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March 16, 2018

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March 17, 2018

Doctors Accused Of ‘Politicizing Psychiatry’ Are Actually Doing The Opposite

  Excerpts: "What we have in our country is a large number of psychological professionals bearing witness to the malignant normality that Trump and his followers seek to impose.

America is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia or Communist China. We do not have state-controlled psychiatry or medicine, and whatever you think of Trump, he is surely no Hitler. What we have in our country is a large number of psychological professionals bearing witness to the malignant normality that Trump and his followers seek to impose.
Trump does this in at least two extremely dysfunctional ways: his profoundly compromised relationship with reality and his attack mode in response to crisis or criticism.
I speak of Trump’s solipsistic reality, meaning his need to take in the world solely in relation to the outlandish psychological requirements of his own self, with a rejection of accepted standards of evidence and no sense of having responsibility to what the rest of us call reality. I relate that tendency to his sense of feeling beleaguered by malevolent forces, which include institutions necessary to our democracy such as the press, the intelligence services and the judiciary. That attack mode becomes particularly dangerous when he is confronted with an actual nuclear threat, as in relation to North Korea.
I make no diagnosis of psychiatric illness, in fact no diagnosis at all, but rather point to a psychological pattern of presidential unfitness that endangers our democracy and could have the gravest of consequences for the entire world.
To become a witnessing professional in this way is to reject politicized psychiatry, and to reject as well the role of the obedient bureaucrat, psychiatric or otherwise, who supports the lies of solipsistic reality. To speak out is a hopeful act, an expression of a free professional in an open society and a statement that voices must be heard in our democracy to sustain it.

Dr. Robert Jay Lifton is author of The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and Psychology of GenocideThought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘Brainwashing’ in China, and Witness to an Extreme Century: A Memoir. He is a lecturer in psychiatry at Columbia University, and his most recent book is The Climate Swerve: Reflections on Mind, Hope, and Survival.

  Saturday Morning With Mac, Duff, and Joy Reid (also on Daily Kos)

The Morning Mac and Duff
Sat 8 AM

Trump’s Lawyer (John Dowd): It’s Time to End the Mueller Probe was the big story discussed on Joy Reid's "AM Joy" show. 
Then there’s Stormy whose kick-ass lawyer Michael Avenatti is everywhere hyping the 60 Minutes show, noting that six other women have contacted him about Trump,  and Trump’s ludicrous lawyer Michael Cohen who fancies himself a real-life version of a TV lawyer (left), apparently scaring little kids somewhere while Trump brings in a new Stormy-fighting lawyer, Charles Harder who won the Hulk Hogan Gawker case.
While we’re on Michael Cohen, is it a stretch to assume he’s the one that threatened Stormy Daniels considering the documented "I'm going to fuck you up" threats he's made to others who crossed him? 
“I will make sure that you and I meet one day while we’re in the courthouse. And I will take you for every penny you still don’t have. And I will come after your Daily Beast and everybody else that you possibly know,” Cohen told the website. “So I’m warning you, tread very fucking lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be fucking disgusting. You understand me?”
The attorney then went on to issue direct threats regarding the resurfaced assertions: “You write a story that has Mr. Trump’s name in it, with the word ‘rape’, and I’m going to mess your life up … for as long as you’re on this frickin’ planet.”
“[Y]ou’re going to have judgments against you, so much money, you’ll never know how to get out from underneath it,” Cohen told the Daily Beast.
There’s more,
and it is as big as anything...
McCabe has been axed and is not remaining silent, hardly:  (McCabe says his Russia probe work sparked smear campaign before firing),
and wait there’s even more on this..
… breaking news from Betsy Woodruff is that he has hired a powerhouse lawyer Michael R. Bromwich to fight the Dept. of Justice.
and last but not least the Tillerson firing and McMaster's only hanging in the breeze because the media said he was about to be fired, both because they attacked Putin. Rachel Maddow put this together last night. Tillerson was fired the morning after he made comments lambasting Russia. 
The media broke the story that McMasters was going to be fired after ripping Putin a new one, but Trump didn’t fire him the next day as it was reported he was going to do. It doesn’t take a fifth-grade science fair winner to figure out Trump would have fired him but for the media saying he was going to fire him.
Could there even be more?
How about Gen. McCaffrey’s extraordinary warning that Trump is a serious threat to national security?
How much can the country stand before they wake up to see that Trump is a maniacal despot and a pathological liar?

March 16, 2018: Below, because we all can't get enough of Sister Sarah of the Church of the Immaculate Trumpanata answering the questions from impudent reporters.

If you have any free clicks for The Washington Post, check this out.

