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May 31, 2019

Hal Brown June (early) 2019

June 11, 2019

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June 10, 2019

Although I am preaching to the anti-Trump choir it is helpful to educate them about why, from a psychological standpoint, he is dangerous. They already understand that as an autocrat and white nationalist he is dangerous to our democracy and rule of law based on the Constitution but sometimes they find they his behavior inexplicable. For them I think it behoves those of us from the world of anti-Trump psychotherapists who are so inclined to use any forum we can to explain the inexplicable.

June 9, 2019

Discussed on Morning Joy today
About yesterday's story:

So many Daily Kos readers recommended this diary it was kept it on the recommended list for the second day. 2600+ readers responded the poll despite the pessimistic results.  More readers of Kos are gaining a better understanding of Trump’s psychopathology and how this fits into the “know your enemy” notion in order to defeat him from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” 

With the commentariat (not just on MSNBC and elsewhere in the mainstream media) it is finally sinking in that Trump's psychopathology drives the behavior that all but a few (notably Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC) until recently found inexplicable. 

Malignant narcissism, a term the majority of the population wasn’t familiar with two years ago is now often used in discussions about Donald Trump. Tomorrow's Daily Kos story will be about how Trump fits the definition of the dark triad.
    Story behind WaPo paywall
    Here's a good Maureen Dowd piece from the NY Times which I don't think is behind their pay wall. She has a few choice words about Trump:

    • But now Donald Trump, certified Roman candle, is spoiling America’s fireworks show. On a whim, he has decided to bollix up one of the better days in the nation’s capital.
    • Trump is going to turn a holiday that had somehow managed to remain nonpartisan and playful into a MAGA rally, dragging his perpetual resting bitch face and American carnage onto the Mall.
    • Defiling the sacred with the profane, Trump offered his usual bag of arsenic cookies.
    • Narcissistic, infantile and heedless of tradition, Trump is now yanking away the one day devoted to celebrating all Americans and rebranding it in his own image.
    • plus a factoid showing Trump's early misogyny from Michael D’Antonio's Trump biography “Never Enough.”
    • "Trump displayed that compulsion early on. When he went with classmates at the New York Military Academy to march down Fifth Avenue in a Columbus Day parade, he found out that some Catholic schoolgirls were lined up ahead of the boys. Trump went to complain and pull strings and got the girls bumped so they marched behind the boys."
    Here's what Randall D. Eliason, who teaches white-collar criminal law at George Washington University Law School has to say about Mueller in Was Mueller’s dodge on obstruction a blunder — or brilliant?

    Boils down to this:

    But here’s where the wisdom of Mueller’s approach begins to show. Recall that Attorney General William P. Barr, during his confirmation hearings, pledged to release as much of Mueller’s report as possible consistent with the “law and Department policy.” Had Mueller made a “traditional prosecutorial judgment” and accused the president of obstruction, then the report would become a more typical internal prosecution memo — the kind that never see the public light of day. The policy against publicly accusing those who have not been charged could have given Barr a ready excuse to withhold the report from the public, or at a minimum to redact a great deal of volume 2 that deals with obstruction of justice.

    This easily could have led to a months-long legal and political battle, with only Barr’s “no obstruction” conclusion available to the public. We still might not know what is in Volume 2. Instead, Mueller’s approach left us with the best possible result, under the circumstances: Overwhelming evidence of obstruction with no plausible excuse for keeping that evidence a secret........ By writing his report the way he did, Mueller did everything in his power to ensure that Congress received the maximum amount of information possible. It remains to be seen what Congress will choose to do with it.

    June 8, 2019

    Over 200 comments

    June 7, 2019
    This story was put on the Daily Kos recommended list and now has about 300 comments (including some of my responses).

    This was the first image I made.
    I find it interesting that since Trump hit France the readership of this blog looks like this:

    After watching the Elizabeth Warren and the Kamala Harris town halls I've toyed with the idea that a good Democratic ticket could actually be two women. As the senior senator the older woman who is much more experience in federal government would top the ticket. Harris would be poised to run for president in 2028. Read this:

    Watching Elizabeth Warren Come Alive

    After the heartbreak of 2016, she’s making some women believe that a woman could actually win the presidency.

