September 11, 2016

Weds, Sept. 14, 2016

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Weds. Sept. 14, 2016


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My evening Pic-toon on Trump’s charitable contributions --  zero for last eight tax returns:

UPDATE on story below: Lawrence O’Donnell just played the clip of CIA Director Brennan and said "here’s the translation of this, the CIA chief just said Donald Trump is a liar.”

When you think it can’t get any more unfuckenbelieveable dept.
COMMENTS A sitting CIA director (almost) calls a presidential candidate a liar!’


Hillary didn’t almost collapse. We only saw her stumble and look like she was woozy. We do know she was stepping off a curb at the time and also lost a shoe. 
Here’s what it means for a person to collapse: to  fall down and become unconscious, typically through illness or injury. This is not only untrue, we just don’t know she almost because unconscious, but it is an unfortunate choice of a word when she’s next to the site of the Two Towers which really did collapse.
Meanwhile, here’s something Trump doesn’t want reported:
Reports are saying she APPEARED to faint, but that seems impossible for anyone to judge. She may have gotten woozy as many of us have experienced even when not fighting off an infection, but being dehyrated in warm weather - reports also said she seemed to trip stepping of a curb and that she lost a shoe. Tripping and loosing a shoe would account for how unsteady she looked. I still expect a gloating cover on National Enquirer next week "proving" that Hillary suffers from a few more dread illnesses than those they "reported" on this week when they "revealed" how sick she was: 3 strokes, liver damage from booze, Alzheimer's, and violent rages.

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