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November 3, 2016

November 3, 2016


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Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016
Note: The anticipated news conference with Jane Doe, who accused Trump of raping her when she was 13 was cancelled because she fear for her life and safety.
Trump and his supporters probably think Santayana is a rock band.

The teaming masses come to his rallies to hear reality star and unhinged comic Donald Trump. They connect with him the way Hitler’s crowds connected with him. Trump draws huge crowds, as enthusiastic as the crowds Bernie Sanders drew. Bernie’s crowds came to hear and support his message.  However, crowds come to feel the intense thrill of the experience of being among kindred angry spirits worshiping their savior. 
Not to belabor the differences  between Bernie’s and Trump’s crowds, the former came en masse to support the message, the later come to idolize the messenger.
Today Trump is going to exploit another apparently reluctant woman, his own wife. For all news reports about her, she doesn’t enjoy the limelight. But she’ll be there today in a well publicized event talking about women’s issues and the Donald Trump she knows. 
Family man? Empathic? Caring? Compassionate? Altruistic?  We’ll have to see what she’s forced to read off the teleprompter and how convincingly she can come across if she has to utter words she knows aren’t true. If she has any insight she’ll know they are blatantly false. 
Donald Trump doesn’t have a number one surrogate. He feeds off the attention from his crowds and they tend to reinforce his belief that he is winning despite all evidence to the contrary. 
Michelle Obama has become first among Hillary’s many amazing surrogates: President Obama and Elizabeth Warren are both crowd pleasers and newcomer Alicia Machado is also highly effective. However Michelle is the main surrogate act. Hillary personally doesn’t have the star power her rival does. She’s not a performance artist, she’s too “presidential.” She doesn’t energize her crowds the same way Trump energizes his. That is to say she doesn’t feed them red meat so they can unleash their bloodthirsty rage.
The crowds that will come out for Melania’s performance will come out to see her, well, they will come out to see her perform because she’s a glamorous star. They are the people who watched “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.” They are glamour junkies. They don’t care what Melania will say, they just want too see her. 
Nobody is talking about what role in a Trump administration Melania may have. Democrats are already hoping for a Michelle to be on the Supreme Court or for her to have another important job in a Hilary Clinton administration. 
The crowds that attend Michelle Obama events come to listen. They want to see her of course, and be a part of history, but the also come to hear the most admired and beloved first lady in decades. 
Cape Cod Canal

Weds., Nov. 2, 2016 

I don’t see any Daily Kos (where I republish these stories) writers spelling out these words, but this election has necessitated editors and website administrators making decisions about the leeway to allow to those who submit stories in spelling out words that in the past, if used at all, had to contain asterisks and other symbols between the first and last letter.
By chance I just read two articles in a row. One was by Amanda Marcotte on Salon(above left). I’ll edit out the version of the f-word (used in a lewd sense, not as just a swear word), below. It certainly fits and describes a something about what Trump does exactly.
 Who would have thought that, thanks to Trump’s own words, the R-rated name for part of a woman’s body which Trump thinks he has free rein  to grab is being spelled out everywhere, including on the TV screen.
In the past year and a half, a lot of ink has been spilled about Donald Trump’s problem with women: his misogyny, the way he evaluates all women (even his daughter) primarily by their blank-ability, his shaming  women for their body functions, and, of course, his bragging about sexually assaulting women with the immediately infamous phrase “grab them by the pussy.”  my italics


The Daily Beast article (above right) included the spelled out C-word in the text, and printed out a copy of the Tweet that included it. No reason to show it here, so I blanked it out (right).
My point has nothing to do with the editorial guidelines, although there is a case to be made for not sugar-coating the crude misogynist language.
Trump didn’t start it, but he gave his imprimatur to it when the Access Hollywood video was made public. He has normalized crude and demeaning language about women since this always attends a man who demonstrates demeaning behavior with and attitudes towards women.

