surprised he said this. I’d think he’d want the kindred psychopath Stephen Miller in this position.

Addendum: Bannon was sentenced to four months in prison because was convicted in 2022 of contempt of Congress for refusing to provide testimony or documents to the committee probing the 6 January Capitol riot. His appeal failed so he could be headed to prison and have to serve time before Trump, if he’s elected, can pardon him. Read article.

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