    June 6, 2019

    To have Trump commemorate the Normandy landings is to understand the word impostor.
    Some choice words from Dana Milbank in 

    For D-Day, Trump recalls the heroism of ... Donald Trump

    At Portsmouth, Trump read the D-Day prayer of a man nearly as great as himself: Franklin D. Roosevelt. “Our sons, pride of our nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our republic, our religion and our civilization,” he read.
    The dignitaries applauded politely — though, inexplicably, not as much as they did for the French president. After brief visits with veterans and leaders, Trump flew to Ireland to spend the night at his golf club. He opted to sleep there on both nights of the D-Day commemoration, because, he said of the 400-mile detour, “it’s convenient.”
    The Irish prime minister, declining Trump’s invitation to meet him at the Trump International Golf Links in Doonbeg, instead met Trump at the airport. There, Trump reported, among other things, that he had “an incredible time” at the D-Day ceremony, that America’s air “has gotten better since I’m president” and that of the millions of Irish Americans, “I know most of them because they’re my friends.”
    “Is this trip . . . just about promoting your golf club?” an Irish reporter asked. 

    The cheek! How could anybody accuse this man of self-promotion?

    Democrats invite psychiatrist who says Trump is mentally unfit for office to the Capitol after she calls him unstable, violent and a danger to public health

    This story was also covered in by the Russian website RT with a very unflattering photoshop:

    Referencing Trump's tweets Ellen DeGeneris quoted one of the most famous lines from Seinfeld, Teri Hatcher speaking about her natural endowments:
    Watch the video clip:

    June 5, 2019


    There's no way a Democrat will vote for Trump, so it doesn't matter who runs as far as their vote goes because they will definitely vote for the Democrat.

    We need to win a fairly small number of voters in key electoral college states. 

    I think many of the Republican gullible dumbbells who aren't outright racists who voted for Trump in the rust belt, Florida, Pennsylvania and maybe a few red states in play which we need to beat him are gradually becoming disillusioned with him and his unkept promises (lower taxes) and rhetoric (the fear-mongering that immigrants were coming to Indiana to rape and pillage). They are ripe for someone who is perceived as different as Trump was even though they are unapologetically  progressive. Trump will call progressive socialists but hey this isn't the McCarthy era when calling someone a commie was considered a career ender.

     I don't think it matters whether it is Bernie ( IMHO his age works against him and is a risk factor if he gets sick or injured towards the middle of the campaign - I'm looking at the spate of injuries we had her last week with people his age) or the liberal younger candidates as ranked by Business Insider. But hell, while I'd like a very progressive candidate, I'll support any primary candidate if the polls showed they were kicking Trump's ass.


    Quote: Republican Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: "President Trump may have hit a new low as he lied, seethed, intruded and blundered his way through his trip to Britain. President Trump may have hit a new low as he lied, seethed, intruded and blundered his way through his trip to Britain."

    Trump Tells Prince Charles: Don’t Blame the U.S. for Climate Crisis

    President breaks royal protocol by disclosing that Charles took him to task over climate change. Trump told him that even if climate change is real, it isn't America's fault.

    I added Trump on the golden crapper to this Facebook image posted by a Duty to Warn friend of mine. Here's the text: Introducing the Deluxe Trumpinator from Base Technologies. It’s simple, really. The occipital suction tube removes critical thinking, skepticism, knowledge of science, tolerance for ambiguity, compassion for those outside the tribe, and other extraneous cortical content. At the same time, the multi-headed crypto-fascism feeding funnel introduces xenophobia, craving for autocracy, fear of complexity, nostalgia for the Confederacy, contempt for women’s self-determination, and an assortment of Biblical fairy tales adaptable to any Republican policy.

    June 4, 2019

    The Best Photos From The Anti-Donald Trump Protest In London

    June 3, 2019 - Scroll Down

    ...and his son-in-law is pretty much a disgusting idiot too:

    Jared Kushner Still Won’t Hold Saudi Crown Prince Accountable For Jamal Khashoggi

    Click to read story

    From the Times of Israel by clinical psychologist Avner Falk about Trump and Nancy Pelosi

    The President and his Iron Lady

    Trump's new slick hairstyle
     Due to his massive unconscious splitting, Donald Trump see his entire world in black and white. For him there are “good guys” and “bad honchos” and nothing in between. To him, the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu in a“great guy” and the Palestinian Arab leaders are “bad guys.” This may seem “good for the Jews,” but in fact it is exactly the reverse. By trying to impose an unfair settlement on the Palestinian Arabs, and by trying to buy their freedom and land with economic benefits, he has turned them against the U.S., which is no longer seen as an honest broker.
    Moreover, Trump’s envoys to our region, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, are both Jewish, and the Arabs do not trust them. Kushner has been accused of serious corruption by Vicky Ward in her recent book Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. 
    In short, as with the American Evangelicals, whose love for Israel is based on their belief that the return of the Jews to their land is the harbinger of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and that he will convert all of us into Christians, with friends like these you don’t need enemies.
    June 2, 2019