THE BIG IDEA: Donald Trump’s reality television presidency may be getting more star power for season two.
Trump has decided to remove H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing Fox News contributor John Bolton as a potential successor.
A leading contender to replace Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is Pete Hegseth, the co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend.”
The president named CNBC analyst and former host Larry Kudlow to replace former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn as his chief economic adviser on Wednesday.
Heather Nauert, a former co-host of “Fox and Friends,” got promoted on Monday from being a spokeswoman for the State Department to acting undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs.

 Mueller raps it up with Trump.

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I remembered writing one dairy about Trump and Russian kompromat some months ago and decided to check it out again. Rather than go to my posting history to find what I wrote, I just Googled kompromat Daily Kos and saw that I was not the only Kossack, not nearly, to write about this. Not only that I found two more stories I wrote which I didn’t remember. I thought this was a good time to republish them. The amazing Google Machine now has this story on the top of the page. Here are links to numbers two and three: Kompromat , Stormy and Trump - Daily Kos , Thanks, Stormy: even if the shower tape is a myth there's ... - Daily Kos


  Some thoughts on reading

If Trump engaged in recorded compromising sexual behavior that he desperately wants to keep hidden, what the Russian spies call kompromat, and Trump is aware of the possibility that both real and fake tapes are being peddled as this article alleges, this presents a serious problem for him.  He has no way of knowing whether some of the recordings will be indisputably proved to be the real thing. He doesn’t know whether there are tapes of the behaviors that he considers the most damaging.

John Schindler, the author of this article, believes that even though Russia did not get the sanctions lifted when Trump was elected, it is still in their interest to keep him in office since as long as he’s president America will be in a state of chaos. They see this as being to their benefit. I totally agree: case in point, how Trump is allowing or directing Tillerson to decimate the Department of State.

It is a tried and true spy tactic to muddy the waters when there is something “out there” they want to hide. In this instance, it would be genuine presidency-ending sex tapes. To do this they flood the market, so to speak, with fake tapes. This is what Schindler says has been happening.

Schindler believes Mueller already has some of the genuine tapes.
As many as a dozen intelligence services worldwide, on four continents, are in possession of some sort of “Trump tape” featuring sexual escapades of a controversial nature; in some cases, the women involved appear to be underage. Some of these tapes have been shared with the Mueller investigation.
In spite of this, Schindler is pessimistic about these tapes being used successfully against Trump:
It’s obvious to savvy Western counterspies that someone is spreading fake Trump tapes—not all of them high quality—to muddy the waters. The obvious suspect, of course, is the Kremlin. Since the Russians know all about President Trump’s decades of personal antics, including what kompromat exists on him, they appear to be pushing dubious and unverifiable tapes, some of them obviously fake, to create chaos and confusion.
It’s working, and in the current climate, it seems doubtful that any Trump tape can be verified sufficiently to have a mainstream journalistic outfit report its details. After all, with multiple fakes out there, any bona fide tape would require not just rock-solid technical authentication, but also firming up the exact place and date of the incident, plus confirmation from the girl(s) caught on camera too. That seems like an insurmountably high bar to clear at present.
The Weinstein Effect: I think there’s reason to be more than a little optimistic.
It’s hard to believe Trump would think he could easily, emphasis on easily, Teflon his way through another sexual scandal the way he did when all the women claimed he sexually assaulted them, followed by the Access Hollywood recording. It’s possible that he will have a case of Weinstein-phobia, the fear that he will be the next man to fall after credible sexual assault accusations are made against him by girls and women.
If he had half his wits about him — a big if —  and if there are some highly credible women he assaulted yet to come forward, some very possibly because they were paid off, he ought to be very very afraid.
Of course “ought to be” doesn’t apply to Trump. He never reacts like we think he ought to. However, stressors can build up to a breaking point even in a malignant narcissist.
If he has a psychotic episode marked by behavior that can’t be ignored, even by Breitbart and Fox News, he will have to be removed from office most likely in the only rapid way possible, invoking the 25th Amendment. There is no way anyone could hide a psychotic episode for any length of time since the predominant feature of these is a break from reality which can involve paranoid ideation, delusions, ideas of reference, and hallucinations.

If after all the speculation about what malfeasance, collusions, or corruption could lead to Trump not finishing his first term, it would be the most delicious karmic irony if it was a sex scandal that brought him down by being the golden straw that broke the camel’s back.
While psychosis can come on gradually, the onset can be sudden. What to look for in a first psychotic episode.

