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August 2, 2018


July stories

From the Capitol Hill Blue archives: Washington, District of Contrasts, 2009, My  Photo Essay. Click images to enlarge These were taken a few months before my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and six months before she died. It was our last trip.

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Aug. 17, 2018

Aug. 16, 2018 

‘The Guy’s Not Right’ – Scarborough Questions Trump’s Mental Health


Scarborough said he believes that the president has a pathological need to be liked which leads him to take irrational steps with the sole purpose of getting praise and support from people who already like him.
“Donald Trump now is at the point he’s so fragile and cannot ever, ever be in any interaction, any exchange in any room that’s just not pure lionization, canonization, and it defies any left-brain logic. He’s built so fragilely now that he can only exist in an alternative universe, regardless of whether it’s the smart or dumb political thing, where he is basically pillowed around by that 30 percent.” Donnie Deutsch
“They just sort of erupt out of him. He learned to do one extraordinary thing during the campaign, which is the sort of stream-of-consciousness rallies in which for a segment of the electorate, they are catnip, they are amphetamines. They are whatever you — some kind of drug that really pump people up — and that’s really what he knows how to do. So that’s what he’ll continue to do, and it turns out the other 60 percent, more and more, but this is not just all some diabolical plot. This is a man out of control.” Eugene Robinson

'If they take the House, he wins big': Trump loyalists see upside in impeachment: Politico

My comment:

I hope Trump ends up believing this because I'll enjoy watching him decompensate as the Democrat controlled House Judiciary Committee led by Congressman Jerrold “Jerry” Nadler issues subpoenas and takes testimony and makes a compelling case against Trump for everything from conspiring with the Russians to violating the Emoluments Clause. If the Senate say at 50/50 R and D doesn't convict it probably would fall a few votes short of the 2/3rd super-majority. Trump still will be branded as someone who barely dodged being removed from office. He would have to run for a second term having solidified his base, but having lost so many moderate Republicans he would loose in a landslide.

It is worth noting that The House members present the prosecution case, and Trump would mount a defense with his own attorneys. Rudy? That would be amazing.

There is no comparision to Clinton because his impeachment was bogus. A blue dress is hardly the same as conspiring with the Red Menace.

Aug. 15, 2018


Portland Developers Are Offering Renters Amazon Gift Cards to Move Into Their Luxury Apartments

New construction has sent a flood of new apartments onto the market. A month's free rent has become standard.-------

‘The guy’s not right’: Morning Joe raises new questions about Trump’s mental health


'The Greatest Intelligence Operation of Our Time': Investigative Journalist Details How Trump Has Been Compromise by Russia for Years

Aug. 14, 2018

-----Aug. 13, 2018

Aug. 12, 2018

My Daily Kos story for today:

Watch the extraordinary secretly recorded firing interview between Omarosa and Gen. Kelly

The Lesson of Omarosa’s New Trump Book - The New Yorker

EXCERPT: Trump’s hard-core supporters have proved to be morally malleable. They are unconcerned about a wide array of his character failings; there’s no reason to suspect that this one would have been different.

Trump’s personal history was a bramble of backward racial ideas long before the tiki torches were lit in Charlottesville last summer. His personal history yields an impressive greatest-hits collection that would include him beginning his Presidential campaign by conflating Mexicans with rapists and later stating that Judge Gonzalo Curiel should not preside over the Trump University fraud suit because of his Hispanic heritage. Trump asked a friend of Karen McDougal, the former Playmate with whom Trump had an extramarital affair, if she liked “big black dick.” There is also, of course, the matter of the Justice Department accusing the Trump family firm of discriminating against African-American renters in the seventies (Trump settled the suit without admitting guilt), his racist public assault on the Central Park Five, and his use of birtherism to propel himself into national politics. 

In a more recent spree, he questioned the intelligence of Representative Maxine Waters, LeBron James, and the CNN host Don Lemon—each of whom is black—and (again) assailed African-American football players.

The issue of whether Trump used the word in question is almost completely inconsequential, yet the fact that it does not matter is itself of great consequence. 

