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December 15, 2014

Since moving here six months ago, like all the residents when they first make this extraordinary life style change, I have been adapting to a way of life I never anticipated experiencing. While publicity for CCRC facilities don't make a point of this, one of the primary benefits of living in one, as a couple or single, is that they help you make the best of the time you have left to live. Considering that people you love, know well, or are just acquainted with, are dying all the time, this is something of a death culture. However, calling it this may sound grim; however it is anything but. We talk about death and grief openly; and there is great solace knowing we're all in this together. By and large, this is an upbeat place to grow old - and face the death of your loved one or yourself.

Photos above along the campus river walk near my house.
At the Halloween dinner party, as myself in 1970. Enlarge to see my 1969 grad school ID

Mac and Duff enjoy the gas fireplace.

On Nov. 5th I decided to grow a beard in silent protest to the way the national elections went.

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