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June 21, 2018



June 30, 2018
On Daily Kos: Is Trump crazy or crazy like a fox?

Exclusive: Accused Annapolis shooter Jarrod Ramos had dark links to the alt-right - Salon

In Jarrod Ramos’ disturbing Twitter history, far-right connections and hints of violence against journalists

When the identity of the apparent gunman in the massacre of five journalists in Annapolis, Maryland, was revealed, Jonathan Hutsona communications consultant and writer who lives nearby, had a shock of recognition. The suspect, Jarrod Ramos, had contacted Hutson in March 2015, taunting him about his role in alerting law enforcement and thwarting a potential mass killer who threatened schoolchildren and Jews in far-away Montana. 
That individual in Montana, David Lenio, had overflowed with hyperbolic threats. Hutson’s efforts to stop him succeeded, as I reported at Salon shortly after it happened. Ramos was more cryptic and less overtly demonstrative — but in the end, far deadlier. Both were enigmatic, angry loners, with an unmistakable affinity for the racist alt-right. 
“Jarrod Ramos was a lone nut who was not politically motivated, but he was politically influenced by the alt-right,” Hutson told Salon. Researcher Fred Clarkson agrees. “Ramos and David Lenio seem to have been drawn into the orbit of far-right visions of anti-democratic violence, even as they seem to have ultimately acted on their own,” said Clarkson, a senior research analyst with Political Research Associates, a progressive think tank in Somerville, Massachusetts. 

June 29, 2018

On Daily Kos today

Seth Meyers gets it

Seth Meyers offered some advice to President Donald Trump on “Late Night” Thursday.
“Oh my God, dude, get a therapist!” Meyers said.
What provoked Meyers was Trump’s campaign rally in North Dakota on Wednesday night, the president’s third rally in a week.
“Now, we’ve been calling these rallies public therapy sessions, but it was never more true than it was last night,” Meyers said. “Watch as Trump airs his deepest insecurities about not being seen as smart, rich or popular.”
“And I thought that was so brilliant, I said, ’Oh, I am so smart. I am the smartest person.’” Trump said in the clip.
“Trump is like a guy at a bar who acts as his own wingman,” Meyers added. ”‘My buddy thinks you’re cute. He’s smart and handsome and popular ― and he’s me.’” 

 I binged watched the show Brooklyn 99, a half hour sitcom similar to Barney Miller only somewhat raunchy   The season finale had a classic joke. The two doofus cops who proudly rarely get off their butts are in the photo above. The one on the upper right comes into the squad room all upset and says he just was at a bar and everyone was staring at him because he was a cop. The punch line another character offers is “your penis is hanging out.” He says “what a relief.”
June 28, 2018
Daily Kos story: "Sarah Sanders at risk of becoming a cyclops"

How Should Democrats Tackle Trump in the Midterms? Focus on His Narcissism, New York Magazine

Their primary finding, according to a copy of the report viewed early by New York: More than anything else, Americans view Trump as a narcissist in it for himself over the country, and they believe his attitude is sowing chaos and tearing the country apart. It’s far from a silver bullet anti-Trump message, but understanding that this underpinning sentiment is the most popular one among voters could prove an important first step toward building a coherent anti-Trump line for the party.

When asked to pick an image that best describes Trump’s personality, roughly four in ten participants in Navigator’s survey chose a picture of Trump looking at himself in a mirror, compared to just around one in five who chose either a crying toddler or a man yelling at a phone.

Bill Plympton Takes A Bite Out of Trump with New Web Series 

New York Times debuts ‘Trump Bites’ web series using real audio clips as the basis of surreal animations that capture Trump's paranoia, narcissism, and xenophobia


My Daily Kos article: 

Murdoch Australian paper publishes ‘Malignant narcissist’: Why Donald Trump will never change

I wonder if Rupert Murdoch will read this article which was just published in the Australian Herald Sun which he owns. 

Above: Read Daily Beast article
The Fallon-Trump War:

Melania's Jacket

June 25, 2018

....  my intent is to offer to the reader an explanation of the classical vulnerabilities that intelligence officers seek to identify and exploit including sexual indiscretions, greed, corruption, revenge, and most of all, ego. In essence, the pursuit of selfish interests over the common good.

June 24, 2018


Quote from The Red Hen, Sarah Sanders, and The Lost Art of Shunning by Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post

This exception to the rule of polite social action should be used sparingly (if for no other reason than we will never get through a restaurant meal without someone hollering at someone else). If a lawmaker, for example, who favors a harsh, ill-conceived immigration bill walks into a restaurant, I would not recommend raising a rumpus (though I would not invite that person to my home).
Listen, I get it. The notion of shunning or excluding or heckling can devolve into philosophical hair-splitting as to whether someone has engaged in normal public service or whether they’ve strayed outside the bounds of decent behavior. Each to his own method of expressing disdain and fury, I suppose.

