June 8, 2024

Since his conviction Trump has relentlessly gone after everyone involved with his case except Stormy Daniels. There may be an underlying reason for this. By Hal Brown, MSW, Psychoanalyically oriented psychotherapist (Ret.)


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Since his conviction Donald Trump has presistently raged against Michael Cohen, Judge Merchan, and Alvin Bragg. Unless I missed it noticablly absent from his attack list is the woman without whom there would have been no trial. Of course this is Stormy Daniels who claims she had a sexual encounter with him while he says he never met her aside from the photo whiich he says he doesn't remember her from when it was taken.

I doesn't take a psychoanalyst to figure out why this is. He simply doesn't want to remind people of her terstimony, and what she said an article like the one above.

Trump's self-image is based in large measure (no pun intended) on being the macho man who is irresistible to women. "When you're a star..." etc. 

Even before he was president Trump considered himself to be a star, albeit the star of a lamebrained self-aggrandizing "reality" show. Being a star for him very much was associated with his perceived sexual prowress.

Stormy Daniels was a star in her own right. Her being an actor in numerous porn movies meant she had sex with numerous men. When she judged Trump's sexual techinque and apparatus as inferior it had to hit him hard... below the belt.

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