May 3, 2022

Vancouver, Washington

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May 3, 2022

No road trips with possible photo ops planned for today. It's possible I'll see something interesting to take photos of on my way to and from Skin Vet Clinic where Mac and Duff will have their ear infections which were treated a month ago checked.

Meanwhile you can read some of my recent Daily Kos stories:

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May 1, 2022

It was a beautiful day and perfect for patio waterfront dining on the mighty Columbia River at WildFin (website here).

 This is the cruise ship American Song (website here) that goes up and down the Columbia and Snake rivers. It left port during lunch and cruised close to the impressive Vancouver Waterfront Park cable-stay suspended pier shown below. Here's a website with numerous photos showing the construction of the pier.

The pier goes over the river about 100 feet where there were lots of people waving at the cruise ship.

 The ship tooted their horn at them.

Two bridges have to open to let it pass.

Walking along the riverfront path.

Driving around and found the Amtrak station, the rail yard, and a few other photo ops.

Below: A seedy section of the city.

April 27, 2022

Mike's Drive-in Milwaukie for burgers and more


Mike's Drive-in Restaurant has two current locations in the suburbs of Portland. One is in Milwaukie and the other in Oregon City. It has another due to to open on May 23rd in Tigard. The closet one to me is in Milwaukie where I drive by it several times a week on my way here and there. I'd just come back from a dental check-up and passed Mike's on the drive home. It was noon and I was hungry so I decided to give it a try. While they have several seafood items on the menu which their website praises you can order all kinds of add-ons to a burger. I ordered a burger with fries so I could give it a fair taste test. I didn't ask for anything on it. It came with cheese, sauce, lettuce, pickles, and two slices of tomatoes. There's no plain unembellished burger on the menu. They gave me the deluxe cheeseburger. Perhaps next time I'll try their special half-pounder, although I am tempted to try other items on the menu, especially their fish and their pastrami sandwich.

Here's their menu.

While I brought my lunch home in an insulated bag even on a ten minute drive it needed to be warmed for a half minute in the microwave.

I can't say it was the best restaurant burger I've ever had. I'd give is a B plus, in other words, it was pretty damn good for a fast food, well reasonably fast, drive-in. It was fairly juicy and had a good burger flavor. The fries were above average.

Customers don't go through a drive-through in their cars. Rather they park and wait on a line and put in their order in person, or can do so on the phone, and wait for their number to be called on a loud speaker.

In the summer this Mike's location hosts several antique auto shows. Today I talked to two men who had a 1966 Chevy pick-up truck that they'd restored and were using for work. It is pictured below with ladders on top.

Here are some photos I took while waiting for my order:

What's a restaurant blog without some food photos? Here's my lunch at home.

Here's Mikes website. You can see their menu there.