Nevertheless, it is not altogether a bad thing to show those who think they’re exempt from personal responsibility that their actions bring scorn, exclusion and rejection. If you don’t want to provoke wrath, don’t continue to work for someone whose cruel and inhumane treatment of others rivals the internment of U.S. citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II. And yes, I’d have hollered at then-California Attorney General Earl Warren, who pushed for the roundup of people of Japanese ancestry, even American citizens.

June 23, 2028

June 22, 2018

From Fox and Friends:

BRIAN KILMEADE: And these are not -- like it or not, these aren't our kids. Show them compassion, but it's not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas. These are people from another country and now people are saying that they're more important than people in our country who are paying taxes and who have needs as well. 

AINELY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah, well he just wants to make sure we vet who's coming across the border, in case it's MS-13 or drugs.


"Is the president now Tweeting onto his wife's clothes? Jimmy Kimmel"
Watch Video:

June 21, 2018


June 11, 2018


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June 20, 2018

Today's Kos story: Xenophobe Stephen Miller is also a homophobe. 
I was originally going to include Stephen Miller, who I found in my reading is a homophobe, in my story yesterday about Trump's heartless female enablers as a snark suggesting he might be a closeted self-loathing gay. Then realized this would be a distraction. I decided to write another story for today just about this, a small matter but then it hasn't been written about elsewhere recently. My original story was going to be rude, focussing on calling him a butt boy. I thought this would a distraction so I didn't even use the term, choosing instead to put a link to Urban Dictionary. As I said before, my ultimate goal on Kos is to become one of the sidebar contributors who regular readers recognize as having interesting perspectives they want to take a look at. Then when I write about my primary interest, duty to warn, my hope is more people read and share what I write.

June 19, 2018 

Tuesday story: Trump's heartless female enablers

More Than 600 Members Of Jeff Sessions’ Church Have Filed A Formal Complaint Against Him Over Immigrant Family Separations

In a letter Friday, United Methodist Church clergy and lay leaders accused the attorney general — a member of their denomination — of violating church laws.

“While we are reticent to bring a formal complaint against a layperson,” the letter said, “Mr. Sessions’ unique combination of tremendous social/political power, his leading role as a Sunday School teacher and former delegate to General Conference, and the severe and ongoing impact of several of his public, professional actions demand that we, as his siblings in the United Methodist denomination, call for some degree of accountability." 
“As members of the United Methodist Church, we deeply hope for a reconciling process that will help this long-time member of our connection step back from his harmful actions and work to repair the damage he is currently causing to immigrants, particularly children and families,” the letter added. 
Citing Paragraph 2702.3 of the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline, the complaint specifically accuses Sessions of child abuse, immorality, and racial discrimination in connection with his support for an array of Justice Department policies on immigration and other issues, including the detention of immigrant children, the decision to refuse asylum to immigrants fleeing gang or domestic violence, and the attorney general’s declared intent to stop investigations into police departments accused of racial discrimination.
Monday’s Daily Kos story:

FDNY psychologist says Donald Trump once crudely insulted her looks, claims he's mentally unfit 



From Maureen Dowd's column "Psychos on the Potomac"
Asked by a Fox anchor what he was going to be doing on Father’s Day, the president replied, “I’m going to be actually calling North Korea.” 
It makes sense if you think about it: A wannabe dictator who took over the family business from a dictatorial father talking to a real dictator who took over the family business from a dictatorial father. 
Happy Father’s Day.

June 16, 2018

My Daily Kos story for today with 300 + comments which make this a comprehensive review of Trump's dangeous psyhopatholgy and why our democracy is in danger as long as he is president :

Don't read this unless you want to feel even more enraged at Trump and Sessions' NAZI-like border policy, and more despondent over what is happening to our country.

Snippets from Rick Wilson's Daily Beast article.


Donald Trump, the Insecure Pledge in the Dictatorship Fraternity

After the last week, Trump is clearly a man who puts the dick in dictator. 

Donald Trump first went to the G-7 to wreck the proceedings with a combination of insult-comic schtick, diplomatic demolition derby, Putin cheerleading, and giant-toddler petulance.

The fact that Trump acts like a bumbling, eager fraternity pledge, desperate to join Phi Sigma Dictator makes it all the worse.

The entire Trump leadership oeuvre is a grotesque, bubbling slurry of reality TV star egomania and crap-tier nationalist nostrums that sound like Pat Buchanan and Lyndon LaRouche had a love child. 

A gloriously illiterate cretin with a reading level routinely bested by simple, non-digital household appliances and talented flatworms on his best days, Trump’s interior intellectual life has never been, well, visible without the use of highly sensitive lab equipment.