This story keeps getting better (for us) and worse for Trump and his minions. Not only does it have the ring of truth, considering what we know about Trump’s sexual proclivities, his lack of boundaries, his narcissistic confidence he can do anything he wants to do to satisfy his perversions (pleasure from grabbing women is a paraphilia). While enjoying consenting golden showers is a paraphilia, it isn’t harmful; that is unless Putin can blackmail you with videos.
This is the first time I’ve decided there was enough information on a topic I’ve already written about here to write a third story.


This comes not from the grown cacophony of serious voices saying they don’t believe Trump’s denials, especially since he has offered no evidence except his word that they are false. This coming from a pathological liar! It comes from an excellent article in The Conversation about honey traps published today.
Ever since World War II Russian spy agencies have had notable success using sexual blackmail to recruit spies. “The Conversation” article describes many of them. They also give examples of how they are using honey traps today:
Here’s an interesting tidbit from The Daily Beast:


Trump shouldn’t be too embarrassed by the rumors; he is far from alone. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a world leader in history, especially a Trumpian one with despotic tendencies, without a closet full of underage or extramarital or piss-covered skeletons. Dictators and deviant sex go together like Russia and blackmail.
Also from the Daily Beast article, file this under “what I didn’t know about Putin’s sex life:
He had a wife, with whom he fathered two children before she disappeared from the public eye for years. Many assumed her dead until she suddenly reappeared for long enough to divorce Putin. During the time she was out getting fresh air in the Russian countryside, Putin was alleged to have taken up with a former rhythmic gymnast he met when she was only a teenager. The pair have three rumored children. Last year, Page Six speculated that Putin has a new girlfriend, a “busty” 23-year-old who appeared in a sexy calendar dedicated to Putin’s birthday when she was just out of high school. The rhythmic gymnast, say the reports, was kicked to the curb. He’s like Leonardo DiCaprio, but only 5-foot-7 and without the ability to move his face.
One could argue that the difference between, say, a Putin or an Amin rumor and the Trump rumor is that the aforementioned world leaders faced accusations that bolstered their virile image. The Trump rumor, not so much. Even though the Trump dossier contains little verifiable information, it’s hard to eliminate the stench of a pee rumor from a mattress or a reputation. But it could be much worse. At least nobody’s speculating about what’s wrong with his penis. Yet.
Considering the allegations about Trump and how if true they would explain his being so pro-Putin, the Wikipedia entry on kompromat reads almost like an indictment.

Here’s my original story:

I wrote an update to this on Jan. 10. That was three long, log days ago!
On MSNBC and Bloomberg's With All Due Respect hosted by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann they didn’t seem to think these Russia stories about Trump would be game changers prior to the election. But the public loves sexy stories, and they don’t necessarily have to involve sex; but Russia’s notoriously effective and sometimes very dangerous FSB would have been negligent if they didn’t try to compromise billionaire Donald Trump when he was in Moscow for his  2013 Miss Universe pageant. This part of the Russia story could also involve sex.
This morning I wrote about how the FSB might have lured Trump into a classic spy honey trap and have videos of him in sexually compromising activities with a minor, or for that matter since he was married, with an adult woman.

The Russians may have blackmail material they can, or already have, used on Donald Trump.
Since the time  immemorial, spy agencies have set honey traps to lure susceptible men (and women) into sexual liaisons or relationships which they later could use either to blackmail foreigners or force them to betray their own countries.

(I was wrong about this… I mean… who thinks golden showers?)
With Trump, they easily could have found a 15-year-old to come on to him and play on Trump’s sexual proclivities. Of course, they would have videos of everything he did.
Considering that Putin is a former KGB agent I would be surprised if he didn’t order FSB (the new KGB) to get something he could use against someone like Trump who he might need in his pocket in the future.
If he did this when Trump was nominated he must have broke out the Stolichnaya Gold vodka, Beluga caviar, and Piramides Edicion Limitada 2008 Cuban cigars to celebrate his spymaster prescience.
Are honey traps real? You bet!