While not lewd, the man shouting Jew-S-A at reporters was interjecting a different kind of obscenity into politics.
Even though overt racial animus wasn’t that apparent when Obama ran, we did see things like this… made far worse by Trump promoting birtherism.

from 2112… But these bastards are attempting a NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama. And to make matters worse, Mitt Romney is openly embracing these racist ass folks for political gamesmanship.
You wonder why Republicans have trouble courting Blacks and Hispanics?
Here's the rundown of the situation. A California woman seen an offensive anti-Obama display in which the owner of the house put forth an empty chair, a yellow rope (noose), a couple of watermelons and the GO BACK TO KENYA (AFRICA) rhetoric alongside his Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan political signs.

Clearly the alt-right has brought politics into the gutter. However it is Trump’s rhetoric that has brought it into the sewer. As frequent comment StillAmused (who I doubt isn’t all that amused anymore) put it in a comment below: “Trump has drawn all the knuckledraggers out of the tall weeds.”
Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016 · 5:57:57 AM PDT · HalBrown
Here on Daily Kos we have this story which has so far gathered an astounding 50,000 + Facebook shares. The f-word isn’t spelled out in the title; but published in a quote in the story.


Nov. 1, 2016
Afternoon update -

On MSNBC and Bloomberg's With All Due Respect  hosted by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann they didn’t seem to think these Russia stories about Trump would be game changers prior to the election. But the public loves sexy stories, and they don’t necessarily have to involve sex; but Russia’s notoriously effective and sometimes very dangerous FSB would have been negligent if they didn’t try to compromise billionaire Donald Trump when he was in Moscow for his  2013 Miss Universe pageant. This part of the Russia story could also involve sex.


This morning (see below) I wrote about how the FSB might have lured Trump into a classic spy honey trap and have videos of him in sexually compromising activities with a minor, or for that matter since he was married, with an adult woman. 

By now most of you have read David Corn’s article which, if true, leads to only one logical conclusion. The Russians have blackmail material they can, or already have, used on Donald Trump. 
Since the in memorial, spy agencies have set honey traps to lure susceptible men (and women) into sexual liaisons or relationships which they later could use either to blackmail foreigners or force them to betray their own countries.


With Trump they easily could have found a 15 year old to come on to him and play on Trump’s sexual proclivities. Of course they would have videos of everything he did.
Considering that Putin is a former KGB agent I would be surprised if he didn’t order FSB (the new KGB) to get something he could use against someone he might need in his pocket in the future.
Now he must be breaking out the Stolichnaya Gold vodka, Beluga caviar, and Piramides Edicion Limitada 2008 Cuban cigars to celebrate his spymaster prescience.
Are honey traps real? You bet!

  1. Oh, they're real. Honey traps, also called "honey pots," have been a favorite spying tactic as long as sex and espionage have existed—in other words, forever. Perhaps the earliest honey trap on record was the betrayal of Samson by Delilah, who revealed Samson's weakness (his hair) to the Philistines in exchange for 1,100 pieces of silver, as described in the book of Judges. The practice continued into the 20th century and became a staple of Cold War spy craft. Governments around the world set up honey traps to this day, but it's an especially common practice in Russia and China. The Central Intelligence Agency doesn't comment on whether its agents use their sexuality to obtain information, but current and former intelligence officials say it does happen occasionally.   Slate     ​emphasis added
  1. mata-hari-ooph89yr.png
    1. Mata Hari.  America’s history of prudery may work against them so it’s possible we don’t have a special unit, perhaps run jointly by the CIA and FBI, training women and men to be honey traps. We should.  Honey traps can and have been used to ways. One is for blackmail and the other to recruit traditional spies. Ideally a woman could marry a man who would have knowledge of top secret information. 
      I assume China and Russia do this, and wouldn’t be surprised if Israel does too. 
      Even if the United State does I really doubt they would ever recruit teenagers. I am sure Russia and China would have no problems with this.

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