Aug. 11, 2018

Aug. 10, 2018

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I published this a few days ago on Daily Kos with a different title and photo. I used to write a weekly column on Capitol Hill Blue.

Laura Ingraham Distances Herself From ‘Racist Freak’ Who Agreed With Her Rant

Laura Ingraham’s racist rant: Fueling fears of a changing America is GOP’s midterm strategy - Heather "Digby" Parton, Salon

Laura Ingraham’s “demographic changes” rant is not a matter of law and order — it’s a rallying cry to Trump’s base

Just Saying:
The Trump Space Force

Aug. 9, 2018

Today's Daily Kos story:

The question: 
How on earth have we let Trump get away with hiding his tax returns? WaPo

The answer

Eventually, everyone stopped asking, despite the fact that there has never in U.S. history been a president for whom it was more important that we know the details of his finances. That’s not only because Trump was a spectacularly corrupt businessman. And it’s not only because, unlike presidents before him, he refused to divest himself of his holdings, offering a plethora of opportunities for people to shove money into his pockets while he serves in the Oval Office. It’s also because, unlike previous presidents, Trump’s income comes from an incredibly complex web of companies that are impossible for outside observers to completely understand.
The answer to that question is the same answer we could give to a lot of equally urgent questions over the last year and a half: Republicans abandoned any shred of principle and backed him 100 percent; the news media lost interest; and Democrats had too many other things to worry about.

What do do?

But if Democrats do take back the House in November, they can acquire and release Trump’s returns. The law allows for the tax-writing committee of either chamber to request the returns of any American from the IRS, and once they have it, they could distribute it to all the members of the chamber, after which it would almost certainly be released to the public. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee have introduced measures to do so, but the committee’s Republicans have voted them down each time.

So if this year’s election goes the way it looks like it will, we’ll finally get to see those returns. And then we’ll know what President Trump has been so desperate to hide.

Aug. 8, 2018

Today's stream of consciousness: 

Missy car grove took a limited tour of the intellectual odyssey named wonton soup and decided that perhaps life would be better spent looking out the window of a speeding train rather than in the window of an oncoming media right or left or indistinctly shallow grave

Related Breaking News

Trump’s Lawyers Counter Mueller’s Interview Offer, Seeking Narrower Scope

There's a reference to Duty to Warn founder Dr. John Gartner is this, from The Federalist of all places:

For A Successful Legacy, President Trump Needs To Move Past His Rocky Balboa Persona

President Trump is constantly wasting energy trying to reclaim a persona he’s not in danger of losing. I call this Return-To-Rocky disorder.
Photo of the Day

This photo illustrated the NY Times Opinion essay Let's Not Throw the Word Treason Around, although it has nothing to do with the subject of Christopher Buskirk's piece. It is a stand-alone commentary. Does this woman, who apparently special ordered this sleeveless shirt, really think she stand a chance of getting an ice cream cone in Hell of having Trump give her a hug?

The companion piece to photo above should be this article.

Related: This is how hardcore Trump supporters visualize him

To Trump fans, #MAGA is more than a slogan. It’s an aesthetic.

From Jon McNaughton’s pastoral portraits to Dinesh D’Souza’s apocalyptic poster, the ways Trump’s fans depict him have everything to do with what they think he represents.

Full article

Summary: Wilbur Ross is accused of swindling $120 million from associates and 'could rank among the biggest grifters in American history,' according to a bombshell Forbes report

Here's more Good elections news in addition to the near tie in Ohio This suggests that across the country liberals are getting out to vote in a variety of elections that should cause the GOP to get the heeby-jeebies.

Aug. 7, 2018

 Happy Birthday Robert Mueller
DOB: Aug. 7, 1944 

Today's Daily Kos Story

Al Jazeera: Iran: 'Psychological warfare' as US sanctions kick in

EU urges European companies to bolster trade despite American sanctions taking effect on Tuesday.
Sorry Trump, you’ve alienated our allies, and Russia and China won ’t go along with you either. HB
 EXCERPT: "Sanctions are effective as they have international support. This time around, the US is  basically bullying the rest of the world into compliance. There are many countries who would not comply like China or Russia," he said. 
"As a result of it, the leaky sanctions regime would not be as effective as the previous round of sanctions."
In defiance of the US, the European Union urged its companies to continue and even bolster trade with Tehran, despite American threats of sanctions against them for doing business. 
EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini said the bloc, as well as Britain, France and Germany, deeply regretted Washington's move. 
"We are determined to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran," she said. "We are encouraging small and medium enterprises, in particular, to increase business with and in Iran."

