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March 24, 2015

Hal and the Squirrel

Some recent photos of me
If you know me and have lost touch, and found this page,
how about getting in touch with me in Portland, Oregon.
I’m in the book.

Hal Brown
 with trimmed hair and beard
Hal Brown at Willamette View

Hal Brown, a long way away
My unkempt look...

Below: Kempt

Hal Brown

Hal Brown trying to get more photos on Google Images

Putting the following pictures here is appropriate 
since much, perhaps most, of my life here is a 
usually successful endeavor in trying not to go

To chase a squirrel, so near, yet so far.

You can see Mac's tail vibrating.
The master of his domain. And trust me, it is Mister Squirrel.

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  1. LOVED these photos--excellent entertainment centre for Mac and Duff ! That squirrel looks very well fed...


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