Trump's style from the beginning was authoritarian-chic; bossy, needy, insufferable, and centered on the bright, hot star in the center of the stage. 

... a trainwreck of Saddam and Liberace set loose with too much gold leaf, a glue gun, and a half-pound of cocaine.


What Trump Could Learn From Freud’s Daughter About Parentless Kids

Anna Freud and Dorothy Burlingham tirelessly cared for children separated from their parents by WWII. Their policies, born of experience, are everything the president’s are not.

June 15, 2015

Dr. John Gartner, psychologist and author of "Rocket Man: Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump" discusses President Trump's perceived mental shortcomings according to his expertise.

While it's difficult to narrow down the craziest moments from the Trump press conference, here are seven particularly nutty moments.

A Canadian viewpoint: Decoding Trump important for Canada

Excerpt: While Trump’s behaviour, which is suspect at the best of times, justifiably angers Canadians, the entire saga brought to mind a passage from Sun Tzu’s Art of War. The Chinese military strategist and philosopher wrote that “he who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them.” 
Although President Trump’s ego and hubris seem to border on narcissism and at the same time a notoriously thin skin leaves him frequently slighted, he is, at other times, crazy like a fox. Witness his tearing up of the dubious Iran deal, domestic tax policy changes and refusal to continue blocking the relocation of America’s embassy to Jerusalem, which every modern president has done.
Not posted on Daily Kos:

The Stanford Prison Experiment was massively influential. We just learned it was a fraud.

My comment:

  The most famous duty to warn mental health professional is Robert Jay Lifton. He's the duty to warn writer most likely to be recognized by non-psychology majors. The second most well-known name is mostly familiar to psychology majors, Phillip Zimbardo. Other well-informed people know about the Stanford Prison Experiment. Here's news about that.
I think it is unfortunate that this study and others like Robber's Cave and the Milgram electric shock study which were designed to explain observed social phenomena weren't more tightly designed.

We certainly have seen aspects of the most destructive and hateful group behavior demonstrated by Trump supporters at his rallies.

I am one of the MH professionals who decided to go into clinical psychology and clinical social work as opposed to experimental fields. Most of us took a few courses as undergraduates and graduate students in social psychology and experimental psychology but decided early on we wanted to be psychotherapists. Zimbardo, Milgram, and Muzafer Sherif (A Real Life Lord of the Rings) observed disturbing  behavior in the real world and set out to study it in the lab. Unfortunately there were flaws in their research design. This doesn’t change the fact that many people follow authoritarian despotic leaders like Trump, and actual cult figures, because these leaders appeal to some of the worst aspects of human nature.

June 14, 2018

From The WaPo:
Today, the Justice Department’s inspector general is expected to release a reportscrutinizing the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email arrangement. I’m going to predict that President Trump is going to lie about this report — a lot — as part of his broader ongoing campaign to delegitimize special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Russia’s sabotage of our election on his behalf. 
But the nature of Trump’s lying in this particular case, I think, will command special attention, and it’s not clear that we in the news media are up to dealing with it. The most likely scenario is that Trump will tell a series of lies that aren’t merely dishonest in any conventional sense, but add up to a broader feat of gaslighting that is so spectacularly absurd and self-undermining that it will be hard to adequately convey to news consumers just how deeply saturated in bad faith it really is.
Trump would probably want to put a Trump theme park here.

It is estimated that there are a total of 5,929 specifies living in the demilitarized zone, including endangered species. Yang-gu, Goseong (eastern area), Yeoncheon (western area), Hwacheon and Cheorwon (middle area) are known to be particularly rich in biodiversity.

Experts say that both Koreas should promote the DMZ as a UNESCO biosphere reserve so that it can be preserved with international support. “The World Heritage Committee ambassadors at UNCESCO have praised DMZ as a wonderfully preserved natural heritage, with potential to be registered as a natural reserve immediately,” Korean Ambassador to UNESCO Lee Byung-hun told The Dong-A Ilbo. South Korea had applied for registry in 2012, but was thwarted by opposition from North Korea.

June 13 2018

Today's Daily Kos story: 

A petition from PSYCH. PROFESSIONALS which probably won't do anything, but I have signed it anyway

Duty to Warn News:
I do find myself feeling like, "Dear God, why can
 these people not see it? And what can we
 do to open their eyes?" It is like a 1950s or 1960s
 horror movie where nobody would believe that 
there was actually a monster that's about to
 destroy the town and there are these Cassandra-
like figures trying to warn people. But the
 townspeople remain in denial and they are doomed.

NY Times analysis


Mark McKinnon, a seasoned political ad maker who ran media for President George W. Bush’s campaigns, said the video was “obviously quite shlocky” for a broader audience, but could be effective in influencing its intended target.