Donald Trump’s endgame: He may admit collusion — and claim he was saving America from Hillary - Chauncy DeVega

Trump's final move 
Trump may finally admit that he worked with the Russians to stop Hillary Clinton because she was a "threat" to the American people and the "American way of life." Donald Trump will hide his behavior, and that of his allies, behind a mask that their goal was pure and patriotic.
Will it work?
What can be done?
Of course the Republican Party and their voters and news media will never stand up against Donald Trump. This will be true even if Robert Mueller uncovers incontrovertible evidence that Trump and his allies intentionally and in violation of law colluded with Russia to undermine American democracy and that Trump personally obstructed justice in an effort to conceal the crimes.
Optimally, Donald Trump should be impeached, convicted and removed from office. That should also be the fate of any Republican elected officials who aided and abetted Trump's betrayal of American democracy and his treasonous behavior. Unfortunately, this is exceedingly unlikely. Democrats may well win a majority in the House of Representatives this fall, but most polling models and forecasts suggest they will be unable to do so in the Senate. (In any case, a two-thirds majority is required to convict a president in the Senate, and no party is ever likely to hold such a margin.)
The American people are the country's remaining hope. They will need to engage in nationwide strikes and protests that disrupt day-to-day life. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons that range ranging from cowardice to learned helplessness and exhaustion, most Americans have become used to the moral, ethical,and political abomination that is Age of Donald Trump. Their outrage is spent.
As historian Richard Frankel warned in a previous interview about the rise of the Nazis and its lessons for America, "The unfortunate aspect is that if you set the bar so high in terms of outrage and horror then people all too often let things continue when they could have been stopped earlier. Once it gets to that point it's way too late." He is correct. History's epitaph for American democracy -- that less-than-perfect time before the irreparable harm inflicted on our country's democracy and culture by Trump's presidency -- may well include the observation that Americans surrendered their country with surprisingly little struggle.
This is what we are dealing with: People who voted for Trump and how they feel now. Vide0

Chris Hayes on Stephen Colbert - video

Unless you read ELLE you probably missed this story. It's a good one.

The Trump Administration's Funniest Mole

The podcaster known as A.G. is laughing at Trump’s legal headaches—until he fires her.

Aug. 6, 2018

Portland makes the national news in a bad way: 

Aug. 5, 2018
Disscussed on Joy Reid this morning:

Cheerleaders with a collar: An open letter to the Black preachers stunting for Donald Trump

Aug. 4, 2018

Aug. 3, 2018

Aug. 2, 2018

Michael Avenatti Gets Into It With Sean Hannity On Twitter: ‘Let’s Go Big Boy’

The attorney for Stormy Daniels wants to go toe-to-toe with the Fox News host.
My Tweet to Hannity:
Have on your show. Huge ratings! Show viewers he's nothing but a balloon full of hot air, a Twitter bird all Tweet and no meat. People are saying you are a chicken and afraid he'll fry you. Your guests all say the same thing: Boring = Bad.

Donald Trump’s Orange Face May Be Funny — But This Tanning Historian Say It Masks Something Deeper

Is it true that the orange color is the result of his drinking smoothies made from aborted male human fetuses in the belief that it will increase his virility and keep him from aging? As Sarah Sanders would say, that's what people are saying.

Aug. 1, 2018

Exclusive: Trump-endorsed radio show has promoted ex-CIA agent’s call for right-wing rebellion - Salon

Michael Scheuer, who favors “elimination” of Trump’s enemies, is a frequent guest on Trump-backed radio show

My comment to

I’m not about to start a dark web group about how Trump drinks a smoothy every morning which is made out of aborted fetuses in the belief that this will keep him young and virile. Really. I'm not. Seriously, I'm not suggesting someone else do this.