    From Across the Pond:

    From the U.K. Guardian: 

    The Observer view on Donald Trump’s meddling before his state visit

    Trump denies he called Meghan Markle 'nasty' despite audio of (incoherent) remark 

    The president is first questioned about the America former actress' past comments calling Trump "misogynistic" and "divisive" during the 2016 campaign and saying she might move to Canada if Trump was elected.
    "She said she would move to Canada if you got elected. It turned out she moved to Britain," the interviewer says to Trump, who is visiting the United Kingdom this week.
    "Well, that'd be good," Trump responded. "There are a lot of people moving here. So, what can I say? No, I didn't know that she was nasty."
    And then the grammar challenged president incoherently said:
    "I think it's nice, and I'm sure she'll do excellently. She'll be very good. She'll be very good. I hope she does."

    The “Morning Joe” contributor and former advertising executive suggested Democrats should stop talking about impeachment, which is a loaded term that carries political risks, and tell the public they’re investigating Trump’s criminal activity.
    Something Different

    Was Jesus a Jew?

    and from today's Daily Beast:

    June 1, 2019

    May 31, 2019

    President Donald Trump's poor mental health is grounds for impeachment - USA Today by three Duty to Warn therapists

    John McCain and Trump’s Narcissism: A Clash at Sea - I think Democratic Party candidates should announce that when they become president they will find a second Navy-related way to honor John McCain since there's already a ship named for him. Perhaps they could name a naval base or a building at the Naval Academy after him. This would really burn Trump.

    Germany, from Hitler to Merkel: 

    Angela Merkel Tells Harvard Grads To ‘Tear Down Walls Of Ignorance’ in Trump Rebuke

    May 30, 2019

    If the band on your MAGA hat has destroyed millions of brains cells and you only watch Fox News, this will explain why you still support Trump: 

    Fox News Hosts Freak Out Over ‘Mean Girl’ Robert Mueller: ‘Full Of Crap’

    Trump Betrays America Again _Slate


    1. The Japan trip showcased three elements of Trump’s personality that make him an easy mark for foreign exploitation. The first is narcissism. Trump routinely abandons the people around him: wives, employees, officials, and aides. He applies the word treason not to betrayals of the Constitution, but to any threat to himself, including the FBI’s decision to open an investigation into his campaign in 2016, when Trump was just a candidate. He spurns NATO, scorns American war heroes, and ridicules U.S. intelligence agencies. Trump believes he is the state. Therefore, he feels nothing for any part of the state beyond himself.
    2. Second, Trump cares more about beating his domestic rivals than standing up to foreign enemies. And to win these domestic fights, the president is happy to claim America’s enemies as his allies. He consistently sided with Putin against President Barack Obama. In 2016, Trump openly urged Russia to help him defeat Hillary Clinton. This year, Trump declared that the Chinese government was “far more honorable” than U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and the rest of what Trump called “the opposition party.”
    3. Third, Trump is a reflexive liar. He’s happy to contradict U.S. intelligence when it gets in the way of his interests. He has denied intelligence on Russia’s election interference, intelligence about the persistence of ISIS, and intelligence implicating Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

    Trump fixates on IQ as a measure of self-worth - Inquiring minds want to know, has Trump ever taken an IQ test and what did he score?

    People who know Trump suspect his IQ obsession stems in part from a desire to project an image of success, despite scattered business failings and allegations of incompetence.

    “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure, it's not your fault,” Trump tweeted in 2013. Just last week, the president again referred to himself as an “extremely stable genius,” and he has spent years insisting has a high IQ score, though he has never revealed the exact number. When a Twitter critic challenged him in 2013 to prove his high IQ, Trump responded simply, “The highest, asshole!”

    Here's what the high IQ president thinks he knows

    Trump thinks the courts might save him from impeachment. It doesn’t work like that. The president is profoundly confused about the Constitution: A session with reporters whether he’s concerned about getting impeached, Trump said, “I can’t imagine the courts allowing it."Trump likely got the idea that impeachment could be appealed to the courts from Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Trump defender who regularly appears on Fox News and penned a recent book called  "The Case Against the Democratic House Impeaching Trump" which suggests “[w]ere a president to announce that he refused to accept the actions of the Senate in voting for his removal … and that he would not leave office unless the Supreme Court affirmed his removal, the people might well agree with him.”

    State Department to launch new human rights panel stressing 'natural law' - which happens to mean to mean women are subservient to men, and LGBTQ folks, furgetaboutit....