“At bottom, it’s very good storytelling — something obviously Trump understands,” Mr. McKinnon said. Citing the former governor of Texas ousted by Mr. Bush, he added: “Ann Richards used to say, ‘Dumb it down so my mama can understand it.’ Or you know, so a foreign dictator can. Over all, a pretty creative and clever move.”

But veteran diplomats and foreign policy scholars were warier. “I was speechless when I first saw it,” said Alexander R. Vershbow, who served as ambassador to South Korea under Mr. Bush. “Pure Trump with Hollywood production values, showing what Kim Jong-un and North Korea would be like if they make the fateful choice to trade in their nukes for economic prosperity.”

Sung-Yoon Lee, a Korean studies professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, was even less impressed, calling it “eerily reminiscent of second-rate South Korean government promotional videos.” In fact, although the White House said it was made by the National Security Council, she said she instinctively suspected the South Koreans might have created it and gave it to Mr. Trump.

“Will it have any impact?” she asked. “Most likely, this patronizing act will give Kim a good laugh. It may also irritate and, paradoxically, reassure him at the same time — in the knowledge that his two adversaries are utterly clueless.”

Jeffrey Lewis, the director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, said he thought it would fall flat. “I was gobsmacked by it,” he said. “It seems unlikely that a man who ruthlessly ordered the murder of his half brother with a nerve agent is likely to be beguiled by a film trailer and decide to abandon the nuclear-armed missiles that are a centerpiece of his propaganda.”

You may know Republican anti-Trumper Rick Wilson for frequent appearances on MSNBC and his choice words used to describe Donald Trump. For example: 

Mr. Trump has definitely, positively never, ever, ever had gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, the French, Spanish, or English pox, crabs, genital lice, crotch-crickets, Bulgarian junk-rot, the Weeping Cobra, the Gift that Keeps On Giving, Studio 54 Stall Surprise, or Bangkok Fire-Dick. Mr. Trump’s noted fidelity to his wives should put to rest all of these scurrilous rumors. In fact, our laboratory research shows that contact with Mr. Trump’s magnificent body kills all forms of STDs, and also cures scrofula, vertigo, blindness, sleep apnea, and the Jimmy Leg. Daily Beast

More of them here:  

Trump’s Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron

Quotes from another conservative anti-Trumper:

Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the conservative think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center, on Wednesday offered a harsh assessment of the current state of the Republican Party on MSNBC. 
“Trump has not achieved that much — the tax cut was the big thing. Donald Trump is not a normal candidate, and that’s why what is going on is not a normal event.”
“This is a man who is a pathological liar, who is not only engaged on an assault on truth, he’s trying to annihilate truth, and the Republican Party is his sword and his shield. They are complicit in the lies and they’re complicit in the deep immorality — I don’t mean immorality just in terms of its sexual ethics, I’m talking a man who is basically at his heart a kind of Nietzschean, a person who believes that might makes right.”
“The Republican Party which was born in the era of the civil war and Lincoln, who is the greatest moral leader that America’s ever produced, has now aligned with this person who is a moral idiot.”
Christians who supported the president were “selling their soul” for judges. "There’s a tremendous and huge discrediting effect that’s happened to evangelical Christians." RawStory

Trump, after not sleeping for 25 hours, accidentally tells the truth A moment of radical honesty. 

Asked by a reporter what he’ll do if Kim “doesn’t follow through” on his promises, Trump openly admitted that he’ll never admit he was wrong, but will instead obfuscate. “Honestly, I think he’s going to do these things. I may be wrong. I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘hey, I was wrong.’ I don’t know that I’ll admit that but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.” Think Progress
Tues., June 12, 2018

Donald Trump shows off his bomb-proof limousine dubbed ‘The Beast’ to Kim Jong-un - and Kim merely gave a quick glance inside and turned on his heels and walked away. Video.


Quote: Meghan McCain on The View today

“We are not the same. This is a totalitarian communist dictator in the same vein as Hitler — murder, enslavement, imprisonment, sexual violence, starvation, forced abortions, political, racial, religious persecution. It is the closest thing to Hitler’s Germany that exists in modern times. My problem with was how far it went, with the sort of buddy-buddy and there was no talk whatsoever of the human rights violations.”

June 11, 2018

Outrage Fatique: 

Meet the guys who tape Trump's papers back together

The president's unofficial 'filing system' involves tearing up documents into pieces, even when they're supposed to be preserved.

June 9-10, 2018

The other Trump daughter is a law student who partied with Joe Biden’s granddaughter.HalBrown06/10/2018265--
Is Ivanka the "Most Masterful Compartmentalizer" of all Trump apologists or just a hypocrite?HalBrown06/09/20181713--