July 21, 2022

Misspelled local graffiti

 This was on the side of a fence by the Chevron station of the corner of McLoughlin and Courtney in Milwaukie, Oregon. The writer misspelled the word destruct. It isn't possible to determine whether the commentary was meant as a reaction to high gasoline prices or a more general gripe.

The question as to whether we, as human beings, are hard wired to self-destruct can be seen as a profoundly philosophical and psychological one. I'd like to find the author of this and ask what they really meant.

A car parked at Fred Meyer Oak Grove:

Here's another car:

July 16, 2022

Government Camp at Mt. Hood

 I departed at 6:00 AM and arrived at 10:00 AM at Government Camp:

Government Camp is an unincorporated community and census-designated place located in Clackamas CountyOregon, United States, on the base of Mount Hood and north of Tom Dick and Harry Mountain. It is the only town within 5 miles (8 km) of Mount Hood and therefore is the de facto "mountain town" or "ski town". It is the gateway to several ski resorts, with the most popular being Timberline Lodge and Mount Hood Skibowl. Government Camp also has its own, smaller ski resort, Summit Pass.

The community is located within the Mount Hood Corridor on U.S. Route 26 (the Mount Hood Highway), near its intersection with Oregon Route 35 and the Barlow Passsummit of the Cascade Range. As of the 2010 census, the community had a population of 193.[1] The government's 2016 estimate indicated a population of 121 persons.[2]

 (from Wikipedia ).

This is where I had a giant omelet ($17.50) for breakfast. Here are a few photos. Click to enlarge.

Along the way:

The first glimpse of the mountain to the left of the glaring sun:


This is from Wikipedia:

Click below for more information:

The ultimate destination at Mt. Hood whether you ski or snowboard, want a great dining experience, and/or want to stay overnight is Timberline Lodge. It is high up on the mountain so in winter four wheel drive and sometimes chains are recommended. Click below for information.

I've been to Timberline Lodge years ago just for lunch. If I recall getting there adds an hour to the drive so it will be a major excursion left for another time.