Mata Hari Oh, they're real. Honey traps, also called "honey pots," have been a favorite spying tactic as long as sex and espionage have existed—in other words, forever. Perhaps the earliest honey trap on record was the betrayal of Samson by Delilah, who revealed Samson's weakness (his hair) to the Philistines in exchange for 1,100 pieces of silver, as described in the book of Judges. The practice continued into the 20th century and became a staple of Cold War spy craft. Governments around the world set up honey traps to this day, but it's an especially common practice in Russia and China.The Central Intelligence Agency doesn't comment on whether its agents use their sexuality to obtain information, but current and former intelligence officials say it does happen occasionally.   Slate     ​emphasis added
Wood said he believed Steele was a “very competent professional operator”, adding: “I do not think he would make things up. I don’t think he would necessarily always draw the correct judgment but that’s not the same thing at all.”
Former Foreign Office and intelligence officials told the Guardian on Thursday that Steele was highly respected in the intelligence community.
Steele’s dossier contains “pretty central accusations” about a presidential candidate being complicit in the hacking of his rival, and about the Russian intelligence services holding lurid sexual material on Trump, Wood said. “These seemed to me to have important implications - if true.”
The allegations were lent weight by some of Trump’s public behaviour on the campaign trail, he added. “It is a suggestion that was I think given certain colouration by the way Trump talked about the hacking exercise and by the stories about his treatment of women, and of course the KGB and FSB now make it a regular practice to do honeytrap exercises.”
The former spy went into hiding this week after his cover was blown. “Russia would certainly like to know where he got his information from - assuming his information is basically true and he hasn’t just made it up, which I don’t believe for a moment - and they’re accustomed to take action,” said Wood, describing the allegations as “dangerous knowledge”.
This Russian Tweet remind us of what Rachel said, and which spy movie aficionados “know” —  once a spy always a spy. The former MI-6 agent and current professional private spy is now in hiding. Rachel wondered why. Is he afraid for his life, considering that Moscow has a record of tracking down and killing people no matter where they are.

Friday, Jan 13, 2017 · 7:26:24 PM PST · HalBrown
More from Rachel, and David Corn:

Read article:
When I spoke with the former spy, he appeared confident about his material—acknowledging these memos were works in progress—and genuinely concerned about the implications of the allegations. He came across as a serious and somber professional who was not eager to talk to a journalist or cause a public splash. He realized he was taking a risk, but he seemed duty bound to share information he deemed crucial. He noted that these allegations deserved a "substantial inquiry" within the FBI. Yet so far, the FBI has not yet said whether such an investigation has been conducted. As the former spy said to me, "The story has to come out."

Friday, Jan 13, 2017 · 8:40:54 PM PST · HalBrown
This story goes back to Jullian Assange in a 2010 Slate article
The Central Intelligence Agency doesn't comment on whether its agents use their sexuality to obtain information, but current and former intelligence officials say it does happen occasionally.
I had a personal experience with this when two federal agents, release of information in hand, came to interview me because they planned to hire one of my former psychotherapy clients for a job that she was, dare I say, uniquely qualified for.

March 15, 2018 

Breaking Big on MSNBC: Buzzfeed dossier defense hits Trump White House (they started it but it is now bomeranging),

 and breaking small:

 ON DAILY KOS todayHey, Hey, NRA.... Here's a Tweet For You and Trump Too.

As you see here, you can Tweet an image and even a video. Trump does it all the time. Scroll down for more about using Twitter.
I was thinking that every movement needs a few powerfully resonant chants. I thought we could do better than “LOCK HER UP.” 
I originally thought that a friend of mine’s suggestion (thank you, Donna K.) of “Hey, Hey, NRA, how many kids did you kill today?” would be an effective one. If you’re too young to remember, this was used in protests against the Vietnam War.

Another powerful anti-war chant was “One, Two, Three, Four, We Don’t Want Your Fucken War.”

It was too long to fit on a button.
Then I thought using the word “kill” was too harsh, especially for younger kids. Hence, I softened it to “how many kids need to die today?” Either one will suffice. Ultimately, of course, the kids should and will decide what to say. They have earned the right to lead this battle. It is so inspiring for an elder like me to see a new generation taking to the streets and airwaves.

If you know how to do it, or want to learn, you can also take a screenshot of the image I used in this story. (I do this on my Mac all the time.)  You can add this to a Tweet to @NRA.

New to Twitter? Try opening an account to Tweet.
This is what I Tweeted to Trump with the image included: 
@realDonaldTrump   It appears that the NRA has buffaloed you and told you that when it comes to guns they have final say in what you endorse. They have made banning assault rifles like the AR15 radioactive. Look what they Tweeted today. The majority wants this. Why not you.
You don’t need an account to read Tweets (HERE), however, so if you want to keep up with Trump’s manic executive time Twitterbation sessions, he can’t tell if you read them. You can, however, Tweet back to him.

I’ve already concluded Trump can be diagnosed with the (illegal if act on) paraphilia toucherism (I wrote about this last summer) and that he has some kind of urophila (yesterday’s diary).  Twitterbation is not listed in the DSM-5 or the ICD-10, but would be defined as the condition of deriving sexual, possibly sadistic sexual, satisfaction from making nasty Tweets and firing people via Twitter.

This is Trump’s latest Twitter image. He loves standing in from to phallic symbols.

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